Now Available – The Other Leonard Cohen Album


The Other Leonard Cohen Album

Update: The cover story of the November 2011 issue of Uncut magazine, 50 Greatest Bootlegs, lists “Other Leonard Cohen Album” at #24.  For more information, see “The Other Leonard Cohen Album” Ranks #24 On UNCUT’s 50 Greatest Bootlegs

Leonard Cohen fans have awaited a new album of his songs since Dear Heather was released in 2004.

But, Leonard Cohen has been and continues to be a busy fellow, what with the Perpetual World Tour and all, and he also has been and continues to be a perfectionist.

DrHGuy, on the other hand, has no responsibility for a World Tour and, as anyone who has read this blog knows, is certainly no perfectionist. Consequently, he has once again stepped in to lift a bit of the burden from the fashionably clad shoulders of the heroic but harried singer-songwriter icon.

Just as DrHGuy has routinely constructed images of Leonard Cohen performing various activities rather than inconveniencing the Master Of Erotic Despair1 with the time-consuming formalities of first affirmatively responding to a request that he pose for such photos and then actually fulfilling such assignments, …

…  DrHGuy has constructed The Other Songs Of Leonard Cohen (AKA, The Other Leonard Cohen Album), a collection of hitherto unreleased Cohen songs,2 rather than nag the Jeremiah Of Tin Pan Alley3 to complete a new album.

Consequently, Heck Of A Guy is pleased to offer The Other Leonard Cohen Album.

Track List: The Other Leonard Cohen Album, Vol 1

  1. Feels So Good (The Other Blues Song): Live, Durham, NC (11/3/2009)
  2. Book Of Longing: KCRW (June 24, 2006)
  3. The Darkness: Live, Las Vegas (11/12/2009)
  4. Puppets: KCRW (June 24, 2006)
  5. Do I Have to Dance All Night: Live, Amsterdam (1980)
  6. Blues By The Jews: L Cohen Rare Songs (Live 1979)

Track List: The Other Leonard Cohen Album, Vol 2

  1. Red River Valley: Cohen Rare Live Songs (1976-88)
  2. Never Got To Love You (Duet with Anjani): Live, Program Trzeci Polskiego Radia (3/31/2007)
  3. Can’t Help Falling In Lover: Rare Live Songs II
  4. Ride Around: L Cohen Rare Songs (Live, 1979)
  5. The Union Makes Us Strong: Rare Songs, Live: England (1979)
  6. We Shall Not Be Moved: Live: Israel (1972)
  7. To Love Somebody: Eppelheim 1980
  8. The Hypnotist: Blossoms Of Heaven, Ashes Of Hell – Zurich Disc 2 (5/21/1993)
  9. Chelsea Hotel #1: Live, Israel (1972)
  10. There’s No Reason Why You Should Remember Me:  Complete BBC 2 Broadcast (1968)
  11. Streets Of Laredo: Rare Songs, Live -England (1979)
  12. Do I Have To Dance All Night: Do I Have To Dance All Night (single 1976)


Cover Art For The Other Leonard Cohen Album

The album art atop this post is, of course,  based on Leonard Cohen’s first album, Songs Of Leonard Cohen.

Download & Play The Other Leonard Cohen Album

1. Download these songs at

The  Other Leonard Cohen Album, Vol 1 (
The Other Leonard Cohen Album, Vol 2 (

2. Unzip (extract) the downloaded files, and Each zip file will produce a group of MP3  files corresponding to the tracks on that volume.

3. The files can be used in iPods and other MP3 players. The files from each volume can also be burned onto an audio CD.


Update: A second compilation of unreleased Leonard Cohen songs is now available at   Presenting Another Other Leonard Cohen Album


  1. “Master Of Erotic Despair” is one of Mr. Cohen’s many aliases. See Leonard Cohen, AKA … – The Nicknames []
  2. The sole exception is the 1976 version of “Do I Have To Dance All Night,” which was released as a 45 rpm single marketed only in Europe. []
  3. Yep, “Jeremiah Of Tin Pan Alley” is another nickname. Once again, see Leonard Cohen, AKA … – The Nicknames []

11 Replies to “Now Available – The Other Leonard Cohen Album”

  1. apolinary

    A minor thing:
    “Never Got To Love You (Duet with Anjani) – Live, Trojce Poland (3/31/2007)”

    Instead of “Trojce” should be: “Program Trzeci Polskiego Radia”. This is full version of radio station name in Nominativus :o)

    Greetings from the land of frozen lakes and walking on water!

    1. DrHGuy

      Yikes. Not only are you correct but I also knew better. My bad. I’ll correct it on the post. Thanks.

    1. DrHGuy

      “The Other Leonard Cohen Album” is available only as zip files that can be downloaded without charge. Those files can be burned onto CDs. This is a relatively simple process if one has a computer with a CD burner (most computers manufactured in the past 3 or 4 years do have a CD burner). I have, in fact, received a number of personal reports from Leonard Cohen fans who were motivated to make CDs for the first time in order to play the songs in “The Other Leonard Cohen Album.” If you would like help in learning to burn CDs, email me at the address listed under the “Contact DrHGuy” tab.

  2. Lorraine

    I have just got around to downloading ….wow! listening to it now. How do you possibly find the time to do all of this.