“Anyone who cannot hear the beauty and humanity in Cohen’s tremulous, bassy voice is deaf to the human soul”


Thank you Leonard for saying the unsayable, for singing songs that have helped me and so many others face the darkness in the world and in ourselves with courage, and find so much life and love and hope and humour there. Music has lost one of the greats of our time but music itself will always carry on. We will hear that voice as long as we are listening out for it, echoing around the tower of song, offering succour to anyone who cares to listen.quotedown2


Leonard Cohen, poet of sex and death, made music to nourish the soul by Neil McCormick. Telegraph: 11 November 2016. (Free registration or paid subscription required)

“Holy Cohen” – Tweets About Leonard Cohen’s 2012 Brooklyn Concert


Leonard Cohen Threatens Guitar, Exits Gangnam Style, Plays 25+ Songs … At Dec 20, 2012 Brooklyn Show: Not So Shabby For A 78 Year-Old Icon




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“Leonard Cohen & his band created moments of sublime beauty…” 2009 Red Rocks Concert Review


Leonard Cohen & his band created moments of sublime beauty that made the lasciviously profane lyrics of ‘Chelsea Hotel #2’ seem holy in comparison to that average slab of pop confection you’ll hear on the radio.quotedown2


Last night: Leonard Cohen at Red Rocks by Tom Murphy. Westworld: June 5, 2009.

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The Poetic Court Testimony of Leonard Cohen

booklonginglegalAfter Leonard Cohen’s death in Nov 2016, many articles about the Canadian singer-songwriter were written from a particular point of view reflecting an author’s or a publication’s focus.  Montreal newspapers, for example, spotlighted Leonard Cohen as Montreal’s native son, cinematology sites offered insights into Leonard Cohen’s music used in movie soundtracks, and Jewish periodicals analyzed his spirituality expressed through his naive religion.

One of the most specific — and most unexpected — perspectives, however, was that of Sword and Scale, an entity dedicated to “becoming the most respected and well-known true-crime radio broadcast in the world.” In The Poetic Court Testimony of Leonard Cohen (Sword and Scale: Nov 12, 2016) Heather Sutfin writes

Written in the standard dignified prose Cohen was best known for, but may as well have been written by Arthur Rimbaud, himself, Cohen’s court testimony shows that even in formal speaking Cohen’s poetry could not help but pour through when faced with the difficult task of sending a long-time family friend to jail. We hear from not only a man slighted from funds that were rightfully his – giving Cohen reason to fire his former manager, Kelley Lynch – but the anguish and fear Lynch evoked within him after he made the decision to part ways.

An excerpt of Mr Cohen’s words to the court follow:

It gives me no pleasure to see my one-time friend shackled to a chair in a court of law, her considerable gifts bent to the service of darkness, deceit and revenge. I fear that her obsessive commitment to these activities will resume as soon as Ms. Lynch is released, therefore I will be grateful for whatever respite the court will allow my children, my grandchildren, my friends and associates, and myself.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen Appears At Bottom Line; Harry Chapin Drops In – 1974



Note: Leonard Cohen performed at the Bottom Line in New York City on Nov 29, Nov 30, and Dec 1, 1974 (two shows each night). And, Harry Chapin wasn’t the only celebrity musician to visit; Judy Collins & Janis Ian also came by (see photo at link).

Credit Due Department: Clippings are from Jem Treadwell’s Leonard Cohen Scrapbook