Hear First 12 Songs Of 1985 Leonard Cohen Warsaw Concert

Jo Muel alerts us to this audio-only video of the March 22, 1985 Leonard Cohen show at Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw. This is an audience recording by Artur Jarosinski. Avalanche & Chelsea Hotel #2 are standout performances,


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Bootleg: Leonard Cohen Live At The Complex, Los Angeles “Limited Edition On Pink Vinyl With White Splatter”

Dominique BOILE has spotted another bootleg based on the 1993 FM broadcast of Leonard Cohen Live At The Complex, L.A.


A1: First We Take Manhattan
A2: Ain’t No Cure For Love
A3: Dance Me To The End Of Love
A4: Democracy
B1: I’m Your Man
B2: Coming Back To You
B3: Waiting For The Miracle
B4: The Future

Sony’s promotional CD of the event is shown below .

live-from-complex-scaled500Recorded by Leanne Ungar for Columbia Radio Hour, this Sunday morning concert by Leonard Cohen at The Complex in Los Angles on April 18, 1993 was later released to 100 participating radio stations. This is, as one would expect from its origins, a high quality recording.


1. First We Take Manhattan 6:07
2. Ain’t Cure For Love 5:11
3. Coming Back To You 4:37
4. Dance Me To The End Of Love 6:07
5. Democracy 7:14
6. Waiting For The Miracle 7:27
7. The Future 6:51
8. I’m Your Man 5:31


 Credit Due Department: Information about and graphic for The Columbia Records Radio Hour Presents Leonard Cohen Live! From The Complex contributed by Dominique BOILE.

Hear Complete April 11, 1972 Leonard Cohen Munich Concert + The Munich Poster Mystery

Note: While the poster used in the video (see below) does promote a 1972 Leonard Cohen concert at Circus Krone in Munich, it doesn’t promote an April 11, 1972 show. Note the dates at the left top corner. For more information, see The Leonard Cohen Munich Concert Poster Mystery.



1. So Long, Marianne
2. Bird On The Wire
3. You Know Who I Am
4. Lady Midnight
5. Joan Of Arc
6. The Stranger Song – solo
7. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
8. Tonight Will Be Fine
9. The Partisan (aborted)
9a. I Always Sing Alone (improvisation)
9b. The Partisan (continued, Take 2)
10. Sing Another Song, Boys
11. Famous Blue Raincoat
12. Take The Girls Down (improvisation)
13. Story Of Isaac
14. Chelsea Hotel [#1]
15. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
16. Passin’ Through
17. Short Improvisation / Sisters Of Mercy
18. Avalanche – solo
19. Kevin Barry
20. Suzanne
21. As Time Goes By
22. Sing Another Song, Boys
23. Bird On The Wire

The Multiple (And Confusing) Recording Formats & Promotions Of Leonard Cohen’s 1988 I’m Your Man

Leonard Cohen Ad Reflects Competing Recording Formats & Diffuse Promotion Strategy

When I couldn’t determine the product that was being promoted by the advertisement from New Musical Express (January 30, 1988) shown below, I asked Dominique BOILE, who had contributed the ad. What I learned comprises today’s post.

My confusion arose from the mix of recordings listed on the ad: “First We Take Manhattan,” “Bird On The Wire,” “Sisters Of Mercy,” and “Suzanne.” The only commonality I could see was that all those were tracks on the Best of Leonard Cohen album, but that came out in 1975 so New Musical Express wouldn’t be carrying an ad for that in 1988. And I had no clue about the multiplicity of formats listed.

In his response, Dominique directed me to two reference numbers, one of either side of “CBS” at the bottom of the ad:651352 7 and 65132 6 (note: this second number is a misprint on the original ad; the correct reference number is 651352 6).

Then, he explained that the ad was promoting Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” album that would be released in February 1988 by pushing CBS 651352 7, aka the 7″ vinyl version of “First We Take Manhattan” taken from the forthcoming LP / Cassette / CD  “I’m Your Man.”

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Hear Complete June 25, 1976 Leonard Cohen Montreux Concert

This bootleg is from a very good FM broadcast of the Leonard Cohen June 25, 1976 Leonard Cohen concert at Casino Barriere de Montreux, Montreux, Switzerland.  More about this recording, including download links, can be found at Best Bootlegs: Leonard Cohen – Montreux 1976


01 – Bird On The Wire
02 – So Long Marianne
03 – Who By Fire
04 – Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
05 – Store Room
06 – One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
07 – Lady Midnight
08 – There Is A War
09 – I Tried To Leave You
10 – Diamonds In The Mine
11 – Chelsea Hotel #2 – Solo
12 – The Stranger Song – Solo
13 – You Know Who I Am – Solo
14 – The Partisan
15 – Story Of Isaac
16 – Famous Blue Raincoat
17 – Lover Lover Lover
18 – Sisters Of Mercy
19 – Is This What You Wanted
20 – Suzanne
21 – The Butcher
22 – Bird On The Wire (2)
23 – Tonight Will Be Fine
24 – Joan Of Arc
25 – Do I Have To Dance All Night


  • Leonard Cohen – vocals, guitar, hand whistle
  • Cheryl Barnes – vocals
  • Laura Brannigan – vocals
  • Sid McGinnes – guitar
  • Johnny Miller – bass
  • Fred Thaylor – keyboards
  • Luther Rix – drums