Video: The Extraordinarily Poignant Final Minutes Of Final Leonard Cohen European Concert – Amsterdam 2013

Crew Joins Leonard Cohen & Musicians Onstage

The final 17 minutes of the Sept 20, 2013 Amsterdam Concert, the last European show given by Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen – I Tried To Leave You, I’ve Got A Little Secret, Save The Last Dance For Me
Amsterdam: Sept 20, 2013
Video by cohenadmirer1

Thanks to Vicki Woodyard, who recommended this video

Leonard Cohen Montreal Mural Alternative Version: “Midnight Run For Cheetos At The Local 7/11”

Alter reading Leonard Cohen Mural To Be Created At 1420 Crescent St, Montreal and realizing the graphic, which seemed a tad bland to me, in the unveiled model (below, left) did not show the actual image of Leonard Cohen that will be depicted in the mural, I felt obligated to offer more compelling alternatives. Consequently, I posted the following options:

These have garnered a certain popularity. And, all the mural alternatives have been based on well known graphics associated with specific albums – until now. Today’s alternative employs a photo Lenard sent me with the caption (by Leonard) “Midnight Run For Cheetos At The Local 7/11.” While “local” in the photo refers to his Los Angeles home, I would argue that poetic license would allow the translocation to Montreal, especially since we know that Leonard’s passion for Cheetos has been documented on site in his hometown.

Hear Complete June 25, 1976 Leonard Cohen Montreux Concert

This bootleg is from a very good FM broadcast of the Leonard Cohen June 25, 1976 Leonard Cohen concert at Casino Barriere de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland.  More about this recording, including download links, can be found at Best Bootlegs: Leonard Cohen – Montreux 1976


01 – Bird On The Wire
02 – So Long Marianne
03 – Who By Fire
04 – Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
05 – Store Room
06 – One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
07 – Lady Midnight
08 – There Is A War
09 – I Tried To Leave You
10 – Diamonds In The Mine
11 – Chelsea Hotel #2 – Solo
12 – The Stranger Song – Solo
13 – You Know Who I Am – Solo
14 – The Partisan
15 – Story Of Isaac
16 – Famous Blue Raincoat
17 – Lover Lover Lover
18 – Sisters Of Mercy
19 – Is This What You Wanted
20 – Suzanne
21 – The Butcher
22 – Bird On The Wire (2)
23 – Tonight Will Be Fine
24 – Joan Of Arc
25 – Do I Have To Dance All Night


  • Leonard Cohen – vocals, guitar, hand whistle
  • Cheryl Barnes – vocals
  • Laura Brannigan – vocals
  • Sid McGinnes – guitar
  • Johnny Miller – bass
  • Fred Thaylor – keyboards
  • Luther Rix – drums

Hydra Names Street After Leonard Cohen

The Municipality of Hydra honored Leonard Cohen by naming the street outside his house after him

“I touched her [Suzanne’s] perfect body with my mind, because … there was no other way that you could touch her perfect body” Leonard Cohen on Suzanne

The song was begun, and the chord pattern was developed, before a woman’s name entered the song. And I knew it was a song about Montreal, it seemed to come out of that landscape that I loved very much in Montreal, which was the harbour, and the waterfront, and the sailors’ church there, called Notre Dame de Bon Secour, which stood out over the river, and I knew that there’re ships going by, I knew that there was a harbour, I knew that there was Our Lady of the Harbour, which was the virgin on the church which stretched out her arms towards the seamen, and you can climb up to the tower and look out over the river, so the song came from that vision, from that view of the river. At a certain point, I bumped into Suzanne [Verdal] Vaillancourt, who was the wife of a friend of mine, they were a stunning couple around Montreal at the time, physically stunning, both of them, a handsome man and woman, everyone was in love with Suzanne Vaillancourt, and every woman was in love with Armand Vaillancourt. But there was no… well, there was thought, but there was no possibility, one would not allow oneself to think of toiling at the seduction of Armand Vaillancourt’s wife. First of all he was a friend, and second of all as a couple they were inviolate, you just didn’t intrude into that kind of shared glory that they manifested. I bumped into her one evening, and she invited me down to her place near the river. She had a loft, at a time when lofts were… the word wasn’t used. She had a space in a warehouse down there, and she invited me down, and I went with her, and she served me Constant Comment tea, which has little bits of oranges in it. And the boats were going by, and I touched her perfect body with my mind, because there was no other opportunity. There was no other way that you could touch her perfect body under those circumstances. So she provided the name in the song.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

For Suzanne Verdal’s point of view about the song, see Video: Suzanne Verdal Talks About Leonard Cohen & The Song He Wrote About Her

From 1993 Interview On BBC Radio 1FM. Found in Whispering Pines: The Northern Roots of American Music… from Hank Snow to the Band by Jason Schneider ECW Press, Dec 15, 2010) Originally posted February 19, 2013 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video: Suzanne Verdal Talks About Leonard Cohen & The Song He Wrote About Her + 1960s Photo Of Suzanne

The video is an excerpt from the ARTE documentary “Girls in Pop Songs” shot in 2011.

Also see “I touched her [Suzanne’s] perfect body with my mind, because … there was no other way that you could touch her perfect body” Leonard Cohen on Suzanne

Suzanne Verdal in the time of Suzanne

While one can find several photos of Suzanne taken since 2000 (see three at Spoonfilm), shots of her in the 1960s are rare. And, of the half-dozen or so that I’ve come across, most of been removed from online viewing. The only exception I’ve discovered is a solitary dramatically posed photo from Suzanne: The Original Portfolio by Jeremy Taylor.