Leonard Cohen’s Energy Of Slaves Signed By Author, Lou Reed, & Bono

Mandy MacLeod spotted this 1975 German edition of Leonard Cohen’s Energy Of Slaves (Die Energie von Sklaven: Zweitausendeins, Germany 1975) rendered unique by the fact it was given by Lou Reed to Jeremy Reed in June 1987 and is inscribed,

To Jeremy
Best wishes
Lou Reed

It is also signed by Bono with the inscription,

It’ll give you hope

And, it is signed by the author, Leonard Cohen

Credit Due Department: Cover image contributed by Dominique BOILE .

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Leonard Cohen Battles Publisher Over Title & Cover Of Flowers For Hitler

It Could Have Been “Opium and Hitler”
By Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen argued with publisher Jack McClelland over the title and covers of Flowers For Hitler. This account is from Frank Newfeld’s Masterpiece (And Leonard Cohen’s Unseen Face For Tits) by Brian Busby (The Dusty Bookcase: Sept 20, 2009):

In retrospect, The Spice-Box of Earth seems to have enjoyed a fairly easy birth. Not so, Flowers for Hitler, Cohen’s next book of verse. Jack McClelland thought the quality of the poems uneven, while Cohen considered the collection ‘a masterpiece’. Then, there was the matter of the proposed title, Opium and Hitler, on which publisher and poet could not agree. The two were still arguing in September 1964, mere months before the pub date, when a new battle flared up. At issue was Newfeld’s cover image. I’ve not seen the design, so rely on imagination coupled with Cohen’s own description in a letter to McClelland:

Nobody is going to buy a book the cover of which is a female body with my face for tits. You couldn’t give that picture away. It doesn’t matter what the title is now because the picture is simply offensive. It is dirty in the worst sense. It hasn’t the sincerity of a stag movie or the imagination of a filthy postcard or the energy of real surrealist humour. It is dirty to the brain.

Adding that he refused to ‘preside over the distribution of a crude hermaphrodotic distortion of the image of my person’, Cohen suggested canceling the book altogether. With the book in production, McClelland could only back down.

What became the cover is, according to Nadel, an amalgamation of six designs Cohen himself provided.

Update: Also see “This book moves me from the world of the golden-boy poet into the dung pile of the front-line writer” Leonard Cohen’s Letter To Jack McClelland Printed – Against His Wishes – On Flowers For Hitler Back Cover


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Leonard Cohen – Sheet Music Collection: 1967-2016 To Be Released July 2, 2017

sheetmusFrom Amazon description:

Twenty songs for piano, voice and guitar from the legendary Leonard Cohen who penned “Hallelujah” and many other songs. This collection includes that song as well as: Bird on the Wire (Bird on a Wire) * Chelsea Hotel #2 * Everybody Knows * Famous Blue Raincoat * The Future * I’m Your Man * Nevermind * Suzanne * Tower of Song * Waiting for the Miracle * You Want It Darker * and more.

Paperback: 112 pages
Publisher: Hal Leonard (July 2, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1495088995
ISBN-13: 978-1495088995

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Leonard Cohen On The Back Cover: Leonard Cohen: Poems 1956-1968


Leonard Cohen: Poems 1956-1968
Jonathan Cape (England): 1971

View other Leonard Cohen photos used as back cover art at Leonard Cohen On The Back Cover

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Leonard Cohen Book Cover Erotica: The Favorite Game 1971

back-cover002718The Favorite Game by Leonard Cohen
Bantam Books (USA): 1971

While the female figure on the front and back covers of The Favorite Game by Leonard Cohen is smaller than most of the artwork featured in the Leonard Cohen Book Cover Erotica category, it nonetheless qualifies.

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