Mitch Watkins Joyfully Accepts “The Golden Fist of Marrakesh” – 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert


“[I handed] Mitch his guitar in the voice of a madman as ‘The Golden Fist of Marrakesh.’” Leif Bodnarchuk

The above photo of Mitch Watkins was taken by Maarten Massa at the Sept 20, 2013 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert. That shot, especially when grouped with the photo below taken by Eugene McLaughlin and posted earlier at Photos From The Leonard Cohen Birmingham Concert: The Good Time Guys – Roscoe Beck & Mitch Watkins, makes a strong prima facie case that Mitch Watkins is happy being on tour with Leonard Cohen.


Credit Due Department: The Leif Bodnarchuk quote is from Old Ideas Tour — Sep 20, Amsterdam, posted Sept 21, 2013 at his Old Ideas Tour blog,

3 Photos: A Very Young Leonard Cohen, His Sister Esther, & Their Dog Tinky

sail1These photos show a well-turned-out Leonard Cohen with his older sister, Esther, and their Scottish terrier, Tinky (also spelled Tinke),1 at play,



Credit Due Department: Thanks to Maarten Massa for access to these images

  1. More about Tinky at “The Closest Being To Me During My Childhood” – Leonard Cohen Talks About His Dog, Tinky []

Photos: A Very Young Leonard Cohen, Sister Esther, & A Monkey (But No Plywood Violin)

monkeyAnd I thank you for those items that you sent me
The monkey and the plywood violin

First We Take Manhattan
By Leonard Cohen

Thanks to Maarten Massa for access to these images. And no, I don’t know the identity of the dark-haired girl in the shot atop this post. Originally posted Sept 13, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric