Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Massey Hall Bulletin Board – 2012 Glenn Gould Prize Toronto

mh-billboardx-scaled500The modest bulletin board on the front of Massey Hall in Toronto lists the investiture of Leonard Cohen as the Ninth Laureate of the Glenn Gould Prize to be held at that site. (Also see Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Massey Hall Bulletin Board Update – 2012 Glenn Gould Prize, Toronto)

massey-hall-left-billboardx-scaled1000Credit Due Department: Photos taken May 13, 2014 by Arlene Dick

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Video: Leonard Cohen’s Acceptance Speech At 2012 Glenn Gould Prize Ceremony


Leonard Cohen Tells Of Meeting Glenn Gould

Leonard Cohen Acceptance Speech-Glenn Gould Prize Gala Concert
Massey Hall, Toronto: May 14, 2012
Video by Arlene Dick

Update: For related discussion, including details of Leonard Cohen’s interview with Glenn Gould, see Leonard Cohen Wins Hearts As Well As Glenn Gould Prize With Gracious Donation & Speech

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Leonard Cohen & Glenn Gould: “A Canadian Shield Of Soul”

It makes you wonder. Maybe we’re [Canadians] all wrong about ourselves. Maybe we’re not a timid, tightly trapped between Empires, hesitant and icy. Maybe we’re what Gould and Cohen both were and are – passionate, powerful, ironic, yes… but with something immensely valuable the world responds to: An understanding of depth, of the bedrock of feeling, a Canadian Shield of soul that is quiet and contemplative, enduring.quotedown2


From Leonard Cohen and Glenn Gould – An Appreciation by Robert Harris (The Ninth Glenn Gould Prize Program, May 14, 2012).  Update: The original program is no longer online but this segment is quoted in Leonard Cohen: A specialist in longing, loving and losing beautifully by Brad Wheeler (Globe and Mail: May 15, 2012)

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Leonard Cohen’s 1967 Album “Songs of Leonard Cohen” Inducted Into The Grammy Hall Of Fame

Songs_of_Leonard_CohenxLeonard Cohen’s 1967 Album “Songs of Leonard Cohen” is one of 27 recordings added into the Hall of Fame, which continues “the tradition of preserving and celebrating timeless recordings” and now totals 987 recordings.1

This excerpt from These Are The 27 Titles Being Inducted Into The Grammy Hall Of Fame by Hugh McIntyre (Forbes: Jan 18, 2015) explains the concept of inducting albums and songs into the Grammy Hall Of Fame:

Unknown to many people, the Grammys give out many different types of awards other than just the traditional golden gramophone we see celebrities accepting on TV. One such honor is the Hall of Fame, where the Recording Academy inducts albums and songs every year. This year, twenty seven new titles are being accepted into the institution’s growing list of famous names.

Like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, recordings must be at least 25 years old to be eligible, and they must have left a mark on the music industry—though that’s not to say they were all big hits. Titles are nominated and chosen by a special committee tasked specifically with the Hall of Fame. The songs and albums that have already been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame are on display at the Grammy Museum, which is located in Los Angeles.

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  1. Source: Records by Sex Pistols, Chic, Neil Young, Lou Reed added to Grammy Hall of Fame by Leonie Cooper (NME: Dec 16, 2014) []

Video: Leonard Cohen Inducted Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame – 2008

We’re so lucky to be alive at the same time Leonard Cohen isquotedown2

Lou Reed – 2008 Rock & Roll
Hall Of Fame Induction


Leonard Cohen, Still Classy After All These Years

Leonard Cohen, dapperly dressed in a black tux, thanked Lou Reed for his introduction and acknowledged that his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was “such an unlikely event” and “not a distinction that I coveted or even dared dream about.”

In a classic self-effacing moment, Cohen then solemnly observed,

I am reminded of the prophetic statement by Jon Landau in the early 1970s: ‘I have seen the future of rock’n’roll, and it is not Leonard Cohen’1quotedown2


Leonard Cohen, who may have been the only speaker, including Jan Werner, Chairman of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and MC for the ceremony, to speak without notes (Lou Reed carried loose papers, a notebook, and a copy of Cohen’s “Book of Longing” to the podium), then recited the lyrics of “Tower of Song” and promptly surrendered the stage to Damien Rice for his cover of Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”

For more about the 2008 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction, see Leonard Cohen Inducted Into Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame – 2008


  1. Cohen was, of course, riffing on the famous proclamation Jon Landau wrote in 1974 as a Rolling Stone contributing editor, “I’ve seen the future of rock n’ roll, and it’s name is Bruce Springsteen.” Leonard Cohen is too much of a gentleman (thank goodness, I’m not) to point out that within a year or two of that statement, Mr. Landau was Springsteen’s producer and manager – and still on the Rolling Stone masthead. []

Photos: Leonard Cohen Caught In The Act (Of Graciousness) At 2011 Prince Of Asturias Awards

Studies Of The Nape Of An Icon’s Neck

Leonard Cohen was Protocol Breaker #1 at the 2011 Prince Of Asturias Awards, habitually responding graciously to requests to sign a CD, book, brochure, etc., thus wreaking havoc on the carefully constructed organizational timetables.

These evidentiary photos were taken and contributed by the Spanish Cohen Brigade.

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