Gerard G Kettel Covers Leonard Cohen With A Je Ne Sais Quoi Of Ry Cooder

Maria Viana writes about  Gerard George Kettel and his album of Leonard Cohen covers, Still Working for Your Smile,

I must say that his live versions are more rhythmic than the CD, where he keeps his voice lower and calm. The Bird on a Wire version on the CD is quite different from the live performance. There’s a je ne sais quoi of Ry Cooder and Paris Texas.

Leonard Cohen songs covered with a Ry Cooder vibe? I’m in.

All of the tracks on the album are available as audio-only videos on YouTube at Gerard George Kettel. I’ve embedded a couple of these recordings below for convenience.

I Tried To Leave You



More information at

Hear Nancy White’s Funny, Heartfelt Homage To Leonard Cohen: “Leonard Cohen’s Never Gonna Bring My Groceries In”

From the Soundcloud description:

From the cd “Momnipotent: Songs for Weary Parents”, recorded at Inception Sound in 1990. This track was produced by Rick Whitelaw. Sometimes, when a woman is expecting her second child, she feels as if the glamorous part of her life is over. This song expands on that theme! There are a few of Cohen’s phrases and chord progressions in this homage. I got permission! -nw

Blackeyed Susans And David McComb & The Red Ponies Cover Leonard Cohen’s "Memories"

David McComb

David McComb, an Australian singer-songwriter who died at 36 in 1999,1 was lead singer for The Triffids and later a member of the Blackeyed Susans. He also did a solo tour with his own backing band, The Red Ponies.

An especially well-done summary of the history and significance of the Triffids and McComb by UrPal, a contributor to LeonardCohenForum and a moderator of The Triffids web site, is available at “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On” By McComb & Peters Is On Leonard Cohen’s Jukebox.

Memories By Leonard Cohen

I am an unabashed fan of “Memories,” a song originally concocted during the brief, stormy, and itself memorable collaboration-collision of Leonard Cohen and Phil Spector. Previous posts featuring “Memories” include the following:

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These covers by David McComb and The Red Ponies and by the Blackeyed Susans are outstanding additions to the collection.

Blackeyed Susans – Memories

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  1. McComb had a history of alcoholism, drug abuse, and cardiomyopathy, for which he underwent a heart transplant in 1996. He died a few days after being sent home from the hospital following a car accident. From Wikipedia []