Warning Sign #21: You May Be A Leonard Cohen Fan If –


You routinely employ, without explanation, “Video By Albert Noonan” as the gold standard for Leonard Cohen concert videos

See Albert Noonan – The Man Behind The Camera In Those Great Leonard Cohen Concert Videos

Leonard Cohen Fan Diagnosis: Cohenphilic Personality Disorder

Since the publication of the official criteria for the prototypical Leonard Cohen Fan Diagnosis, 301.LC Cohenphilic Personality Disorder, the Cohencentric Leonard Cohen Fan Disorders Asylum and Sanitarium has received numerous messages asking if one or another behavior is a symptom characteristic of a Leonard Cohen fan. Consequently, Cohencentric is publishing, as a public service, signs which indicate that one is at high risk of being a full-fledged Leonard Cohen fan.

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Credit Due Department: Photo of Albert Noonan filming in Zagreb courtesy of Kenneth Forsyth.

Leonard Cohen On Meditation: From “Your Top Ten Erotic Fantasies” To “Know Thyself”

You run through your top ten erotic fantasies, ambition fantasies, revenge fantasies, global ratification fantasies. You run through them all until you bore yourself to death, basically, and the faculty that produces opinions and snap judgments and unrealistic scenarios for your own prominence, after you run through them for a number of years, they cease to have charge. They bore themselves into non-existence. You see them as diversions from another kind of intimacy that you become more interested in – and that is what Socrates said: Know Thyself.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From He Has Tried in His Way to Be Free [Update: no longer online] by Sarah Hampson (Shambhal Sun: November 2007). Originally posted February 22, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photo: Leonard Cohen With Joseph Carenza & Roscoe Beck – Munich 2008

In this screen shot from a 2008 video of an incipiently bearded Leonard Cohen in Munich, Joseph Carenza, the Tour Road Manager, is on Leonard’s right while Roscoe Beck, the Music Director for this and other Cohen tours, is to Leonard’s left. Originally posted Feb 18, 2011 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Hear Joni Mitchell Talk About “Deliciously Decadent” Leonard Cohen, A Fake Tim Buckley & Green Sunsets


Joni Mitchell 1988 Radio Broadcast

On September 6, 1988,  Joni Mitchell appeared on “Hubert On The Air,” a one-hour show on Dutch radio hosted by Hubert van Hoof, to select and comment on her favorite songs, the ones that “thrilled her” or, alternatively, “knocked her socks off” from her childhood to the time of the broadcast.1 Mitchell, who can sometimes come off as defensive or even bitter about her musical influences, is generous, thoughtful, and charming in this instance.

Joni Mitchell Talks About Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne,” Green Sunsets & Tim Buckley Impostor

The excerpt below from the show features her comments about “Suzanne” and a related incident about accompanying a man who claimed to be Tim Buckley (although Mitchell knew this was only a pose) on a cruise near Miami where she sighted a green sunset. The 7.5 minute clip also includes a recording of Leonard Cohen singing “Suzanne.”


Bonus: Green Flash Sunsets

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  1. Joni’s song choices, most of which (though not the classical pieces), were part of the the broadcast, follow:

    • Stravinsky: Rites of Spring – Dance of the Adolescents
    • Rachmaninoff: Theme from Paganini
    • Miles Davis: It Never Entered My Mind
    • Louis Jordan: Saturday Night Fish Fry
    • Bill Haley: Rock Around the Clock
    • Chuck Berry: Maybelline
    • Bob Dylan: Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
    • Edith Piaf with Les Companions de la Chanson: Trois Cloches (3 bells)
    • Billie Holiday: You’ve Changed
    • Leonard Cohen: Suzanne
    • Buffalo Springfield: Rock and Roll Woman, Broken Arrow
    • Jimi Hendrix: The Wind Cries Mary []

Leonard Cohen To 1993 Finnish Audience: “A documentary…indicated that you were solemn and melanholy and depressed. And I come here to cheer myself up!”

Oh, thank you so much for your warm reception and thank you for coming tonight. I appreciate it. I know that times are hard and ticket prices are high and … I appreciate you’re in here. Many of the places that we go to we bring them our bad news, but we don’t have to bring you the bad news, ’cause you know the bad news already. And the whole history of your country is knowing the bad news. In America, there was recently a documentary on your people in which it was indicated that you were solemn and melancholy and depressed. And I come here to cheer myself up!

Leonard Cohen


Introduction to The Future at April 29, 1993 Helsinki concert transcribed from bootleg. See other Leonard Cohen geopolitical quotes at

Video: 2010 Grammys Award Leonard Cohen 30 Seconds Of Faint Praise For Lifetime Of Superb Achievement


Well, At Least They Didn’t Take Back The Award

I confess that the headline, “Grammys Award Leonard Cohen 30 Seconds Of Faint Praise For Lifetime Of Spectacular Achievement,” is misleadingly exaggerated.

If one subtracts the time taken by applause, the official commendation of Leonard Cohen at the 2010 Grammy Awards Show was efficiently and  fully executed in 19 seconds.

In making that 19 second announcement of Leonard Cohen’s Lifetime Achievement Award, however, Seal invoked the full majesty, authority, and prestige  of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States with an impressively vapid,  cliched, and immediately forgettable acknowledgment of Leonard Cohen’s extraordinary forty year career as a singer-songwriter.

OK, on reviewing that last sentence, I see I am again guilty of unfairly and inaccurately twisting what was actually said. Viewers who carefully watch the video of this event will find that the central thesis of Seal’s impressively vapid, cliched, and instantly forgettable declaration had less to do with Cohen’s accomplishments than with the conceit that the decision to bestow the Lifetime Achievement Award upon Leonard Cohen was  to Seal’s liking, As an extra treat, Seal’s blessing of the award was augmented with the revelation that Seal’s personal favorite among Cohen’s songs is “Hallelujah.”

Leonard Cohen was not present to hear this adulation in person but was represented by a vapid, cliched, and instantly forgettable set of projected images (the astute reader may notice a trend here) that included the screen capture shown atop this post. The award was actually presented to Cohen during the ghettoized Lifetime Achievement Awards ceremony the night before the major Grammy Awards Presentation Program.

Leonard Cohen Saluted at Grammy Awards
Jan 31, 2010

Because of the brevity of this event, the video has been set to loop four times. Nonetheless, viewers are well-advised to prepare themselves prior to clicking on the video’s start button and to steadfastly maintain focus once the screening begins. And, whatever you do – Don’t Blink.

Note: Originally posted Feb 5, 2010 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric