Triumvirate – 3 DVD Leonard Cohen Documentary: The Complete Review + The Mind Of A Poet

91+CFr+QpzL._SL1500_When Dominique BOILE first alerted us to this 3 DVD Leonard Cohen documentary, little was known beyond the Amazon sales blurb:

This 3 X DVD Documentary Boxed Set explores and the life and career of Leonard Cohen with the help of plentiful interviews with the man himself and those close to him, and via rare archive performance footage and news reports. Looking at Cohen’s entire working life from his early poetry roots in 1950s Quebec, right through to his recent sell out concert tours and top ten albums – and at all points in-between – this triple disc pack is the finest documentary work yet to focus on this modern day musical hero and the extraordinary life he had led.

Dominique now forwards images from the set, which comprises the previously published Leonard Cohen – The Complete Review (Two Disc Set) and a previously unreleased title: Leonard Cohen – The Mind Of A Poet.

Note: This DVD set is not authorized by Leonard Cohen or his representatives

The Mind Of A Poet

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Leonard Cohen Has Been Touring & Releasing Albums Since 2008 Because He’s Broke – Oops, Maybe Not

leonardcohen120912w-lorca-cohenNote: Originally posted Oct 13, 2012 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

The original purpose of this post was to alert readers that an outstanding article about Leonard Cohen from the archives of Uncut magazine is again accessible online. Hallelujah! Leonard Cohen Meets Uncut by Brian D Johnson (Uncut: December 2008. Take 139) was one of the first full interviews with Leonard Cohen and his musicians after the start of his 2008-2010 Tour. It’s a great read and can be found at the link.1

But, there’s more.  This interview includes Cohen’s own debunking of the persistent shibboleth that reporters, cognoscenti, interviewers, bloggers, biographers, and fans have been reciting in chorus since 2008 as a primary element of the Cohen catechism – i.e., Leonard Cohen went back to touring and releasing albums only because he was broke. It wasn’t quite that simple The pertinent excerpt follows:

After 14 years off the road, what brought you back?

One of the things was that pesky little financial situation, which totally wiped me out.2 So I’m very grateful that I had a way to make a living. It wasn’t the prime motivator. Thanks to the help of Robert Kory, who is unique among lawyers in that he deferred his fees until the situation was resolved, which is not just unusual but unheard of, I would say, for a lawyer in LA. So he was able to somehow right the shipwreck. As it turned out, I could have gotten by. [emphasis mine]

Credit Due Department: Photo by Lorca Cohen


  1. Also see Video: Leonard Cohen On Fedoras, Lawyers, Dylan, Antidepressants, Drinking Professionally, Smoking Heavily, Zen of Cognac, & The Difficulty of Singing Suzanne []
  2. in October, 2005 Cohen alleged that his longtime former manager, Kelley Lynch, had misappropriated over $5 million from Cohen’s retirement fund []

Hear Leonard Cohen Talk About Marianne, Hydra, His Career, Drinking, Touring, Love, & Whose Dogs Are Barking

lc-marianneThis program, which also includes a recitation of “Days of Kindness” and a rendition of “If It Be Your Will,” is based on interviews by Kari Hesthamar over three autumn days in 2005 at Cohen’s Los Angeles home can be accessed at If It Be Your Will; A Man Built of Moments and Melody (The Unobserved).

An unedited transcript of the interview can be found at Leonard Looks Back On The Past (LeonardCohenFiles)

Photo: Leonard Cohen, Marianne, And Quite Possibly, The Famous Blue Raincoat

I recently pointed out that it was unlikely that a 1972 photo taken in Amsterdam actually depicted, as claimed, Leonard Cohen wearing the “Famous Blue Raincoat” after which the song is named. It turns out, as Marianne Ihlen, confirmed, the coat had disappeared by the time that photo was taken.  Also, the coat in that photo – well, it wasn’t blue; it was tan.

It is much more likely that Leonard Cohen is wearing the titular Famous Blue Raincoat  in this shot (found at the program site). While the color cannot be discerned in this black and white photo, the presence of Marianne indicates the photo was taken after the coat was purchased (shortly before Cohen left London for Hydra) and the ages of both Leonard Cohen and Marianne are consistent with the period in which the pertinent raincoat was in use.  And, given that there was no surplus of funds at this time, they chances that Cohen would own two or more such coats are slim.

Note: Originally posted July 13, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Listen To Leonard Cohen & Anjani Thomas Interview – Warsaw 2007


Note: Originally posted April 1, 2007 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Anjani and Leonard Cohen at Agnieszka Osiecka Studio, Warsaw, Poland

Anjani Thomas and Leonard Cohen appeared in Warsaw as part of the tour in support of the European release of Anjani’s Blue Alert album and the release in the US of a special digipak packaged with bonus DVD in a new 3-panel format. The DVD contains The Making of Blue Alert, a short film by Lian Lunson, and song videos of Thanks For The Dance and The Mist Apolinary POlek, DrHGuy’s favorite Polish correspondent, has generously provided Cohencentric readers access to the 31 March 2007 pre-concert interview with Leonard Cohen & Anjani Thomas. Despite a case of flu, Leonard Cohen participated in the interview and sang two songs with Anjani (also afflicted with the flu) during the concert.

The interview, presented in both Polish & English, can be heard (or downloaded) at

Anjani-Leonard Cohen Interview: Warsaw – 31 March 2007