Video: Leonard Cohen Talks About Songwriting, Making Videos, Truth Vs Facts…


Also Featuring Jennifer Warnes, Harry Rasky, Judy Collins

While this video from ZoomerMedia is labeled only “Leonard Cohen,” I agree with Gordana Stupar’s speculation that it is the CBC broadcast “An Evening With Leonard Cohen.” It certainly fits the description of that show found at Diamonds in the Mine:

3 March 1989 – An Evening With Leonard Cohen – CBC
Documentary featuring interviews and live clips from Paris 1988. Jennifer Warnes, Harry Rasky, Judy Collins, Moses Znaimer provided comments and clips from the BBC Songs from the Life of Leonard Cohen were also included.

Leonard Cohen
Uploaded on YouTube by ZoomerMedia

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Gordana Stupar, who alerted me to this video

“I can think of no more beautiful job than to have loved him” Jennifer Warnes On Her Relationship With Leonard Cohen


I’m like the waitress. I’m bringing the food. But I didn’t grow the food, you know? And I can think of no more beautiful job than to have loved [Leonard Cohen] and supported him and known him. That to me is like a very fulfilling feeling. There’s no emptiness when I think of him.quotedown2

Jennifer Warnes


Born to be his conduit’: Jennifer Warnes remembers her friend and collaborator Leonard Cohen by Randall Roberts (LA Times: Nov 14, 2016). I received the photo as a gift from Jennifer Warnes.

“[Leonard Cohen’s 1972 Tour] went on 24 hours a day and my health is ruined. There are only two people I would do that for – Bob Dylan & Leonard Cohen.” Jennifer Warnes


From Leonard Cohen Tour A Smash by Mike Jahn (The Palm Beach Post: May 14, 1972). Photo is screen capture from the Bird On The Wire documentary

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Jennifer Warnes on Leonard Cohen as a “real catalyst” with a “shakeup personality”

[Leonard Cohen] has a way of crystallizing thing for people that allows you to let go of a lot of shit that you otherwise would hang on to. It’s intoxicating. He’s a real catalyst; he has a real shakeup personality.quotedown2

Jennifer Warnes


From Jenny Takes A Ride by Bud Scoppa (Music Connection, April 6-19, 1987).

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More Leonard Cohen Favourite Games – Unified Heart Touring Company Teammates

olyCohencentric published a three-part survey of Leonard Cohen’s sports (see The Favourite Games Of Leonard Cohen: Part 1, Part 2. and Part 3) to commemorate the Rio 2016 Olympics, Now, we offer a few examples of athletic efforts by the folks who work with Leonard.

The Webb Sisters – Gymnastics


Roscoe Beck – Tandem Dancing Partner


Sharon Robinson & The Webb Sisters – (Very) Freestyle Dancing


Jennifer Warnes & Sharon Robinson – Duet Floor Exercises


The Webb Sisters – Synchronized Nordic Skiing


Rafael Gayol – Javelin Throw

Note the unorthodox over the shoulder style


Hear, Download 1994 Interview With Leonard Cohen, Jennifer Warnes, & Suzanne Vega


Leonard talks about his platonic relationship with Suzanne Verdal, the then-girlfriend of sculptor Armand Vaillancourt and the inspiration for the song, Suzanne, his life with Marianne, his collaboration with Phil Spector, and more. Offering insights and observations are Jennifer Warnes , who sang in his live band and recorded an album of his songs, and Suzanne Vega, who was moved by his music while a teenager.

This Nov 26, 1994 BBC program can be heard at or downloaded from

BBC Kaleidoscope: Leonard Cohen 1994