Leonard Cohen, l’homme qui « noircissait des pages » [Leonard Cohen, the man who “blackened pages”] By Michel Hajji-Georgiou


Leonard Cohen, l’homme qui « noircissait des pages » [Leonard Cohen, the man who “blackened pages”] By Michel Hajji-Georgiou (L’Orient-Le Jour: Jan 2017 #127) is available online in French and survives Google Translate well enough to be readable in English.

Now Online – “Among the garbage and the flowers”: How Leonard Cohen’s pyjamas ended one of Canada’s greatest literary movements By Tristan Gatward


Tristan Gatward

tristanTristan Gatward is 22 year-old graduate from the University of Exeter, who received a first class honours degree in English Literature for his work, including a thesis on the spatial practise of Leonard Cohen’s Montreal and the Isle of Wight Festival, 1970. He is currently the producer of Poltimore Festival in Devon, a non-profit initiative supporting the arts and culture scene throughout South West England, looking to bring a new life to one of Exeter’s most historic sites, Poltimore House.

“Among the garbage and the flowers”: How Leonard Cohen’s pyjamas ended one of Canada’s greatest literary movements

Tristan Gatward’s thesis is now online at

“Among the garbage and the flowers”: How Leonard Cohen’s pyjamas ended
one of Canada’s greatest literary movements By Tristan Gatward

Leonard Cohen On Cover Of & Featured In The Ultimate Music Guide From Uncut


The Ultimate Music Guide to Leonard Cohen

Within its pages, you’ll find many interviews from the archives of NME, Melody Maker and Uncut, notable for their unusual levels of perception and wit, plus in-depth new reviews of every Leonard Cohen album, book and volume of poetry. What emerges is a complete portrait of a man who started and finished his career as too old for this sort of thing, by most measures, but whose maturity and poetic insight enabled him to loom, benignly, over nearly every single one of his peers. He is, indefinitely, your man.

From Introducing… Leonard Cohen: The Ultimate Music Guide by John Mulvey. The Ultimate Music Guide to Leonard Cohen goes on sale this Thursday but is available now from Uncut’s online shop.

numerisation_20170105Contributed by Dominique BOILE

New Book: Leonard Cohen: Just One More Hallelujah By Ian Carroll

onemoreLeonard Cohen: Just One More Hallelujah by Ian Carroll is now available at Amazon. The book also has a Facebook Page.

From the Amazon description:

In 2016 the music world lost more than its share of iconic figures – David Bowie, Glen Frey, Prince and then in the final months of the year we lost the ‘Master’. Leonard Cohen passed away on the 7th November 2016 and this book covers the feelings that he instilled in his fans all over the world, From Canada to Costa Rica, from Belgium to Bhutan, from the UK to the USA and many more countries in between, this is a book written from the fans perspective, written by fans and compiled and authored by a fan – Ian Carroll. Featuring stories and memories and even a selection of poems written on his passing, this is a true memorial to the man himself, great memories of a music legend with a back catalogue steeped in beautiful music and lyrics.

Paperback: 194 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Dare: January 7, 2017
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1542428807
ISBN-13: 978-1542428804

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Dominique BOILE, who alerted me to this book’s availability.

Another Perspective On The Shop That Made Leonard Cohen’s Conde Guitar – Video: Javier Mass & Glen Hansard Visit

mas-hansard-condeConde is a name Leonard Cohen fans may recognize from Cohen’s 2011 Prince of Asturias Awards Speech:

I was compelled (…) to go and open my guitar. I have a Conde guitar, which was made in Spain… I pick up an instrument I acquired over 40 years ago. I took it out of the case, I lifted it, and it seemed to be filled with helium it was so light. And I brought it to my face and I put my face close to the beautifully designed rosette, and I inhaled the fragrance of the living wood. You know that wood never dies. I inhaled the fragrance of cedar as fresh as the first day that I acquired the guitar. And a voice seemed to say to me: “You are an old man and you have not said thank you, you have not brought your gratitude back to the soil from which this fragrance arose”. And so I come here tonight to thank the soil and the soul of this people that has given me so much. [emphasis mine]

From the YouTube blurb:

A few days ago, Glen Hansard an Oscar winning (2007) Irish musician paid us a visit with his friend and colleague Javier Mas (Leonard Cohen’s band). They spent some time with us trying out the guitars.

Note: Originally posted March 11, 2013 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

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“I have a Conde guitar, which was made in Spain” Leonard Cohen – Conde Guitar Shop On Gravina Street, Madrid

condeshopLeonard Cohen’s allusions to his Conde guitar in his masterful 2011 Prince of Asturias Awards Speech resulted in an increased awareness of and interest in the tradition and craftsmanship associated with such instruments. A recently published story, Welcome to Madrid’s Conde workshop, guitar maker to the stars by Joe Duggan (The Olive Press: 7 Jan, 2017), speaks to the reaction of the Conde family to Leonard Cohen’s speech:

Following Leonard Cohen’s death in November, the celebrated international artist’s moving speech at the Prince Of Asturias Awards was widely circulated on social media, revealing an astonishing secret not even the Conde family knew. Cohen had played a Conde guitar for 40 years. The speech was an extraordinary, poetic homage to Spain, to flamenco and to Conde craftsmanship, with Cohen acknowledging the debt he owed … It came as a complete surprise to the Conde clan that one of the world’s most famous musicians had one of their guitars and actually attributed it to his success.

“When he bought the guitar from my grandfather, Leonard Cohen wasn’t famous, he was really young,” says Felipe Jr. My grandfather liked classical guitar and flamenco music… When they gave Cohen the Prince of Asturias prize he spoke and we were like, ‘Wow, he has one of our guitars’. We didn’t know. You don’t hear very often any words of gratitude from the artists that play your guitars.”


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Now In English: El duende español de Leonard Cohen – The Spanish Duende of Leonard Cohen

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