Dr. Chantal Ringuet To Lead Leonard Cohen Course At McGill School of Continuing Studies

Leonard Cohen: In Words and Music

Leonard Cohen: In Words and Music is a course led by Dr. Chantal Ringuet at the McGill School of Continuing Studies, beginning on Oct 16,  2017. The followiing is from the McGill website:

Join us for an overview of Leonard Cohen’s work and journey.

Gain an understanding of the greater cultural context of the writers of the beat generation, folk singers in the US, the turbulence of the 1960s, Québec’s Quiet Revolution, modernism and postmodernism, and the Cold War; all through Leonard Cohen’s work. You will learn all about the emergence of the young McGill poet and his position as an outsider in his community.

The focus will then shift from the writer to the acclaimed singer, composer, and songwriter that he became when he turned to performance and recording. As a cultural icon, Cohen will be studied starting with the emergence of his first album, 1969’s Songs of Leonard Cohen, which later became a cultural phenomenon. We will follow his resurgence after 1988’s I’m Your Man and his world fame after the tours of 2008-2012.

More information about the course and enrollment can be found at Leonard Cohen: In Words and Music

Thanks to Chantal Ringuet  and Francis Mus, who alerted me to this event.

Sylvie Simmons on Leonard Cohen at SHED: Healdsburg, CA March 2, 2017


Healdsburg Literary Guild, SHED, Levin & Co, Booksellers and Medlock Ames present Sylvie Simmons

From Healdsburg Literary Guild official press release

British author/rock journalist/recording artist, Sylvie Simmons will tell tales from the dark yet brilliant path of Leonard Cohen at SHED, 25 North Street, Healdsburg, March 2, 2017, 7-8:30. She will read from NY Times Bestselling biography, I’m Your Man: The Life of Leonard Cohen, and sing some Leonard Cohen songs, accompanying herself as she has on tours all around the world on her ukulele.

Enjoy Sylvie, and get tastes of Medlock Ames wines, have some of the special bites prepared by SHED chef Perry Hoffman. You have a chance to buy Sylvie’s books thanks to Levin & Co Booksellers. All this for $15.  More information and tickets can be accessed at Luminarias Features Rock Journalist Sylvie Simmons

Sylvie’s seven-year odyssey researching and writing the Cohen biography resulted in a magnificent book that garnered serious critical acclaim, international fame and “Best Biography of the Year” award from NPR’s All Things Considered. Long a journalist, Sylvie is also a singer songwriter as well as the author of biographies of Serge Gainsbourg and Neil Young as well as fiction and poetry.

Lecture: Chantal Ringuet & Francis Mus on “The Revolutions of Leonard Cohen and the Paradoxes of Modernity” Paris Jan 24, 2017

Information from Conférence publique de Chantal Ringuet et de Francis Mus sur « Les révolutions de Leonard Cohen et les paradoxes de la modernité »  [via Google Translate]

In this conference, Chantal Ringuet and Francis Mus are interested in certain paradoxical issues that cross the work of Leonard Cohen and his critical reception in Quebec and France, notably through the translations of his texts. In particular, they will talk about his relationship with Israel and Jewish culture, war and peace, and Francophone culture. The speakers will also discuss the ambivalent status of Leonard Cohen as a popular singer on the one hand and on the other hand as a writer canonized by some and vilified by the others. It turns out that Cohen, who in his writings has always shown an extremely acute self-consciousness, thematizes this question in several poems and songs. How is it defined? And what is the effect of this on the critical reception of the artist and his work?

Chantal Ringuet is a Doctor of Letters, Associate Researcher at Brandeis and Concordia Universities. Recently, she published the collective book The Revolutions by Leonard Cohen (co-editor Gerard Rabinovitch, PUQ, 2015). With Pierre Anctil, she translated from Yiddish into French the autobiography of Marc Chagall, Mon univers. Autobiography (Fides, 2017). In April, it will publish the essay A country where the earth is fragmented. Notebooks from Jerusalem (Linda Leith Editions, 2017).

Francis Mus is professor of translation studies at the University of Liège (Belgium) and research assistant in comparative literature at the University of Leuven (Belgium). In 2015, he published in Dutch The Demons of Leonard Cohen (Prize of the Province of East Flanders). This “biography from within” proposes a reading of the artist and his literary and musical work, supplemented by unpublished documents taken from archives and testimonies gathered from specialists, colleagues and relatives of Cohen himself.

2016 Skopje City Cinema Film Festival To Feature Lian Lunson’s Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man Documentary


Nenad Georgievski, the Artistic Director of the Skopje City Cinema Film Festival to be held Oct 1-4, 2016 in Skopje, Macedonia alerts us that the second iteration of the Festival will open with a review / tribute to Leonard Cohen and Lian Lunson’s documentary “Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man.”

From Второто издание на Скопје Синема Сити via Google Translate:

Skopje City Cinema is a film festival for music documentaries founded in 2014. It is a multimedia platform that unites all the theme music – from documentaries, exhibitions, to the promotion of books and lectures.

This year the festival is organized in collaboration with the Cinematheque of Macedonia. During the 4 days of the festival, guests will be present at numerous music films from different genres and productions … The festival is also collaborating with the BBC will show a number of films from their production. The program will find and movies from domestic production.

Poster For 2004 Leonard Cohen New York Event

first-we-take-manhattan-the-lc-event-scaled500The 2016 Leonard Cohen Event opens Aug 12 in Amsterdam. Cohencentric is marking the occasion with a look at posters for previous Events.  This poster is an advertisement for Next We Take Manhattan – The Leonard Cohen Event that took place June 11-13, 2004 in New York.