Soundtracks: Night Magic By Leonard Cohen & Lewis Furey

Original Soundtrack: 1991 French Edition


Canadian Edition, Remastered 2004


Credit Due Department: Dominique BOILE contributed these images of the Night Magic soundtrack. Originally posted  Feb 17, 2014 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

More about this musical written by Leonard Cohen and Lewis Furey can be found at

Unauthorized Release Of 1993 Leonard Cohen Zurich Concert Broadcast: The End Of Love – 2 Vol LP

PARA128LP_MPO_SLEEVE.inddDominique BOILE has discovered another bootleg (this one comprising two vinyl LPs produced by Parachute with release date of April 28, 2017) based on the radio broadcast of the May 21, 1993 Leonard Cohen Zurich concert. For details, see these posts on similar bootlegs:


Russian Counterfeit: Leonard Cohen Greatest Hits Double CD


Dominique BOILE offers these scans of another unauthorized collection of Leonard Cohen songs, a double CD Russian counterfeit, which has the distinction of being the first such bootleg to include tracks from the You Want It Darker album. Dominique notes that the tracklist on both CDs are identical, but that the songs actually on each CD corresponds to the listing on the album cover.


Details Re Unauthorized Leonard Cohen CD: From The Shadows

81q-cgxi1nl-_sl1500_Dominique BOILE forwards these scans from the bootleg CD, Leonard Cohen: From The Shadows. Dominique points out that it is based on the national radio France Inter broadcast (in early July 1976) of the June 5, 1976 Leonard Cohen Olympia Theatre concert in Paris – a concert Dominique attended in person.

France Inter also released the exclusive vinyl single of Do I Have To Dance All Night. During this concert, Leonard sings a part of Bird On The Wire and introduces some of the songs in French.

In addition to appropriating the radio broadcast, the producers of this CD appear to have also arrogated the poster Dominique contributed for posting at Cohencentric to illustrate the CD booklet.


Poster from private collection of Dominique BOILE


From The Shadows booklet

1. Bird On The Wire 4:54
2. Who By Fire 4:03
3. Store Room 4:46
4. I Tried To Leave You 4:22
5. Lady Midnight 3:42
6. There Is A War 5:05
7. Do I Have To Dance All Night 4:13
8. Avalanche 4:07
9. Chelsea Hotel #2 3:37
10. The Partisan 3:46
11. Story Of Isaac 4:05
12. Famous Blue Raincoat 5:01
13. Lover, Lover, Lover 5:55
14. Is This What You Wanted 5:21
15. Suzanne 3:44

Numérisation_20170225 (4)Numérisation_20170225 (5)


Leonard Cohen Live On Air – New Unauthorized CD


Dominique BOILE has spotted yet another bootleg of that November 9, 1988 concert at Massey Hall in Toronto, broadcast live on CBC radio and rebroadcast on March 11, 1990. Live On Air (due for release March 24, 2017) was found on the German Amazon site.

  • Audio CD (24. März 2017)
  • Anzahl Disks/Tonträger: 1
  • Label: Laser Media (SPV)
  • ASIN: B06WD3P4BX

Also see

1. Ain’t No Cure For Love
2. Bird On The Wire
3. I’m Your Man
4. Heart With No Companion
5. Take This Waltz
6. Interview
7. Tower Of Song
8. Joan Of Arc 9
9. Jazz Police
10. First We Take Manhattan
11. Suzanne
12. I Tried To Leave You

Leonard Cohen – Live In San Sebastian 1988 Unauthorized DVD To Be Released

91gmwk0pmsl-_sl1500_Dominique BOILE alerts us to an unauthorized DVD of the RTE recording of the entire May 20, 1988 Leonard Cohen San Sebastian concert, the only full-length live Leonard Cohen show ever broadcast on TV, will be released on April 7, 2017.

More about this TV broadcast, including a video of the concert, can be found at at Video: Watch Complete 1988 Leonard Cohen San Sebastián Concert TV Broadcast – Without Subtitles,

From Amazon:

Leonard Cohen only toured three times during the 1980s; in the decade s opening year he performed a couple of shows each in Australia and the US, plus a handful of dates in Europe. In 1985 he followed a near identical itinerary, while 1998 was witness to a more extended European jaunt, plus a few dates in North America. The show featured on this DVD comes from a TV broadcast of Cohen s gig in San Sebastian, Spain, on 20th May 1988, one of five performances he gave in the country in as many days. Touring in support of his I m Your Man album, this delightful appearance in the Basque region, released here on DVD for the first time, features a superb array of Cohen classics and a fine selection of tunes from his then current record. 1. Intro 2. Dance Me To The End Of Love 3. Ain’t No Cure For Love 4. Who By Fire 5. Bird On The Wire 6. Avalanche 7. Chelsea Hotel #2 8. Tower Of Song 9. Sisters Of Mercy 10. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong 11. First We Take Manhatten 12. Everybody Knows 13. Joan Of Arc 14. Hallelujah 15. Take This Waltz 16. The Partisan 17. Suzanne 18. Heart With No Companion 19. Coming Back To You 20. I Can’t Forget 21. So Long, Marianne