Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 1979 Preston Concert Ad & Ticket

prestonposThis is the only promotion for the December 13, 1979 Leonard Cohen concert held at the Guild Hall in Preston I recall seeing. Contributed by Damian Ainscough, who, as evidenced by his ticket below, opted for the best seats.


Ticket Stubs: May 19, 1976 Leonard Cohen Concert – Free Trade Hall, Manchester



Free Trade Hall has been completely rebuilt, only the facade is original

Credit Due Department: Tickets from the private collection of Dominique BOILE. Photo of Free Trade Hall by Bernt Rostad from Oslo, CC BY 2.0, via Wikipedia Commons

The You Want It Darker Lighter


What more appropriate way to fire up that cigarette on the You Want It Darker album cover than this lighter bearing the logo from The Future album?



Credit Due Department: Photos of lighter contributed by Mel Joss.

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Three Closeup Photos Of The Hands Of Leonard Cohen & Sharon Robinson – 2013 Manchester Concert

Leonard Cohen’s Hand


Mandy MacLeod originally forwarded these close-up photos taken at the August 31, 2013 Leonard Cohen Manchester Concert during a period in which I was too ill to post them. Having re-discovered them recently, I am happy to find they fall in the “too good not to post” category and I am delighted to publish them now, however belatedly.

Sharon Robinson’s Unified Heart Signet Ring

sharonringLeonard Cohen’s Watch


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Ticket To 1993 Berlin Leonard Cohen Concert – And A Life-changing Event



This ticket for the May 25, 1993 Leonard Cohen concert at the Tempodrom in Berlin is described by Sylvia Apfelbaum as emblematic of “where it all started,” the beginning of her fascination with the work of the Canadian singer-songwriter.

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