A Brief Introduction To Night Magic By Leonard Cohen & Lewis Furey + Video Clip

nmagicNight Magic is a Canadian-French musical film with lyrics by Leonard Cohen. Lewis Furey directed and wrote the music. Both Cohen and Furey contributed to the screenplay. It premiered May 17, 1985 at the Cannes Film Festival. The following description is from AMG AllMovie Guide:

In this fantasy-drama-romance, forbidden love between an angel (Carole Laure) and a singer (Nick Mancuso) is set against the singer’s attempts to resuscitate a fading theater. During the period of one night, the singer is visited by three different guardian angels out to help him succeed in putting together a stunning show (a show that will include some of Canada’s best dancers). One of the angels (Laure) takes a liking to the singer, and that gives rise to musical numbers on the nature of the creative genius and the conflicts that can arise between art, artifice, and real life.

Update: See Leonard Cohen On His Use Of Spenserian Stanzas In Night Music

15 Photos: A Carenza-eye View Of The 2012 Leonard Cohen Kingston Show


A Cohen in a Kings Town

Joseph Carenza III, the Leonard Cohen Tour Road Manager, offers a batch of photos of the preparation for and execution of the Dec 13, 2012 Leonard Cohen Kingston Concert, some of which are dramatic, others of which are intriguing, and all of which are entertaining. These are some of my favorites, along with the original captions.

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“I want to take over the unconditional leadership of the world” Leonard Cohen

I want to take over the unconditional leadership of the world, I want to lead the world to a new sensibility and there has to be a leader, a figure to do it. Sure, you can write that some little guy sang for the first time at Olympia and now he wants to take over the world. But I really believe the world is falling into step and people are getting together again. We’ll need everybody doing what they do best, not just singers. They’re already starting to do it. The main thing is to let them know they’re not alone.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

These often-quoted words by Leonard Cohen first appeared in “Leonard Cohen Wants the Unconditional Leadership of the World” by Susan Lumsden (Weekend Magazine Sept 12, 1970). Originally posted May 25, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen Explains How Suzanne And Krystal Burgers Led To Him Leaving Tennessee


The girl I was with was what destroyed it [life in Franklin Tennessee], because she developed this obsession with Krystal burgers. I mean it got to be a serious problem.  She refused to cook, so we’d have to go in every day (20 miles) to eat cheeseburgers, and it just destroyed the whole isolation — Suzanne.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen, explaining why he left Franklin,Tennessee in Leonard Lately – A Leonard Cohen interview-article by Bill Conrad. Posted May 7, 2012 at No Depression. Note: Although not published until 2012, the article is based on an interview that took place in autumn 1976.

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Video: 1985 Leonard Cohen Soundcheck – Rehearsing, Toasting, Mopping

moll2There’s a lot to like in this two minute video segment from the German Documentary ‘Halleluja in Moll,’ including a rehearsal of Tonight Will Be Fine and If It Be Your Will, the latter featuring Anjani Thomas and a post-rehearsal meeting of the musicians . But, for me, nothing beats the few seconds of mopping going on in front of the stage by folks oblivious to the musical labors going on a few feet away.

Leonard Cohen And Band – Rehearsal
From German Documentary ‘Halleluja in Moll’
Munich: March 9, 1985
Video from messalina79

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