Video: 2009 Colmar Hijinks – Leonard Cohen & Dino Play The Hat Game


As evidenced by Video & Photo: Fans Equip Leonard Cohen To Step Into The Ring And Examine Every Inch Of You – Colmar 2009, the Aug 16, 2009 Leonard Cohen Colmar concert was a delight-filled show. So, it’s in keeping that, during “Ain’t No Cure For Love” at that same Colmar show, Leonard Cohen and Dino Soldo indulged in a little grab-hat. An animated gif of the sequence is shown above. The original video, shot by Christine Geyer, automatically begins at 1:40, just before the game starts.

Don’t you wish these guys could loosen up?

Leonard Cohen – Ain’t No Cure For Love
Colmar: 16 August 2009

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Dino Soldo Video Reveals Backstage Prep For Leonard Cohen Show


Dino Soldo VBlog 10-20 “Tech for a Day”

Video from joshudog

Thanks to Sally Hunter, who alerted me to the latest addition to the Dino Soldo filmography.


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Video: Rare Leonard Cohen Performance Of Az Der Rebe Zingt – Vienna 1976

Rebbe-ZingtLeonard Cohen performed “Az Der Rebe Zingt” in only nine concerts and never released the song on a recording. A few days ago, this earnest 1976 Leonard Cohen performance of “Az Der Rebe Zingt” in Vienna surfaced on YouTube.

Update: Song Background & Lyrics

In contrast to Leonard Cohen’s almost solemn performance, “Az Der Rebe Zingt” is typically sung as a lively, light-hearted tune (see video at end of the post). There are several variations provided for the lyrics of this Yiddish folk song. The version below and the English translation are adapted from Jane Enkin Music and Story.

Az der rebe zingt (When the rabbi sings)
Zingen ale khasidim (All the hasidim sing)
Tshiri biri bim tshiri biri bom
Zingen ale khasidim

Az der rebe trinkt (When the rabbi drinks)
Trinken ale khasidim (All the hasidim drink)
Yaba baba bay – Lekhayim! Yaba baba bay – Lekhayim! (To life!)
Trinken ale khasidim

Az der rebe lakht (When the rabbi laughs)
Lakhn ale khasidim (All the hasidim laugh)
Ha ha….
Lakhn ale khasidim

Az der rebe veynt (When the rabbi cries)
Veynen ale khasidim (All the hasidim cry)
Oy oy oy oy oy vey’z mir, oy oy… (Oh, woe is me)
Veynen ale khasidim

Az der rebe shloft (When the rabbi sleeps)
Shlofn ale khasidim (All the hasidim sleep)
(shh… yawn… hmmm…)

Az der rebe tantst! (When the rabbi dances)
Tantsn ale khasidim (All the hasidim dance)
Ay didi day didi day, ay didi day didi day
Tantsn ale khasidim

Update: The Performance Venue

This is the story behind the banner [which reads, in English, To stay (here) is solidarity”] Back in the 70’s in Vienna a former slaughterhouse called St. Marx was used as a cultural center for young people. But in 1976 the city council decided to tear it down. So hundreds of young people seized the building and tried to save their cultural center. They were supported by Austrian artists. When Leonard Cohen played a concert in Vienna he heard the story and after the concert he went there to support these people fighting for their cultural center. And this is the end of the story: after 101 days the occupants had to leave the building but the city council gave them a nearby building where they founded a new cultural center called “Arena”.1

Leonard Cohen – Az Der Rebe Zingt
Vienna: June 14, 1976


A more traditional rendition by the Ramatayim Men’s Choir, Jerusalem ca be viewed below.

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Video: Leonard Cohen 2013 Birthday Serenade (aka Happy Birthday, Leonard Cohen – OMG!)


While it lacks the grandeur of, say, the Amsterdam concert audience singing Happy Birthday to Leonard Cohen, Marc Altheim’s five second video of his spontaneous natal day serenade to the Canadian singer-songwriter (Altheim’s stunning sequel to his still life, Leonard Cohen & Me – OMG)  does convey a certain charm.

The auteur’s description follows:

After the [2013 Amsterdam] show we waited in the lobby to see if he would return. Waited 30 minutes. No Leonard. Went to get a waffle. Came back to lobby. Within 5 minutes he arrives! Me, Hope and three women (Ingrid, Margarite and one other) who are Cohen groupies see him and sing Happy B day to him in lobby of hotel He is tired but gracious and thankful for the birthday wishes and he is now 79. He comes over to us. I shake his hand chat for 30 seconds. The women give him gifts and then he goes to his room! What a gentleman.

Thereafter I meet the Webb sisters. How nice are they! And so pretty. The whole LC crew is so nice and polite and talented!

How wild is that? Nuts!

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Photos: Leonard Cohen & His Jeep – 1972


Leonard Cohen & His Jeep

I suspect this is the jeep Leonard Cohen purchased for use during his sojourn in Franklin, Tennessee:

I moved there [Franklin Tennessee]. I had a house, a jeep, a carbine, a pair of cowboy boots, a girlfriend. … A typewriter, a guitar. Everything I needed1

Compare the vehicle in the shots below with the DJ series “postal jeep” (pictured below) used by the USPS but often resold to individuals. The DJ series was produced from 1955 to 1985.


Since Maggs took other photos of Cohen in nearby Nashville in 1972, it seems likely that the Jeep shots were also taken that year.


Credit: Arnaud Maggs / Library and Archives Canada, R7959-3101

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