Leonard Cohen Video: In My Secret Life – Beacon Theatre, New York 2009



I saw you this morning
You were moving so fast
Can’t seem to loosen my grip
On the past
And I miss you so much
There’s no one in sight
And we’re still making love
In my secret life

The first Leonard Cohen concert I attended was the stellar 2009 Beacon Theatre show, which was also the first time the Canadian singer-songwriter had appeared in the US in 15 years.  Of the many great performances that night, In My Secret Life stands out in my mind.

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life
Beacon Theatre, NYC: Feb 19, 2009
Video by albertnoonan

Note: Originally posted Feb 19, 2013 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen Fan Diagnosis Unveiled: Cohenphilic Personality Disorder



Leonard Cohen Fan Disorder Nosology Established

Employing the skills garnered in 30+ years of psychiatric practice and working through the auspices of Doctors Without Boundaries, I have, observed, recorded, and cataloged the characteristic symptomatology of Leonard Cohen fans to establish clinical diagnostic criteria among the affected population.

While the amount of raw data generated by the study will require years of extensive analysis to glean its full potential, I have already been able to derive one diagnostic classification and sufficient indication of enough other possible designations to warrant setting aside at least one full volume of The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V) Supplement to be dedicated exclusively to Leonard Cohen Fan Disorders.1

The description of the relevant Axis II personality disorder follows:

301.LC Cohenphilic Personality Disorder

A pervasive and intense admiration of, fascination with, and, in females, lust for Leonard Cohen such that all other life issues are adjudged by and interpreted within the context of his performances and his creative output, including music, poetry, prose, and drawings, as indicated by four (or more) of the following:

  • Has a Cohen Concert-Distance Index score (total miles traveled to attend Leonard Cohen concerts, calibrated in US miles) equal to or greater than 500 OR a Cohen Concert-Cost Index score (total expenditures, calibrated in inflation-adjusted US dollars, attributable solely to to attending Leonard Cohen concerts, including concert tickets, travel, lodging, etc.) equal to or greater than 5000.
  • Is preoccupied with Cohen-centric questions (e.g., What would Leonard Cohen do? What brand hat does Leonard Cohen wear? Who were Leonard Cohen’s backup singers on the 1980 tour?).
  • Visits LeonardCohenForum  20 or more times weekly over a period of three consecutive months Or has posted 500 or more items on LeonardCohenForum.
  • Demonstrates incapacity to comprehend or even believe that others do not share his or her enjoyment of Cohen’s music.
  • Overcomes officious ushers, uncomfortable venues, torrential rains, and TicketMaster to attend  Leonard Cohen concerts.
  • Purchases and hoards paraphernalia associated with Leonard Cohen (e.g., CDs, LPs, and books by Cohen; photos of Cohen, autographs, concert merchandise such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, signet rings, … ).
  • Can name woman who was inspiration for “Chelsea Hotel #2,” Cohen’s children, poet who was greatest influence on Cohen, and the two titles used to designate the blues song first played at the Rosemont show October 29, 2009.

Presumptive Symptomatology

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  1. On a humanitarian note, the official establishment of these diagnoses will, one hopes, be the first step in obtaining health insurance coverage for the costs of concerts, music recordings, and special events required to maintain these patients and allow them to live full, functional lives. []

Q: [Why are there] a lot of Jesus references in your work? Leonard Cohen: “Jesus — Why would anybody want to avoid Jesus?”

Leonard Cohen in 1988 interview with Mr. Bonzai. Photo of Leonard Cohen by Roland Godefroy (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons. Originally posted May 15, 2011 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen Talks About Courtly Love Negatively Impacting His Work

I was attracted to that idea [courtly love] and it’s probably responsible for some atrocious work that I committed. We get hung up and fixated on ideas and sometimes they serve as coat hangers but you don’t really want to wear it with the hanger in it. So much of one’s work, I think, has got the hanger in it. In other words, you get hooked on an ideology or mythology, or a slogan or a position. And you kind of stiffen your work with it. That notion that there was a ritualized possibility between men and women that would get you over the obvious menacing and threatening and bewildering aspects of men and women together that a ritual, a courtly ritual could be invented or discerned or uncovered that would enable men and women to approach one another without the static that has reached deafening proportions today.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen, interviewed by Cindy Buissaillon for CBC Radio on August 26, 1995. Originally posted April 12, 2011 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Then We Take Trouville: Making Of The Leonard Cohen-Dominique Issermann First We Take Manhattan Music Video


Then We Take Trouville

This quirky, entertaining, little-seen video, featuring Joe Cocker’s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan,” documents, as the YouTube description has it, “the making of the music video “First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin” of Leonard Cohen directed by Dominique Issermann in 1988.” It offers lots of shots of Leonard and Dominique Issermann producing a film in the rain.

Then We Take Trouville

The First We Take Manhattan Video

The final version of the video produced for First We Take Manhattan is embedded below.

Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Esther Parks, who alerted me to this video.

Note: Originally posted Aug 29, 2009 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

The Articulate Silence Of Leonard Cohen: Gift

By Leonard Cohen
From The Spice-Box of Earth

You tell me that silence
is nearer to peace than poems
but if for my gift
I brought you silence
(for I know silence)
you would say
This is not silence
this is another poem
and you would hand it back to me.

Silence is a concept Leonard Cohen often addressed. The Articulate Silence Of Leonard Cohen is a collection of posts comprising the poems, songs, quotations, and other works by Cohen focusing on the absence of sound.

Video: 1985 Backstage Banter Starring Anjani, Directed By Dominique Issermann – Leonard Cohen, Cameraman


Musical Of Backstage Lives Of Artists On Tour Opens Off-Broadway To Mixed Reviews

This teaser features Leonard Cohen as videographer, Anjani Thomas in pseudo-rant, and Dominique Issermann directing. An unrecognized (by me) cast member provides comic relief. The scene deteriorates when, in  a room full of musicians, no one knows the words to “Dominique.”

From German Documentary ‘Halleluja in Moll’ (1985)
Video from messalina79

An alternative version of “Dominique” follows:

Soeur Sourire Plays And Sings Dominique (1963)
Video from riccardobruero