Leonard Cohen: Explorer Of The Blue Dimension Bootleg Now Online

bluediemThe first disk of this two-disk bootleg is based on The Columbia Records Radio Hour Presents Leonard Cohen Live! From The Complex, Los Angeles, Calif. April 18, 1993  (CBS Promo CSK 5249 SI)

live-from-complex-scaled500Recorded by Leanne Ungar for Columbia Radio Hour, this Sunday morning concert by Leonard Cohen at The Complex in Los Angles on April 18, 1993  was later released to 100 participating radio stations. This is, as one would expect from its origins, a high quality recording.


At least five bootlegs have been or are being sold that feature the same tracks from the same 1993 Leonard Cohen Los Angeles concert, each supplemented with various selections from other performances.

Leonard Cohen: Explorer Of The Blue Dimension
Unofficial Release: 2001
Uploaded by Joao Miguel Figueiredo Silva

Setlist and Notes

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Hear Quality Bootleg Of 1993 Leonard Cohen Zurich Concert & Bonus Tracks

numerisation_20170108-3Blossoms of Heaven Ashes of Hell is another of the nine or more bootlegs made from the FM broadcast of the 1993 Leonard Cohen Zurich show. One would expect it to be identical or similar to The Presence, which is also online at YouTube (see Listen To 1993 Leonard Cohen Zurich Concert Online) except this recording includes the following “Bonus tracks:”

  • Who By Fire? (Austin 31.10.1998)
  • Ballad Of The Runaway Horse
  • Joan Of Arc (Studio Version With Jennifer Warnes)
  • The Hypnotist (A Rare Fragment)

Scans of Blossoms of Heaven Ashes of Hell cover art & CDs contributed by Dominique BOILE.


Leonard Cohen | Blossoms of Heaven Ashes of Hell
Unofficial soundboard recording
Zurich: 1993
Uploaded by Joao Miguel Figueiredo Silva



Listen To 1993 Leonard Cohen Zurich Concert Online

numerisation_20170105-5The Presence is one of at least nine bootlegs made from the FM broadcast of the 1993 Zurich show. This is a high quality audio recording.

Leonard Cohen |The Presence| Unofficial Release
Zurich: 1993
Uploaded by Joao Miguel Figueiredo Silva



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Listen To Complete 1985 Leonard Cohen Graz Concert Online

grazJo Meul alerts us that yet another well known bootleg has appeared on YouTube: Leonard Cohen’s July 07, 1985 Graz concert is a high quality, soundboard recording featuring 23 songs.

– “Bird On The Wire” pops @ 7:25-7:27 (problem with recorder or PA?)
– “Avalanche” (cut @ 1:29 + dropout @ 1:37)
– “Tennessee Waltz” (abrupt cut @ 0:33)
– “Joan Of Arc” (dropouts @ 1:39-1:44 + the song ends abruptly)
– “Heart With No Companion” (dropout @ 0:12)

Note: The soundcheck, which is available on the recording, is not included in this video.

Leonard Cohen – Live
Graz, Austria: July 07, 1985


– Bird On The Wire
– The Law
– Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
– There Is A War
– Who By Fire
– Dance Me To The End Of Love
– Diamonds In The Mine
– The Gypsy’s Wife
– Hallelujah
– Coming Back To You
– Chelsea Hotel #2
– The Stranger Song
– Story Of Isaac
– Famous Blue Raincoat
– Lover Lover Lover
– The Partisan
– Suzanne
– Memories
– If It Be Your Will
– Passin’ Through
– I Tried To Leave You
– Sisters Of Mercy
– The Night Comes On

New Unauthorized Leonard Cohen CD: From The Shadows

81q-cgxi1nl-_sl1500_Found at British Amazon site by Dominique BOILE.  (Note: At least one bootleg, Leonard Cohen Paris 1976, has been previously produced from this recording.)

Audio CD (3 Feb. 2017)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Zip City

From the Amazon description:

SUPERB BROADCAST RECORDING FROM PARIS IN 1976 The legendary Olympia concert hall, close to the Opéra in Paris, made a fine venue for this excellent 1976 performance by Leonard Cohen and his band. At this relatively early point in his musical career, Leonard was demonstrably more popular in Europe than in any other continent. He was particularly revered in France – hence there were no less than four consecutive concerts in Paris during his extensive 55 date European tour in the spring and summer of 76. Leonard was also, of course, a native of the French Canadian province of Quebec (although his home town, Westmount, was actually in an English-speaking district of Montreal). Of particular significance to the French audience was Cohen’s The Partisan, a poignant version of Anna Marly and Hy Zaret’s La Complainte Du Partisan, concerning the heroic struggle of the French Resistance during World War II. The song is often confused with another of Marly’s composition, the Chant Des Partisans, which was hugely popular in the 1940’s, when it almost became a second national-anthem alongside La Marseillaise. The Partisan remained a favourite staple in Leonard’s live sets, and he routinely sang several of the verses in French. However, further cementing his appeal to this Parisian audience, at this show he takes the unusual step of singing his classic Bird On The Wire partially in French as well. Another rarity during this remarkable performance is Do I Have To Dance All Night, of which there is no studio version in existence – just a live version preserved on a rare European 7″ single release. Also probably unknown to most of the audience prior to this evening is Store Room, a song that would only see a belated release more than 30 years later (as a bonus cut on the 2007 reissue of his first record). By 1976, Leonard Cohen had already released a quartet of highly acclaimed albums – all of which are represented in this concert s selection. His outstanding 1967 debut, ‘Songs Of Leonard Cohen’, is featured by way of the solitary – but beautiful – Suzanne, while his sophomore release ‘Songs From A Room’ (1969) contributes Lady Midnight and Story Of Isaac in addition to the aforementioned Bird On The Wire and The Partisan. Famous Blue Raincoat is drawn from ‘Songs Of Love And Hate’ (1971) and Leonard’s then most recent album, ‘New Skin For The Old Ceremony’, is more fulsomely recommended by live versions of Who By Fire, I Tried To Leave You, There Is A War, Chelsea Hotel #2, Lover Lover Lover and Is This What You Wanted.

Disc: 1
1. Bird On The Wire 4:54
2. Who By Fire 4:03
3. Store Room 4:46
4. I Tried To Leave You 4:22
5. Lady Midnight 3:42
6. There Is A War 5:05
7. Do I Have To Dance All Night 4:13
8. Avalanche 4:07
9. Chelsea Hotel #2 3:37
10. The Partisan 3:46
11. Story Of Isaac 4:05
12. Famous Blue Raincoat 5:01
13. Lover, Lover, Lover 5:55
14. Is This What You Wanted 5:21
15. Suzanne 3:44

“The Other Leonard Cohen Album” Ranks #24 On UNCUT’s 50 Greatest Bootlegs

uncut nov 2011

We’re #24, We’re #24, We’re #24, …

Yep, DrHGuy has been whipped into a self-congratulatory frenzy by the news that “The 50 Greatest Bootlegs,” the cover story in the most recent UNCUT magazine (Issue 174 November 2011), lists The Other Leonard Cohen Album, the Heck Of A Guy compilation of unpublished Leonard Cohen songs, at #24.

And, DrHGuy cannot resist pointing out, this ranking is further attestation to the high value musically knowledgeable individuals (as well as DrHGuy) place on Leonard Cohen’s performances – even when those performances fail to meet  the Canadian singer-songwriter’s criteria for releasing tracks to the public.

Update: The review of The Other Leonard Cohen Album as well as the complete list of the 50 Greatest Bootlegs published in Uncut magazine (Issue 174 November 2011) can now be viewed.“The Other Leonard Cohen Album” fits quite comfortably, thank you,  just below 23. Van Morrison – Van The Man and just above 25. Blur – Parklife Deluxe Bootleg. See Uncut Reviews The Other Leonard Cohen Album 

The Other Leonard Cohen Album

Given that The Other Leonard Cohen Album was first posted in January 2010, the most appropriate celebration of this event would seem to be a recapitulation of  the contents of the bootleg and the  directions for downloading for those readers who may have joined our merry band too recently to  be aware of this compilation.

The Other Songs Of Leonard Cohen (aka The Other Leonard Cohen Album), is a collection of hitherto unreleased Cohen songs,1 DrHGuy constructed rather than nag the Jeremiah Of Tin Pan Alley2 to complete that new album that is now due in Spring 2012.

Tracklist: The Other Leonard Cohen Album, Vol 1

  1. Feels So Good (The Other Blues Song): Live, Durham, NC (11/3/2009)
  2. Book Of Longing: KCRW (June 24, 2006)
  3. The Darkness: Live, Las Vegas (11/12/2009)
  4. Puppets: KCRW (June 24, 2006)
  5. Do I Have to Dance All Night: Live, Amsterdam (1980)
  6. Blues By The Jews: L Cohen Rare Songs (Live 1979)

Tracklist: The Other Leonard Cohen Album, Vol 2

  1. Red River Valley: Cohen Rare Live Songs (1976-88)
  2. Never Got To Love You (Duet with Anjani): Live, Program Trzeci Polskiego Radia (3/31/2007)
  3. Can’t Help Falling In Lover: Rare Live Songs II
  4. Ride Around: L Cohen Rare Songs (Live, 1979)
  5. The Union Makes Us Strong: Rare Songs, Live: England (1979)
  6. We Shall Not Be Moved: Live: Israel (1972)
  7. To Love Somebody: Eppelheim 1980
  8. The Hypnotist: Blossoms Of Heaven, Ashes Of Hell – Zurich Disc 2 (5/21/1993)
  9. Chelsea Hotel #1: Live, Israel (1972)
  10. There’s No Reason Why You Should Remember Me:  Complete BBC 2 Broadcast (1968)
  11. Streets Of Laredo: Rare Songs, Live -England (1979)
  12. Do I Have To Dance All Night: Do I Have To Dance All Night (single 1976)

Cover Art For The Other Leonard Cohen Album

The album art atop this post is, of course, based on Leonard Cohen’s first album, Songs Of Leonard Cohen.

Download & Play The Other Leonard Cohen Album

1. Download these songs at

The  Other Leonard Cohen Album, Vol 1 (tolca1-r.zip)
The Other Leonard Cohen Album, Vol 2 (tolca2-r.zip)

2. Unzip (extract) the downloaded files, TOLCA1.zip and TOLCA2.zip. Each zip file will produce a group of MP3  files corresponding to the tracks on that volume.

3. The files can be used in iPods and other MP3 players. The files from each volume can also be burned onto an audio CD.



Note: A second compilation of unreleased Leonard Cohen songs is also available at Presenting Another Other Leonard Cohen Album

Credit Due Department: DrHGuy was alerted to UNCUT’s ranking of The Other Leonard Cohen Album by David Curless.

Note: Originally posted Sep 24, 2011 at 1HeckOfAGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric


  1. The sole exception is the 1976 version of “Do I Have To Dance All Night,” which was released as a 45 rpm single marketed only in Europe. []
  2. Yep, “Jeremiah Of Tin Pan Alley” is another nickname. See Leonard Cohen, AKA … – The Nicknames []