Backstage Passes, Venue Documents & Setlist – 2013 Leonard Cohen Birmingham Show


Dominique BOILE gives us a look behind the scenes with this set of documents for the September 8, 2013 Leonard Cohen Birmingham – LG Arena Show, including a display of backstage passes, the setlist (Dominique points out that the setlist is mislabeled “Manchester-Sept 8”), and the LG Arena Staff Briefing Sheets (I especially like the list of items to be confiscated).




Leonard Cohen On Cover Of CBS Nouveaux Disques Sept 1974

cbsDominique BOILE offers this image of the cover of Nouveaux Disques Sept 27, 1974 (n° 352), a catalog sent by the CBS France Director of Sales to record sellers to inform them of the vinyl 7″ records (also known as 45s or singles) coming available. The lower quarter of the page features Leonard Cohen’s recording of  Lover Lover Lover  & Who By Fire (CBS 2699). Also on the cover are Gilles Olivier – La Faute Aux Photographies/Reviens Sur Tes Pas and GarfunkelSecond Avenue/Woyaya.

CBS 2699

1976 Lato Side: Leonard Cohen Lyrics In English & Italian With Illustrations


Mariano Brustio offers these images from his copy of Lato Side No. 6 (Nov 28, 1976),1 which features the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s songs “side by side” in English and Italian. The volume also includes Lato Side No. 8, Jan 13, 1977, dedicated to Paul Simon. Published by Anteditore (Italy).





  1. Lato Side was a fortnightly magazine  of “music, poetry and art” published in poster format between 1976 and 1977 by Anteditore, Michele Straniero, Director. After 1977, Lato Side became a publishing house producing books of poetry, music, and film. Lato Side issues were – with few exceptions – monographs on Italian singers accompanied by illustrations and artwork. Source: Archivio Carta Stampata []

“The best concert Milwaukee has experienced” Fallout Covers 1975 Leonard Cohen Milwaukee Concert

coverbDominique BOILE forwards scans from the March 4-17 1975 edition of Fallout, a free newspaper published for a few years in the 1970s by the now defunct WZMF radio station (located in Menomonee Falls, serving the Milwaukee area).  Dominique writes:

This newspaper is extraordinary:

° Leonard on the cover (1 page).

° WZMF interview with Leonard Cohen by John Houghton (4 pages + a black & white picture by Bob Cavallo).

° Double page advert for “New Skin For The Old Ceremony” (with the picture of the U.S.A. cover).

° Double page summary by Jim Roberts from a concert unknown, unlisted:
Leonard Cohen performing Arts Center, Milwaukee on Tuesday night, February 25th 1975!!!  With two very nice pictures from the concert, in black & white, by Rick Kohlmeyer.

“Emily Bindiger and Gail Kantor supplied backing vocals and, at times,
played acoustic guitar”.

“The group was rounded out by Lewis Furey on bass guitar and stand-up bass”.

I’ve included a couple of excerpts from the Feb 25, 1975 concert review – the only full review I’ve found about this Milwaukee show – and will feature excerpts from the interview in future posts.

It appears that the author erred in naming Gail Kantor as vocalist and Lewis Furey on bass guitar and stand-up bass because of their involvement in recording the New Skin for the Old Ceremony album the previous year.


The vocalists on the 1975 Tour were Emily Bindiger and Erin Dickins. John Miller played bass that year.

The following excerpt summarizes the concert review.