“Without question, it was a magnificent concert” 2012 Leonard Cohen Ottawa Show Review


For starters, imagine our surprise when the 78-year-old made his entrance with a spring in his step and apparently unlimited mobility. He sunk to his knees to sing, or rather, purr, in that sub-zero register of his, as if lowering the elevation of his body would facilitate the depth of his vocals. Neither his knees nor his voice would betray him for the next three hours. Without question, it was a magnificent concert.quotedown2


From Cohen Refuses To Get Old Legendary Artist Wows Crowd With Near-Perfect Show, Lynn Saxberg’s review of the Dec 7, 2012 Leonard Cohen Ottawa concert (Ottawa Citizen: Dec 8, 2012).

Credit Due Department: Photo by Ray Seed, who also displays his shots of Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, and other musicians at his Flickr Photostream. Originally posted December 8, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

“The [2008 Leonard Cohen St John’s] concert in its entirety was flawless and … the musicians, coupled with Cohen’s enthusiastic integrity, made for an evening those in attendance likely won’t forget.”

He’s Your Man [review of May 25, 2008 St John’s concert] by Justin Brake (Telegram: May 27, 2008). The article is no longer available on its original site, but a copy can be found at LeonardCohenForum.

Where Leonard Cohen Ordered “The Silence Of The Lamb Chops” And More – Exploring Leonard Cohen’s Montreal


Mr. Cohen would always arrive at Moishes with company and greet its current owner, Leonard, one of Moishe’s sons, with the same jovial if mysterious hello: ‘They’re never gonna get us, Leonard. They’re never gonna get us.’ He would request lamb chops and a red Bordeaux. ‘He loved our lamb chops. He called them Silence of the Lamb chops. ‘I’ll have an order of the Silence of the Lamb chops.’ That was really his character,’ Mr. Lighter said.quotedown2


Exploring the Montreal That Leonard Cohen Loved by Rose Maura Lorre (New York Times: Feb. 10, 2017). The entire article, replete with beaucoup stories and photos, can be viewed at the link.

More Montreal

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“He remained true to himself, and eventually the world swung back to the beauty and the profundity of his work.” Moses Znaimer On His Friend Leonard Cohen

His great accomplishment was that he kept at it, got control of his voice, acquiring a later-life lower register that was authentic, commanding and different. He took the time, sometimes years, to find the right words. He wrote elegant, smart, meaningful lyrics and married them to deceptively haunting music that lingers in the mind and in the air, especially about that human thing that none of us can escape. He remained true to himself, and eventually the world swung back to the beauty and the profundity of his work.quotedown2

Moses Znaimer


From Moses Znaimer On His Friendship With Leonard Cohen by Moses Znaimer (Everything Zoomer: February 8, 2017). Complete article available at link.

Credit Due Department: Photographer: Rowlands, John. Library and Archives Canada

“To be vigilantly thoughtful and ferociously kind” Holly Miranda On Lessons Learned From Leonard Cohen


What I will forever have from Leonard is a comrade in the loving, peaceful resistance. He’s taught me to be vigilantly thoughtful and ferociously kind. To let the light shine through the cracks. To care more, and forgive more.quotedown2

Holly Miranda


From Josh Ritter, Lee Ranaldo, Richard Thompson and More Pay Tribute to Leonard Cohen by Jonathan Bernstein (Village Voice: January 26, 2017)

Credit Due Department: Photo by Justin Higuchi

“He was the coolest of cool, the hippest of the hip. Every time he opened his mouth it was like a flower came out.” Erica Pomerance talks about Leonard Cohen in the 1960s


Erica Pomerance, “then a folk singer, later an actor and today a veteran documentary filmmaker,” talks about her friend and occasional date, Leonard Cohen, Marianne, and both Suzannes at Leonard Cohen’s long-time friend recalls the bard by Irwin Block (Senior Times: February 2, 2017)