Video: Leonard Cohen Invokes “La Manic” In 2006 Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame Speech


Leonard Cohen’s brief acceptance speech at the 2006 Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame induction is typically gracious, includes the requisite self-effacing joke, and even offers a rendition of his trademarked phrase, “If I knew where the good songs came from, I’d go there more often.” The high point, however, is his invocation of Georges Dor’s La Manic to close his talk.

Cohen first performed his cover of La Manic at the Nov 29, 2012 Montreal concert.

The video also contains an accolade-laden introduction by former CBC Host, Governor General, and author Adrienne Clarkson and Cohen wiping away tears of gratitude as well as a glimpse of Anjani Thomas (seated by Cohen)

Leonard Cohen Accepting Induction into CSHF 2006, Part II
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Video: Las Lágrimas De Un Príncipe [Tears Of A Prince] – Leonard Cohen At The Prince Of Asturias Awards


This video comprises memory-evoking photos of Leonard Cohen taken by Eloy Alonso at the 2011 Prince Of Asturias Awards set to the music of “Suzanne.” (Also see The Prince Of Asturias Awards Speech Video With Annotations & Commentary)

Credit Due Department: The image atop this post is a screen capture from the video.

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“We will be building statues to Cohen in the future. Any acknowledgement of his work at this point in his career is but a token down-payment of the homage that he is due”

Prof. Gregory Betts in the English department at Brock University said. “It would be ridiculous to think that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame authenticates Leonard Cohen. If anything, it is hoping to gain some credibility by acknowledging him.” Yet, despite the fact that a Canadian literary icon will be included in the constant rotation of songs played at the Hall of Fame, will Cohen’s acceptance have any drastic effects on how Canadian literature is viewed? Professor Marilyn Rose in the English department at Brock has her doubts. “I’m not sure that Leonard Cohen’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will change much about the profile of Canadian literature abroad,” she said. “Cohen is being honoured for his songwriting. His public persona is as a pop icon at this point, more than anything else. And in that role he is associated as much with Los Angeles and New York as with Montreal, where he grew up.” Betts echoes these sentiments, but also believes that Cohen being recognized as a ‘song writer’ will simply distract from the fact that he does have such a vast catalogue of poetry and two cutting edge novels attributed to his name, which deserve just as much recognition, if not more, than his ‘popular singer/songwriter’ status.

From We May Be Ugly, But We Have The Music [Update: no longer online] by Katherine Gottli. Brock Press: March 18, 2008, a discussion of the impact of Leonard Cohen’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame vis-à-vis his influence on Canadian literature.

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Leonard Cohen 2011 Prince Of Asturias Award Speech Broadcast On “The Streets Of Oviedo”

oc-sign-oviedo-scaled1000Original caption: En la Plaza de la Escandalera ponen unas pantallas gigantes para poder seguir la ceremonia de entrega y había mucha gente.

Google English translation [adapted]: Giant TV screens were placed in the Plaza de la Escandalera where many people followed the ceremony.

Photo taken and shared by Almira 16.  DrHGuy also thanks Roman Gavrilin aka Hermitage Prisoner, who alerted him to this photo and who suggested the Leonard Cohen rewrite of the Marty Robbins classic as “The Streets Of Oviedo.”

Also see Leonard Cohen’s Prince Of Asturias Awards Speech With Commentary

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“If Cohen loses [Juno Artist Of The Year] in any category other than Least Amount of Cigarettes & Liquor Consumed & Women Seduced then you can…confidently proclaim, ‘God is dead'”


Nominees: Carly Rae Jepsen, Deadmau5, Johnny Reid, Justin Bieber, Leonard Cohen.

If Album of the Year was embarrassing, then consider this category baffling. Two pop stars, a DJ, a Scottish country-soul star and a musical icon should be the beginnings of a “walked into a bar” joke and not something that a human being should be asked to make sense of, let alone assess. While, admittedly, there is a certain amount of artistry in what each of them do – even lip-synching, temper tantrums and Twitteridiocy – to put them on any similar level, in any equal race is like comparing apples, oranges, bacon, leisure suits and skinny white teen trainwrecks.

Who should win: If Cohen loses to any of the others on the list in any category other than Least Amount of Cigarettes and Liquor Consumed and Women Seduced then you can head back to that monastery and confidently proclaim, “God is dead.”

From The Good, The Bieb And The Mediocre (no longer online) by Mike Bell. Leader-Post: April 17, 2013.

Update: Leonard Cohen was indeed named Juno Artist Of The Year 2013

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Photo: Leonard Cohen At 2010 Grammys

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