Brilliant Photos: The 2013 Leonard Cohen Wellington Concert Through The Lens Of Maarten Massa – Gallery 2

well24Photos by Maarten Massa. More shots from this concert can be found at Leonard Cohen, Wellington NZ – December 17 2013: Gallery 1


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Two Photos: A Very Young Leonard Cohen & Sister Esther Visit Westmount Conservatory In Style

lcestconservA Victorian greenhouse built in 1927 by  Lord & Burnham, the Westmount Conservatory was closed in 2015 for repairs. The City of Westmount anticipates the Conservatory will reopen, with a restored roof, in 2018. A well done article about the Conservatory with several photos can be found at The Westmount Conservatory: A Green Oasis, Tucked Away in Montreal by Melanie Guilbault  (The Main: June 11, 2015).

In the photos, Esther is wearing a Red River Coat (these coats were black or very dark blue with a choice of either tomato red or aqua blue for the tuque, sash, mittens and thick stockings) while Leonard is attired in a fur coat.

redcoatconservatory4Thanks to Maarten Massa for access to these images. Originally posted July 16,, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Brilliant Photos: The Dec 17, 2013 Leonard Cohen Wellington Concert Through The Lens Of Maarten Massa

w19In addition to the photo of an intense Leonard Cohen atop this post, I’m especially taken by the shots of Sharon Robinson (directly below) and Roscoe Beck (at the bottom of the post).

Photos by Maarten Massa. More shots from this concert can be found at Leonard Cohen, Wellington NZ – December 17 2013: Gallery 2

Laura Branigan And Cheryl Barnes – 1976 Leonard Cohen Backup Singers: Photos, Info, Video



It’s amazing what a couple of chick back-up singers, a funky rhythm section, and a powerful guitarist will do … Colin Irwin reviewing Leonard Cohen’s May 1976 London Concert1

Leonard Cohen, Laura Branigan, Cheryl Barnes – Paris 1976

The above photos, taken by Dominique BOILE at the June 5, 1976 Leonard Cohen Concert at the Olympia in Paris, are among the very few shots currently online of Leonard Cohen performing with backup singers Laura Branigan and Cheryl Barnes.

Laura Branigan and Cheryl Barnes were vocalists for the 56 concerts of Cohen’s European tour from April 22 to July 8, 1976.  The band members for this tour were Johnny Miller (bass), Luther Rix (drums), Sid McGuinniss (guitars), and Fred Thaler (keyboards).2

Laura Branigan


Laura Branigan went on to a successful solo career, topping the charts in 1982 with “Gloria,” which earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocalist Female.  Her official site includes this summary of her work:

Laura’s US album and single sales have exceeded ten million, with her multiple international greatest hits compilations having sold additional millions in every world market. These cumulative sales have garnered Laura various Gold and Platinum record awards from both the RIAA in the US and similar entities in other countries. She performed for audiences in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa, touring the world several times with consistently sold-out shows to her credit.

Laura Branigan died August 26, 2004.

Cheryl Barnes

CherylBarnesCheryl (sometimes “Sheryl”) Barnes is best known for her.performance of “Easy To Be Hard”  in her role as the mother of Hud’s son in the 1979 film adaptation of Hair. She also performed in Leonard Bernstein’s Mass, The Last Sweet Days of Isaac, Godspell, and Jesus Christ Superstar. She sang “Love and Passion” for the soundtrack of the 1980 film American Gigolo.


Leonard, Laura & Cheryl – 1976

Ongoing Heck Of A Guy/Cohencentric readers may recall the names of these backup singers (and other band members) from the many posts published on this site about Do I Have To Dance All Night – The Best Leonard Cohen Song You’ve (Probably) Never Heard.  On the sleeve of the rare 45 rpm record of “Do I Have To Dance All Night,” for example, these musicians are listed in the section near the bottom.

Do-I-Have-To-Dance-All-Night0001-back-cover-frenchmarkedThe recording from which this record was made took place took place at the Olympia during Cohen’s June 6, 1976 performance.

Happily, there is a video (an audio recording with a collection of Leonard Cohen still photos and videos) of Do I Have To Dance All Night (1976 version – with Laura Branigan) to offer as a sample of the performances produced by Leonard Cohen, Laura Branigan, Cheryl Barnes, and the band during the 1976 European Tour.

Credit Due Department: Laura Branigan photo by Source, Fair use via Wikipedia Commons

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