Inspired By Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man Musical Ballet – Gstaad Palace, June 24, 2017

Augenstein Hannot alerts us to a newly created ballet inspired, in part, by the music of Leonard Cohen. The following excerpts are from I’m Your Man Musical Ballet. More information is available at the link.

‘I’m Your Man’ musical ballet is an innovative production that plays on the contrasts of classical and contemporary ballet, incorporating both styles in a fascinating and comprehensive way, and mixing in acting and expressive theatre techniques. The ballet is created exclusively for the Gstaad Palace.

The story line of this musical ballet has been fashioned from life and inspired by the three internationally renowned artists and their work: the Czech writer Milan Kundera and his book Unbearable Lightness of Being, the late musician Leonard Cohen and his songs addressing the subjects of soul searching, passion, and love, and the creativity of the Japanese composer and musician Joe Hisaishi.​ ’I am Your Man’ is an enchanting and sensual look at soul searching, love and passion, gain and loss, and decisions we face while on a life journey. [bolding mine]

Leonard Cohen’s Music Featured In Dance & Drama – 2012

Note: While this entry, originally published Jan 5, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric, deals with events long past, it is being reposted in testimony to the the influence of Leonard Cohen’s work on a variety of arts.

Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet Presents The Doorway – Scenes from Leonard Cohen

The Doorway – Scenes from Leonard Cohen (Update: no longer online) by Pure Ballet: Fluid Motion Virtuosic Dance: May 9-13, 2012; Curtain 7:30pm | Sunday Matinee Curtain 2:00 pm

Choreography: Jorden Morris
Music & Poetry: Leonard Cohen
Costume Design: Anne Armit
Lighting Design: Hugh Conacher

This world premiere  by Jorden Morris, creator of RWB’s smash hits Moulin Rouge – The Ballet and Peter Pan, will take you inside the contemplative mind and complex heart of music legend Leonard Cohen. Graceful, moving, achingly honest, the series of dance vignettes are set to Cohen’s songs and poems, exploring the emotional journey across the threshold to love and longing.

Former principal dancer with the RWB and Gemini Award nominee for his television work, Morris’s ballets delight audiences across North America. This year, Morris created the smouldering pas de deux Dance Me to the End of Love for thelive national broadcast of the 2011 Genie Awards.

Credit Due Department: The above graphic is from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet web site. I I was alerted to this event by Adrian du Plessis,  personable manager to Allison Crowe.

Vancouver’s Firehall Arts Centre Presents Chelsea Hotel – Featuring The Songs Of Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s powerful and inspirational music and lyrics are the heartbeat for Chelsea Hotel, an illusory world full of enchantment, desire, passion and love.1

Haunted by memories of his tumultuous love life, a Writer checks into New York’s infamous Chelsea Hotel desperate to find the words and inspiration for his next song. Wading through past relationships, he reluctantly comes face to face with the love of the present, a love he wishes he could not just forget, but erase from existence.

Chelsea Hotel is a riveting fusion of music, dance, and theatre that takes its audience on an illusionary journey into the hotel room and creative mind of a Writer in search of the right words to cure love’s pain.

A Firehall Arts Centre Production
Conceived and Directed by Tracey Power
Artistic Direction by Donna Spencer
Music Direction by Steven Charles
Performed by Rachel Aberle, Lauren Bowler, Steve Charles, Benjamin Elliott, Marlene Ginader, Adrian McMorran

DATES: February 8 to March 3, 2012
Previews: February 3 – 5 & 7
Opening Night: Wednesday, February 8

Credit Due Department: I was alerted to this event by a LeonardCohenForum post by Leslie / Mutti. The photo of the Firehall Arts Centre is from Wikipedia.

  1. This information is taken from the Firehall Arts Centre web site – Update: no longer online []

Video: Gorgeous Lost in Motion II Dance Film Features Leonard Cohen’s Avalanche


From Vimeo description:

Director Ben Shirinian and Choreographer/Dancer Guillaume Côté expose the emotion of performance in an entrancing sequel, produced in association with Bravo!FACT and The National Ballet of Canada.

After the success of his 2012 short film Lost in Motion (posted below), Director Ben Shirinian has reunited with Choreographer/Dancer Guillaume Côté for a powerful new follow-up film exploring the state of mind of an artist.

An article covering this film in Atwood Magazine (July 30, 2014), offers significant information about and insight into the performance. A representative excerpt follows:

The dancer uses a dynamic blend of adagio and port de bras (sustained movements with extensions of the limbs), interrupted by grande allégro (giant leaps and quicker steps). Jon Devries edits the monochromatic background of greys to create drama. To heighten this drama, the director chose to use Leonard Cohen’s version of “Avalanche” – revealing moods of darkness and mystery juxtaposed with expressions of purity and beauty. Though the dancer is painted as majestic and untouchable, vivid illustrations of her emotions make us feel a sense of familiarity and closeness to her.

The entire article can be accessed at “Lost in Motion II” – Reimagining Dance

The Video: Lost In Motion II
Video from Krystal Levy Pictures


Note: This video was originally posted December 3, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric. The Atwood Magazine article was featured in a July 31, 2014 post.