Rufus Wainwright On Daughter Viva’s Taste In Music “Essentially she’s a big fan of her grandfather, Leonard Cohen”

If there were songs this summer that you would want your daughter to listen to, what would they be?

She’s listening to a lot of Moana right now. But essentially she’s a big fan of her grandfather, Leonard Cohen, and she’s starting to like my music too. But I think for a healthy upbringing, she should turn on the boob tube and see what the kids are doing.quotedown2

Rufus Wainwright


Viva Katherine Cohen is the child of Rufus Wainwright & Lorca Cohen, Leonard Cohen’s daughter. The photo atop this post wasgiven to Penny Showalter by Leonard Cohen (see Thank-You Photo From Leonard Cohen To Penny Showalter)

The Rufus Wainwright quotation is from Q&A: Rufus Wainwright on his family, being a Montrealer and proud Canadian – CBC News: May 21, 2017.

A Must-Read: Leonard Cohen’s 1995 Interview With Anjelica Huston

Part wolf, part angel, [Leonard Cohen’s] music speaks to the soul, his love songs from the dark recesses of the heart. quotedown2

Anjelica Huston

This interview, originally published November 1995 in Interview magazine, is now online at Remembering Leonard Cohen by Anjelica Huston (Interview: Nov 11, 2016). Photography Dana Lixenberg.

Topics include

  • Leonard’s stay at the Mt Baldy Zen Center
  • His feelings about those who cover his songs
  • Dealing with passion, panic, depression, & growing old
  • Cultural violence
  • The Future album
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Voluptuous seriousness
  • Happiness

It’s an easy, informative read: Remembering Leonard Cohen by Anjelica Huston

“[Leonard Cohen’s You Want It Darker] is marked by astonishing verbal acuity and a high-def philosophical clarity that coalesces into a kind of metaphysical calligraphy carved in stone by the Old Testament prophet gravitas of his voice”

From Tonite: Like A Bird On A Wire by Jonathan Valania (Phawker: May 18th, 2017). The entire post, partly a review of You Want It Darker and partly a lament on the loss of Leonard Cohen in the time of Trump, is available at the link.

The Leonard Cohen Munich Concert Poster Mystery

When Did The Leonard Cohen Concert Advertised By This Poster Take Place?

Following the successful investigation of the Mysterious Ticket Clue To Phantom 1974 Leonard Cohen Concert?, I have re-opened another Cohen Concert conundrum cold case. The text of the above Cohen concert poster, found on a number of sites selling posters, includes the month and dates – 21 November and 22 November – of the show but not the year. On the retail and auction sites where it is sold, the poster is most frequently listed as a promotion for Cohen shows held in 1977.

Ad on eBay for “1977 concert poster”

That Cohen did not tour in 1977, however, renders this claim dubious.

Other Facts In Evidence

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Video: Adam Cohen Talks About Working With His “Old Man” On Leonard Cohen’s Final Album

From Video Interview: “Riding high, on some kind of mysterious wind” – SOCAN Website:

In an interview with SOCAN, Adam Cohen comments on his late father Leonard Cohen’s 2017 JUNO Award for Album of the Year (for You Want It Darker); his memories of working with his dad as he produced the record — an experience he calls “jubliant, delicious, eerie, stirring, wonderful”; and his decision to follow in his father’s singer-songwriter footsteps.

André Bastos Silva on the “Humor Gold” in Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel Lyrics

Does humor belong in music?

The fact is that even in the most deep, tragic and serious music there is a lot of humor. I can remember Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel lyrics. This is a song about a hotel where Leonard got emotionally engaged with Janis Joplin. The most memorable line of that song is ‘You told me again you preferred handsome men, but for me you’d make an exception’ which for me is humor gold. This is poetry at its core but reaches us in the form of music with all the associated emotions it brings. And it’s such a sad song. Going to listen to it right now.quotedown2

André Bastos Silva

From 7 Questions for… The Rite of Trio (A Jazz Noise: 10 May 2017). Photo by Historystuff2 (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons