Dec 11, 2010: Leonard Cohen Las Vegas Concert Is The End Of The World Tour

Leonard Cohen’s final bow at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace – Las Vegas, Nevada, 12:15 AM December 12, 2010 officially ends the 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour.


Credit Due Department: Photo atop this post by J.S. Carenza III

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Backstage Photos & TV News Video: 2012 Leonard Cohen Bucharest Concert

budaPhotos of Sept 22, 2012 Leonard Cohen Bucharest Concert by Unified Heart Touring Company crew. Click on images for best viewing


From Leonard Cohen sang for 15,000 fans in Bucharest (Stiri TV: 23 September 2012) [via Google Translate]:

At 78 years and one day, Leonard Cohen has gathered over 15,000 spectators Saturday night in Constitution Square, according to TVR. Among them, many young people who were not even born when the artist was already in vogue….It is a source of pride for us hat one of the musicians chosen to accompany Cohen  on the tour is Moldavian violinist Alexandru Bublitchi. Leonard Cohen turned 78 on September 21. Four years ago, when he was 74, Cohen was in Bucharest for his  first concert in Romania. He celebrated his birthday on stage and his audience sang “Happy Birthday.” He liked it so much that in 2009 he returned to Bucharest.

Romanian TV – News: Leonard Cohen 2012 Budapest Concert

Credit Due Department: Photo atop post from Webb Sisters Facebook page. Final photo by Leif Bodnarchuk. All other photos by J.S. Carenza III.

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Stellar Photos Of Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson & Webb Sisters By Paolo Brillo – Florence 2010

Leonard Cohen - Florence 2010. Photo by Paolo Brillo.In addition to sterling performances, the September 1,  2010 Leonard Cohen Florence concert also proved a source of excellent photos, including these from Paolo Brillo. Especially striking are the shots below of the Webb Sisters and Sharon Robinson.

Webb Sisters - Florence 2010. Photo by Paolo Brillo.Sharon Robinson - Florence 2010. Photo byThese and other photos of the concert taken by Paolo Brillo are available at his Highway 61 Photostream. By going to the Leonard Cohen Set within that photostream, one can view exclusively those shots taken by that photographer at various Leonard Cohen shows.

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Bagpiper Plays For A Young Leonard Cohen & Sister Esther + 2nd Bagpipe Performance Photo 70+ Years Later

bagpiperThis is not the only time a photo was taken of bagpipes being played for Leonard Cohen. It happened again 70+ years later at the ceremonies of the 2011 Prince of Asturias Awards in Oviedo; check it out at Cohen se quita el sombrero ante los gaiteros asturianos by Lucía González (El Mundo: Oct 18, 2011)

Also see Leonard Cohen’s Bagpipe Museum Reference At 1972 Newcastle Concert

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Brilliant Photos From The Leonard Cohen 2010 Helsinki Concert

Maarten Massa’s photos of Leonard Cohen and, especially, the band members and backup singers, at the August 10, 2010 Helsinki concert are among the best I’ve seen since the commencement of the tour. While he has graciously allowed these to be posted at Cohencentric, many other shots he took at the Helsinki show can be found at Leonard Cohen Helsinki – Aug 10 2010: Part 1 and Part 2.

Sharon Robinsonroshel40913_1559976963657_1362291292_1497911_3613849_ndinohelrafhelbobhelhattecharhel

Leonard Cohen - Helsinki 2010

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