Q: What is [Leonard Cohen] like on a night on the town? Leonard Cohen: “People say I’m a hoot to be with”

The quotation is from No. I’ve Never Contemplated Suicide, Says Leonard Cohen by Peter Wilmoth. The Age: May 24, 1985. Originally posted September 7, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

The Sean Dixon Files

This wondrously, ambiguously evocative photo is from the files of Sean Dixon. Please do not repost without permission of the photographer. Originally posted June 8, 2011 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Sean Dixon will be familiar to ongoing readers from her personal encounters with Leonard Cohen featured in these Cohencentric posts:

Photo: An Expressive Leonard Cohen: Claude Gassian Exhibition – Galerie A Paris


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Photo: Marianne’s Son, Axel Joachim Jensen, With Bjorn Saastad, Hydra 1976

Dominique BOILE writes

On February 4, 2016, Marianne Ihlen sent me this photo with the message, “Here is a photo of Axel Joachim and the Norwegian Painter Bjorn Saastad. Axel Joachim was about 16 years old. Hydra 1976.”

Axel Joachim Jensen is the son of Marianne Ihlen and Axel Buchardt Jensen, the Norwegian author. After Axel Jensen left Marianne and Hydra, Axel Joachim lived with Marianne and Leonard Cohen for several years.  For more about Axel Joachim, see Marianne, Hydra And The Love Affair With Cohen – Now In English

Unpublished Photos: 1985 Leonard Cohen Salle Pleyel Concert, Paris

Dominique BOILE offers these previously unpublished photos he took at the first show of the Feb 23, 1985 Leonard Cohen Salle Pleyel Concert in Paris. While the shots are, as Dominique describes them, imperfect, the relative rarity of Leonard Cohen photos  from this era and the sentiment Dominique attaches to them renders these a treat to view.

“So Elegant and Touching” – Claude Gassian’s Portrait of Leonard Cohen at Galerie A, Paris

Michele Prevost, who took this shot at the Galerie A (Paris) exhibition of Claude Gassian’s photos of Leonard Cohen, writes

This portrait made my day …. rarely seen … Leonard Cohen,  the thinker, so elegant and touching. I miss him day by day , month by month….

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