“[Leonard Cohen] is not your buddy; he’s your man” 2012 Toronto Review

Leonard Cohen: Toronto Dec 4, 2012

Leonard Cohen: Toronto Dec 4, 2012

With obvious similarities, porkpie hats and fedoras fall into the same genus. Nevertheless, they’re worlds apart. While the former exudes a certain gallant roguishness (see Popeye Doyle), the latter, if worn in earnest (i.e., not you, Joey Jeremiah), radiates class and sophistication (see Leonard Cohen). Earlier this year, Cohen turned 78 years old. He is not your buddy; he’s your man. He exists in rarefied air, and he looks damn natural in a gentleman’s hat.quotedown2

Opening lines of Leonard Cohen – Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON, December 4 by Scott Tavener (Exclaim: Dec 5, 2012).

Credit Due Department: Photo by Naomi Bushwoman. Originally posted December 6, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

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