Hear Leonard Cohen Talk About Life In The Chelsea Hotel, His Depression, & Meeting Lou Reed


In these previews to the broadcast of Leonard Cohen’s never-been-released conversation with Bill Flanagan at Manhattan’s Chelsea Hotel in 2006, hear the Canadian singer-songwriter talk about his early career. The broadcast of the full interview airs Wednesday, Dec. 7 at 7 pm ET on SiriusXM VOLUME (Ch. 106). 

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Life In The Chelsea Hotel


Leonard Cohen On Meeting Lou Reed

Leonard Cohen On His Depression

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Hear Leonard Cohen Talk About Book Of Mercy, Poetry, Prayer, The Soul In June 1984 Interview

From YouTube Description:

In June 1984 I sat with Leonard Cohen in his room at the top of Toronto’s Sutton Place Hotel where we talked about his newest collection Book of Mercy. I confessed an uneasiness about love poems because of how often other kinds of love beyond the romantic are overlooked or are treated in a puerile fashion. Not so one poem coming three months after my son’s birth…

Listen To Leonard Cohen Talk About Phases Of His Career, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Humor, Women, Greece, Sports … 1988

From YouTube Description:

Gill Pyrah talks on The Night is Young to Leonard Cohen, in London as part of his European tour. On his background in Canada and early careers in poetry, writing, journalism and TV interviewing and years spent in Greece; touring and his concert in London; views of him and his music; whether he is a ladies’ man; his children; his painting. His musical choices are edited out. This is pretty rare so be sure to snatch/keep and disseminate since you wont find it anywhere else. The 1988 Leonard Cohen talks about women drugs, women again, booze and music and poetry.


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Hear Previously Unreleased Leonard Cohen Interview – Israel 1972


Leonard Cohen -1972

This GLZ radio recording appears to be from April 1972 when Leonard Cohenwas touring in Israel. Unfortunately, the questions from the interview no longer exist, but Avi Elkoni has edited together Leonard’s answers, which were originally interspersed around album tracks. Even without the questions it is an interesting, good quality interview, covering his student days, Montreal, Greece, poetry and touring

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Avi Elkoni, who edited the interview, & Ruth Pietroni, who uploaded it to YouTube.

Part 1

Part 2