Listen To Leonard Cohen Live at Bryn Mawr Audience Recording (1975)


Leonard Cohen 1975

While the sound quality of this recording is suboptimal, the Nov 23, 1975 Leonard Cohen Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania concert offers several songs (or versions of songs) rarely found elsewhere (e.g., Je veux vivre Tout Seul, Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On. Guerrero, Misty Blue).

Leonard Cohen Live at Bryn Mawr
Uploaded by Joao Miguel Figueiredo Silva

1. Je Veux Vivre Tout Seul
2. So Long, Marianne
3. There Is A War
4. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
5. The Stranger Song
6. Guerrero
7. Diamonds In The Mine
8. Who By Fire
9. Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On
10. Story Of Isaac
11. Famous Blue Raincoat
12. Came So Far From Her Beauty
13. Sisters Of Mercy
14. I Guess It’s Time (Early The Smokey Life)
15. The Traitor Song
16. Lover Lover Lover
17. Musician Intros
18. Is This What You Wanted
19. Misty Blue

Leonard Cohen – Last Of The Bohemians Bootleg


Note: The YouTube video labeled “Last Of The Bohemians” is now available at Leonard Cohen – 1988 Austin City Limits & 1985 Warsaw Bootlegs Now On YouTube

Information about the actual Last Of The Bohemians recording is available from Discogs

This CD is a compilation of songs from various sources. Tracks 8-13 come from the ZDF TV programme RockPop Special from 1979 (see “ZDF Studios Germany ”). According to the back sleeve tracks 1-5, 7, 16 and 18-21 are recorded live at the Lykabettus Theater, Athens, 1988, track 14 in Leonard’s home on the Greek island of Hydra and track 6 in rehearsal with Greek folk-musicians. Obviously these have been copied from the soundtrack of the BBC documentary “Songs from the Life of Leonard Cohen”.

Label:Beautiful Losers Records
Format: CD, Unofficial Release
Country: Switzerland
Released: 1993

1 First We Take Manhattan
2 Dance Me To The End Of Love
3 Chelsea Hotel
4 Who By Fire
5 Take This Waltz
6 Famous Blue Raincoat
7 Hallelujah
8 So Long Marianne
9 The Window
10 Famous Blue Raincoat
11 Memories
12 The Guests
13 Suzanne
14 Minimal Art (Solo On Harmonica)
15 Poem
16 Bird On A Wire
17 Second Poem
18 Suzanne
19 So Long Marianne
20 Tower Of Song
21 There Ain’t No Cure For Love



Credit Due Department: Images of the CD contributed by Dominique BOILE

Video: Leonard Cohen Live (Unofficial Soundboard Recording) At Reykjavik 1988

1988-06-24-reykjavik-frontAlan Mawhinney points us to a new YouTube upload of an outstanding unofficial recording of a great Leonard Cohen performance:  Reykjavik June 24, 1988. For a sample of the quality of this show, view the video Leonard Cohen’s Gorgeous Performance Of Hallelujah – Reykjavik 1988

1 Dance Me To The End Of Love
2 Ain’t No Cure For Love
3 Who By Fire
4 Bird On A Wire
5 I’m Your Man
6 Sisters Of Mercy
7 Heart With No Companion
8 First We Take Manhattan
9 Avalanche
10 Chelsea Hotel #2
11 Tower Of Song
12 Stranger Song
13 Everybody Knows
14 Joan Of Arc
15 Story Of Isaac
16 Hallelujah
17 Passin’ Thru
18 Take This Waltz
19 The Partisan
20 If It Be Your Will
21 Coming Back To You
22 Suzanne
23 So Long, Marianne (Includes Morning Boat verse)
24 I Can’t Forget
25 A Singer Must Die
26 First We Take Manhattan (reprise)
27 Famous Blue Raincoat
28 I Tried To Leave You
29 Whither Thou Goest

Now Available: Higher Quality Video Of Entire Leonard Cohen Nov 10, 1979 ZDF TV Rock – Pop Special

rockspI first posted about the availability of the entire  Leonard Cohen Nov 10, 1979 ZDF-TV Rock-Pop Special on , I am reposting the information below with one important change. A higher quality video of this show is now available and has replaced the version previously listed in this entry.

Leonard Cohen Rock Pop Special 1979

First and most importantly, this is a must-see video comprising excellent performances by Leonard Cohen of eight of his important songs, some rarely heard – if heard at all – in recent years, all professionally captured on film.

Leonard Cohen’s October 31, 1979 performance of a set at the ZDF-TV Studio in München, Deutschland was taped for later broadcast. Many, if not all, of the songs he played that day have been previously posted individually. Now, eight of the songs are available on one video.

This video appears to be a recording of the entire December 2, 1979 ZDF-TV Rock-Pop Special, which included songs #3-#9 of the setlist: 1. Bird On The Wire, 2. The Guests, 3. So Long, Marianne, 4. The Window, 5. Famous Blue Raincoat, 6. Passin’ Through, 7. Memories, 8. The Guests (2), 9. Suzanne. Tracks #1-#2 were broadcast on the November 10, 1979 ZDF-TV Rock-Pop Special.1

The musicians who toured with Leonard Cohen in 1979 follow:

The Backup Singers:
• Sharon Robinson
• Jennifer Warnes

The Band:
• Roscoe Beck – bass guitar
• John Bilezikjian – oud, mandolin
• Bill Ginn – keyboards
• Raffi Hakopian – violin
• Steve Meador – drums
• Paul Ostermayer – wind
• Mitch Watkins – electric guitar

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Jo Meul, who alerted me to the newer, better version of this video.


  1. Source: Leonard Cohen Live (no longer online) []

Leonard Cohen At 1985 Elixir Festival, Guéhenno With Video Of “Passing Through” Performance


“Breton Woodstock” – RockScène/Elixir Festival, Guéhenno: July 13, 1985

Woodstock was the model and inspiration for many rock festivals. The Brittany version was the Elixer Festival (aka RockScène as of 1985) in Guéhenno, and its opening act in 1985 was Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen. Sur scène à Guéhenno en 1985  (Le Télégramme: Nov 11, 2016) notes the 1985 Festival was attended by 20.000 fans.and goes on to explain [via Google Translate]

That year, Leonard Cohen launched the festivities. What we said at the time, in the following terms: “Leonard Cohen had the ungrateful role of opening the show around 2 pm. No surprise in his repertoire. The amateurs of Protest songs of the Sixties languishly lulled by their favorite ballads.”

While the environment was perhaps not as brutal as the 1970 Aix-en-Provence Festival at which Leonard Cohen and The Army performed while Maoists were said to be taking potshots, it was, as one fan described the Clash’s Guéhenno show, “rough and muscular.” The first person account offered at The Clash : Last Gig In France, while not mentioning Leonard Cohen, does provide a sense of the prevailing atmosphere:

The Clash and Depeche Mode at the time on the same bill, it is not easy to accept for us young punks, this curious mix of musical genres. The two groups live in Vannes in the same hotel, and their respective stage technicians cordially hate each other …  It will later be said that the baseball bats were out backstage at the arrival of the 2 tour bus on the site and for a few minutes a general brawl broke out between the two parties. The concert was in Dante himself, with a place in the 1 st rank dearly defended. At 10:45 pm The Last Gang In Town takes the scene of assault. Joe Strummer tries to French between the pieces with a picturesque English accent. That evening, we ate dust for 1:25. Superb concert rough and muscular. I will spend a week getting rid of this damn ocher dust that made the site look like a gigantic battlefield.

Photos: Leonard Cohen at Guehenno

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