Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 1974 Lover, Lover, Lover Print Ad

lover3While this scan is suboptimal, the striking design of this full-page print ad for Leonard Cohen’s “Lover, Lover, Lover” single and “New Skin for the Old Ceremony” LP on CBS records merits its posting. Dated November 9, 1974; published in Music Week magazine.

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Vintage Signs Of Leonard Cohen: The 1972 Mystery Munich Concert

With some squinting, the concert date on this commemorative plaque, posted by Joey Carenza, appears to be either April 10, 1972 or April 10, 1977. Given that Leonard Cohen did not tour in 1977, 1972 appears more likely.

The problem then becomes that while Cohen did perform a concert on April 10, 1972, it wasn’t in Munich. CohenLive (no longer online) informs us of these pertinent Cohen concerts:

  • 1972/04/10 Wien, Österreich – (Konzerthaus)
  • 1972/04/11 München, Deutschland – (Cirkus Krone)

It gets better (or, if one tends more toward the obsessive than the histrionic, it gets worse). There is another poster advertising the 1972 Leonard Cohen concert at Circus Krone in Munich. Note the dates at the left top corner.

But, as it turns out, those Nov 21 & 22, 1972 dates are also incorrect.

It’s all part of The Leonard Cohen Munich Concert Poster Mystery.

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