“The real weapons of mass destruction are the hardened hearts of humanity” Leonard Cohen

hardhrtsFrom Leonard Cohen’s appearance on the March 30, 2007 edition of “Først & sist” (“First & last”), the Norwegian talk show hosted by Fredrik Skavlan. See Video: 2007 Leonard Cohen Interview – Personal Changes, Life As Zen Monk, The Pilfering Of His Money, Al Gore & Anjani

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Details Re Unauthorized Leonard Cohen CD: From The Shadows

81q-cgxi1nl-_sl1500_Dominique BOILE forwards these scans from the bootleg CD, Leonard Cohen: From The Shadows. Dominique points out that it is based on the national radio France Inter broadcast (in early July 1976) of the June 5, 1976 Leonard Cohen Olympia Theatre concert in Paris – a concert Dominique attended in person.

France Inter also released the exclusive vinyl single of Do I Have To Dance All Night. During this concert, Leonard sings a part of Bird On The Wire and introduces some of the songs in French.

In addition to appropriating the radio broadcast, the producers of this CD appear to have also arrogated the poster Dominique contributed for posting at Cohencentric to illustrate the CD booklet.


Poster from private collection of Dominique BOILE


From The Shadows booklet

1. Bird On The Wire 4:54
2. Who By Fire 4:03
3. Store Room 4:46
4. I Tried To Leave You 4:22
5. Lady Midnight 3:42
6. There Is A War 5:05
7. Do I Have To Dance All Night 4:13
8. Avalanche 4:07
9. Chelsea Hotel #2 3:37
10. The Partisan 3:46
11. Story Of Isaac 4:05
12. Famous Blue Raincoat 5:01
13. Lover, Lover, Lover 5:55
14. Is This What You Wanted 5:21
15. Suzanne 3:44

Numérisation_20170225 (4)Numérisation_20170225 (5)


Classic Video: Leonard Cohen & Judy Collins Perform Suzanne – 1976

lc-jcollins-suzanneAnd you want to travel with her, and you want to travel blind
And you know that she will trust you
For you’ve touched her perfect body with your mind

Leonard Cohen & Judy Collins – Suzanne
1976 Soundstage TV Broadcast: Chicago
Video by Beta Hi-Fi Archive

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Leonard Cohen on the Importance of One’s Work: “Everything else is kind of shipwrecked, bankrupt”

This is one’s work. Everything else is kind of shipwrecked, bankrupt. So all you have left is your work – and that’s what you’re doing most of the time. That’s the only area which you can somehow govern or clarify. All other things remain somewhat mysterious and messy.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From marketing material for Tower Of Song tribute album (1995). Originally posted October 30, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Signs of Leonard Cohen: 2009 Belgrade Concert Billboard

billboard900-scaled1000This spectacular shot of the billboard promoting the September 2, 2009 Leonard Cohen concert in Belgrade was taken by Simon McKenzie, who graciously agreed to its posting. Originally posted January 5, 2011 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric