Video: Joan Shelley and Will Oldham Cover Leonard Cohen’s Night Comes On – Louisville 2016

“This song is transfixing”

Joan Shelley talks about Leonard Cohen’s Night Comes On:

There’s a live performance in which Leonard Cohen introduces this song by saying “this is a song about everything.” Many of his songs feel that way. Various Positions is my favorite album, just based on the writing. The arrangements are kinda wacky, and initially it didn’t appeal to me. But I was house-painting one time and I put this on again in headphones. I ended up painting long into the night, listening over and over and over. It could have partially been the paint fumes. But this song is transfixing.

Excerpt from The Lagniappe Sessions :: Joan Shelley covers Leonard Cohen / Frank Sinatra at Aquarium Drunkard: June 9, 2017

Joan Shelley and Will Oldham – Night Comes On
Louisville Tribute to Leonard Cohen: Dec 23, 2016

Video: Claudia Rucker Performs “A Bench Above The Ocean” Inaugurating The Leonard Cohen Hydra Bench

A poem and a song  written by Claudia Rucker for the inauguration of the bench on Hydra dedicated to Leonard Cohen (see Finale Of Three-Year Saga: The Leonard Cohen 80th Birthday Bench On Hyra). Performed on Hydra by Claudia Rucker 10 June 2017.

Claudia writes:

I started composing this song in 2015 in the expectation of the bench being built by Leonard’s 80th birthday. When I heard it would be delayed,  I was very disappointed and stopped the process. When I arrived on Hydra Saturday, 3 June 2017,  I saw that the construction of the bench was in process. So, I sat down at the yellow and red house in Kamini, which offers a cool breeze and a shady place to work, to finish the song. A Greek guitar player came along the way, asked if he could help, and showed me a unique picking pattern that I integrated into the song.

Credit Due Department:Photo of house by Claudia Rucker. Photo of Claudia Rucker by Claudia Georgii.

Trailer: I’m Your Man (A Portrait of Leonard Cohen) From 2017 MAC Exhibit


Commissioned by the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, the release of the trailer for I’m Your Man (A Portrait of Leonard Cohen) coincides with the museum’s unveiling of its programming for its special Leonard Cohen exhibition.

From What does it sound like when Leonard Cohen fans of 50+ years sing I’m Your Man? (CBC News: Jun 15, 2017). More information at the link.