“Whatever the relationships between men & women are, the fact is we are each other’s content” Leonard Cohen on I’m Your Man


I said to myself, ‘What would I do to be accepted by the woman and what does the woman want? What does a woman want from a man?’ Many men have addressed this problem: what kind of a man does she want me to be? And it’s only the hunger for the woman, the necessity to live in her presence, whether this is love or not. Whatever the relationships between men and women are, the fact is we are each other’s content. We cannot live without each other. So accepting that as one of the aspects of being in love, or dying of love, a man dying of love writes this song. Whatever you want me to be I’ll bequotedown2

Leonard Cohen


I’m Your Man, by Alberto Manzano, originally published in Rockdelux (Spain), May 1988.

“I can tell you that the Stamp Committee has again received a proposal to honour Leonard Cohen. And you can help make it happen by sending letters of support to Canada Post,”


Let’s Give Leonard Cohen A Literal Stamp Of Approval by Robert Waite (Huffington Post: Feb 21, 2017) Full story at the link.

Robert Waite is Chair of Canada Post’s Stamp Advisory Committee, a voluntary, unpaid position.

Video: Leonard Cohen Becomes Ninth Laureate Of Glenn Gould Prize – 2012

glenng Leonard Cohen was honored at the Glenn Gould Prize ceremony held May 14, 2012.  The following excerpt is from the YouTube blurb:

Leonard Cohen was honoured as the Ninth Laureate of the Glenn Gould Prize at a music-filled gala at Massey Hall on Monday night. ZoomerNews Videographer Darrin Maharaj has the details.