Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Maarten Massa Photographs Dominique Boile Photographing 2012 Olympia Marquee


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things*

On Sept 29, 2012, Maarten Massa, who was in Paris for the Leonard Cohen concerts, noticed Dominique and Annie BOILE, also in Paris to attend that night’s show, immersed in photographing the Olympia Theatre marquee adorned with the artist’s name. Maarten snapped  photos of the scene and then, because we thought it would be a dandy surprise for Dominique, forwarded them to me for posting. It’s just our way of saying, “Bonjour, Dominique.”

*Included in this single, brief post are two of the nicest, most generous Cohen fans I know, a Paris theatre marquee that fascinates me, and Leonard Cohen. 

boiles-mm-scaled1000Update – Oops: This turned out to be one of those cases in which things, as they are wont to do, slide in all directions. The woman pictured with Dominique is not his wife, Annie, but an innocent family friend, Elisabeth Domergue, who happened to be with Dominique when Maarten took the photo. Maarten and I extend our chagrined apologies to Dominique, Elisabeth, and, especially, Annie for this faux pas.


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Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 2013 Lucca Concert Posters


Szilvia Szanto’s In Situ Singer-Songwriter Signs

These prominent posters on the streets of Lucca promoting today’s (July 9, 2013) Leonard Cohen Concert in that city are displayed here courtesy of a beaming Szilvia Szanto.


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Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 1992 “The Voice Of The Soul” The Future Ad


This rare, gorgeously designed and executed French advertisement for Leonard Cohen’s The Future album was published in Les Inrockuptibles (December 1992, n° 41, p 59). The heading, “LA VOIX DE L’ÂME …” translated into English is “THE VOICE OF THE SOUL…” From Dominique BOILE

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