Semipro Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Dance Me To The End Of Love – Zagreb 2010

dancezahFrom the YouTube description:

This semi-pro recording was shot with one camera by RTL TV Croatia for their evening news, with the sound coming directly from the venue’s soundboard. Attendance of the show was 12,000 people (sold out). The concert was heralded by the local press as the best show in history of Croatia, and in December 2010 it was chosen as one of top five cultural events in Croatia in 2010 (the only event actually not by the Croats).

Leonard Cohen – Dance Me To The End Of Love
Zagreb: July 25, 2010
Video from a1000kissesdeep

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Hear Complete Sept 24, 1974 Leonard Cohen Berlin Concert Online

Christopher Allard, aka ALB123Videos on YouTube, has posted the complete audience recording of the September 24, 1974 Leonard Cohen Berlin Concert staged at the Berlin Philharmonie. (Note: this is an audio-only presentation; the only visual element is a still photo accompanying the audio file.)

The embedded video player atop this post is set to play the entire concert, i.e., after the first song, Bird On The Wire, is completed, the next song will begin automatically.  Individual songs from the set-list can be played at Leonard Cohen – Berlin 1974:

1) Bird on the Wire
2) So Long, Marianne
3) Love Calls You by Your Name
4) One of Us Cannot Be Wrong
5) Diamonds in the Mine
6) Why Don’t You Try
7) Joan of Arc
8)Who by Fire
9) Lady Midnight
10) Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye
11) Tonight Will Be Fine
12) Chelsea Hotel #2
13) The Stranger Song
14) A Singer Must Die
15) You Know Who I Am
16) The Partisan
17) Story of Isaac
18) Famous Blue Raincoat
19) I Tried to Leave You
20) Sisters of Mercy
21) Lover Lover Lover
22) Take This Longing
23) There Is a War
24) Suzanne
25) Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
26) Is This What You Wanted
27) The Butcher


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Hear Oct 30,1980 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert Online

This (audio only) video is from a well known bootleg, Leonard Cohen – Live 1980-10-30 Amsterdam, Concertgebouw” described as “Excellent-sounding recording of Leonard Cohen’s show at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, on 30 October 1980. The sound is clean and clear, with a good balance between the music and the audience, though lacking a little in the bass.”

Set List
00:05 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye
04:18 Who By Fire
10:17 The Window
16:04 Passing Through
20:54 The Guests
27:03 There Is a War
32:05 Suzanne
36:42 The Stranger Song
45:27 Chelsea Hotel #2
49:07 The Partisan
52:40 Story of Isaac
56:37 The Gypsy’s Wife
01:02:14 The Music Crept By Us [poem]
01:05:41 Diamonds in the Mine
01:10:38 Famous Blue Raincoat
01:16:31 Lover Lover Lover
01:24:26 Memories
01:29:45 So Long Marianne
01:38:25 Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
01:43:33 Joan of Arc
01:50:01 Tries to Leave You
01:59:48 Do I have to Dance All Night

Video: Leonard Cohen’s Last Stage Performance – Save The Last Dance For Me (Auckland 2013)

auk132This video captures the poignant scene as Leonard Cohen performs Save The Last Dance For Me, a song made famous by The Drifters in 1960 (see “Save The Last Dance For Me,” Doc Pomus, & Leonard Cohen), and summons the entire Unified Heart Touring Company crew to the stage to end the Dec 21, 2013 Auckland show, the final concert of the 2013 tour – and the last time Leonard Cohen performed in public.


You can dance every dance with the guy
Who gives you the eye, let him hold you tight
You can smile every smile for the man
Who held your hand ‘neath the pale moon light
But don’t forget who’s takin’ you home
And in whose arms you’re gonna be
So darlin’ save the last dance for me

Leonard Cohen – Save The Last Dance For Me
Auckland: Dec 21, 2013
Video by Wirebirds aka Henry Tengelsen.

Video: A Special Composite Presentation Of A Thousand Kisses Deep By Leonard Cohen

More Than A Thousand Kisses Deep

Leonard Cohen’s recitation of “A Thousand Kisses Deep” has varied in content over the years. This composite of some of these versions is an especially gratifying coalition of international forces, featuring AlanM5049 of Adelaide, Australia, Roman Gavrilin (aka Hermitage Prisoner) of St. Petersburg, Russia, Sony of Canada (and everywhere else on Earth), DrHGuy of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Leonard Cohen, residing in Los Angeles, California [at the time of the original posting].

AlanM5049 describes the process.

I initially contemplated conjoining all the verses of “A Thousand Kisses Deep” from the several versions presented during the Leonard Cohen World Tour. A LeonardCohenForum posting by Goldin, Two “A Thousand Kisses Deep” recitations from 1997-1998,1 however, directed  me to older recordings, which I analyzed for content.

I cleaned up the sound on both where I could, but the connections between the versions were too abrupt.

Cohen’s pauses and Neil Larsen’s organ playing in the “Live In London” recording of “A Thousand Kisses Deep” provided the opportunity to integrate the unduplicated verses from the earlier recordings. I looped each organ piece several times until I had enough to add to the unaccompanied verses. I think that although the acoustics of the three  recordings are different, adding the organ track has supplied the continuity I was seeking. I confess that until I separated out Neil’s music, I hadn’t realized how beautifully complex it is.

I also moved the last stanza from the “Live In London” recording, at which point the delivery slows, to the end to produce a sense of an ending.

Cohen spoke a bit faster in the unaccompanied recitations, but when I tried to slow the speed the result sounded like “phasing,” dissuading me from using the slower version.

I was stimulated to finish the project by the impressive result created by combining Cohen’s recitation [of “Two Worlds,” a “specially written verse” of “A Thousand Kisses Deep”] with musical backing in the Sony 3D television advertisement.

DrHGuy Note: My own role was limited to adding photos and a movie clip pertinent to Leonard Cohen as well as a few sketches by the Canadian singer-songwriter to complete the video montage.

“A Thousand Kisses Deep” By Leonard Cohen
A Composite Presentation


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  1. The pertinent portion of that post follows:

    I’ve found on YouTube 2 unattributed recitations. Haven’t received replies from the uploaders so far, but I think I cleared up the details.

    1. The first recording is inexplicably unclaimed (less than 1 view per day!): It is a fragment of 1997 – Beautiful Losers – Arte Network, France – 34m Interview for French TV, broadcast on 29 July 1997. See screenshot @ Diamonds in the Mine to receive evidence:
    “film & arts” logo, the same suit, the same window frame finally 🙂

    2. The other one is extremely popular (more than 1,1 million views) audio-only recording:

    Briefly, this recitation is taken from KCRW interview (March 3, 1998). It was mentioned on the Forum by Jean-François Bédard in 2002 and by Tom Sakic in 2003.
    This lyrics also appeared here, in Lily’s post. But the lyrics recited in 1997 are little-known. Google finds its ONLY appearance on the Net.

    Read this masterpiece below and note the second strophe!

    A Thousand Kisses Deep (1997)

    Don’t matter if the road is long
    Don’t matter if it’s steep
    Don’t matter if the moon is gone
    And the darkness is complete
    Don’t matter if we lose our way
    It’s written that we’ll meet
    At least, that’s what I heard you say
    A thousand kisses deep

    Don’t matter if you lie to me
    Don’t matter if you cheat
    When you sell me down the river
    I’ll pretend to be asleep
    There’s a pair of leather gloves for you
    And a blade against your cheek
    But it’s strange what you forget to do
    A thousand kisses deep

    I loved you when you opened
    Like a lily to the heat
    You see, I’m just another snowman
    Standing in the rain and sleet
    Who loved you with his frozen love
    His second hand physique
    With all he is and all he was
    A thousand kisses deep []

Leonard Cohen 2010 Helsinki Concert: Photos & Feels So Good Video

Leonard Cohen - Helsinki 2010. Photo by Vesa

Fine Photos & Vivid Videos From Aug 8, 2010 Leonard Cohen Helsinki Concert

Some  Leonard Cohen concerts feature inspired performance, enthusiastic audiences, and unique aspects (e.g., one time renditions of a version of a song, a special message to a particular crowd, or a thought invoked by the specific venue) but fail to grab the attention of the review-reading, video-viewing, picture-perusing fans not in attendance at the show.

Other stops on the Leonard Cohen World Tour, however, produce a plethora of arresting  recordings and images. The August 8, 2010 Leonard Cohen Helsinki Concert falls into this abundance of blessings category, having already been the focus of three previous entries on this site.The quality of these photos and video from the Helsinki show displayed below mandate their posting.

Video: Leonard Cohen – Feels So Good

Feels so good, not to love you like I did
Feels so good, not to love you like I did
It’s like they tore away my blindfold and they said,
We’re gonna let this prisoner live
It’s like they tore away my blindfold and they said,
We’re gonna let this prisoner live

Helsinki: August 8, 2010
Video from HasseNyman


Leonard Cohen and Bob Metzger - Helsinki 2010. Photo by Maarten Massa

Leonard Cohen - Helsinki 2010. Photo by MM

Credit Due Department: The first and final photos are by Vesa Tapiola and the others are by Maarten Massa.



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