Video: Judy Collins Talks About Meeting Leonard Cohen & His Walking Off The Stage At His First Performance

judtcJudy Collins to Leonard Cohen after hearing him play Suzanne:

You can play the guitar very well … I’ve heard worse. You can sing very nicely; I’ve heard much worse … And that [Suzanne] is a song – and I’m recording it tomorrow.

Originally broadcast on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight (CBC TV)

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When Did Leonard Cohen Perform At The 1967 Rheingold Festival?


1967 Rheingold Festival Print Ad Promotes July 21 Judy Collins-Leonard Cohen Show

It’s well known that one of Leonard Cohen’s earliest public appearances as a singer-songwriter took place when Judy Collins brought him onstage with her to perform Suzanne at the 1967 Rheingold Music Festival in Central Park, New York. The date of that show, however, has been unclear. Now, however, the discovery of this contemporaneous print ad for the 1967 Rheingold Festivity (the only complete schedule for the two-month 1967 Rheingold Festivity that I’ve found)  from the WBAI Folio, July, 1967, Vol. 8, WBAI radio 99.5 FM (New York, NY) provides not only an addition to the Signs Of Leonard Cohen collection but also establishes the presumptive date of the Leonard Cohen-Judy Collins performance: July 21, 1967.


Judy Collins Describes Leonard Cohen’s 1st Concert Appearance 1967


“Leonard Was Terrified”

In Sweet Judy Blue Eyes – My Life In Music by Judy Collins (Crown Archetype, October 18, 2011), Judy Collins’ describes Leonard Cohen’s first official concert performance, at her invitation, as a professional singer – the April 30, 1967 SANE Against Vietnam War Concert At New York City Town Hall.


Credit Due Department: Photo by Jim.henderson – Own work, CC0, via Wikimedia

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Video: Classic 1976 Performance – Leonard Cohen & Judy Collins Sing Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye


Judy Collins : And we’d like to sing together for you…
Leonard Cohen : This is a song that we first sing together in a Hotel room in Newport..
Judy Collins: That’s right! That’s right, the Festival it was…
Leonard Cohen: We sang it all night
Judy Collins: I know ….

Leonard Cohen & Judy Collins – Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
Chicago Soundstage TV Broadcast: Jan 1976
Video by Beta Hi-Fi Archive

Collins Covers Cohen, Confounds Carnegie Culture Crowd – Pittsburgh 1966


Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh

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Judy Collins Performs Leonard Cohen’s Verses In Pittsburgh To Light Applause

Leonard Cohen has always acknowledged his debt to Judy Collins for her help in starting his songwriting career by covering and popularizing his songs.

It turns out, however, there was at least one Collins performance of Cohen’s poetic lyrics that did not win any prizes from the audience.

In 1966, the same year Mary Martin introduced Collins and Cohen, the International Poetry Forum booked Judy Collins for a December 14th presentation at Carnegie Music Hall in Pittsburgh.

Judy Collins Plays The 1966 Poetry Forum

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Video: Leonard Cohen Recites “Since You Asked” By Judy Collins


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Leonard Cohen & Judy Collins

Judy Collins, whose early covers of Leonard Cohen songs gave his career as a singer-songwriter an impressive start, began recording her own compositions due, she has reported, to Cohen’s urging. The first album of her own songs was the 1967 Wildflowers with “Since You Asked.” In 2008, Leonard Cohen completed this cycle by performing “Since You Asked” for the Judy Collins tribute album Born To The Breed. This video joins the audio track of Leonard Cohen performing “Since You Asked” with images of Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins, separately and together.

Since You Asked

This is a lovely, moving song, whether sung by Judy Collins or recited by Leonard Cohen. I’ve cobbled together a video by joining  the audio track of Leonard Cohen performing “Since You Asked” from  Born To The Breed with images of Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins.

Leonard Cohen Recites Since You Asked By Judy Collins
Video by Allan Showalter


This second video is a live performance of “Since You Asked” by Judy Collins. As a bonus, in the prelude of the song she offers an account of her first meeting with Leonard Cohen, her decision to record his songs, and his suggestion that she write her own songs.  Best soundbite: “Thank God I never fell in love with Leonard Cohen.”

Judy Collins – Since You Asked
The Bitter End NYC: Dec 21, 2009