Video: Leonard Cohen & Julie Felix Perform Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye – 1968


Leonard Cohen’s First BBC-TV Appearance

Leonard Cohen & Julie Felix
– Hey,That’s No Way To Say Goodbye

Once More With Felix-BBC: Jan 27, 1968
Video from tallowmanoldies’s channel

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Video: Leonard Cohen Sings "So Long Marianne" With Marianne In Audience – Langesund 2009

Marianne At Lonard Cohen’s Langesund Show

This is not a video with great production values. As the cameraperson notes, “Sorry for the all the drunk people singing.” But how could anyone who knows anything about Leonard Cohen pass up the chance to watch him sing “So Long Marianne” to a concert audience that includes Marianne herself?1

Leonard Cohen – So Long Marianne
Langesund: July 16, 2009

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  1. Basic information about Leonard Cohen and his relationship with Marianne can be found at Leonard Cohen – The Literary Years. []

Best 2009 Leonard Cohen Istanbul Concert Videos: Suzanne & Chelsea Hotel #2


Live From Istanbul

These videos from the August 6, 2009 Leonard Cohen Istanbul Concert are among the best from that performance.

Leonard Cohen – Suzanne
Istanbul: August6, 2009
Video from halitkivanc

Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel #2
Istanbul: August6, 2009
Video from halitkivanc

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Video: Leonard Cohen’s Intense Bird On The Wire Performance – Frankfurt 1993

Rarely Seen Performance From The Future Tour 1993

Tom Sakic,1 uploaded an audience recording of Leonard Cohen and his band performing “Bird on the Wire” at the Alt Oper, Frankfurt, Germany, May 27, 1993. Featured on guitar is Bob Metzger, who was also guitarist for the 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour.

While the visual aspect is suboptimal by today’s standards, the video is watchable, and the audio quality is good.  Add in the fact that performances of this song from the 1993 Tour are hard to find, and this video ranks as a must-see for any Cohen fan.

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  1. aka a1000kissesdeep in YouTubeland []

Listen To Complete Nov 30, 1974 Leonard Cohen Bottom Line Late Show

This excerpt from  Leonard Cohen: The Romantic in a Ragpicker’s Trade by Paul Williams (Crawdaddy: March 1975) describes one of Leonard Cohen’s Bottom Line shows (not the Nov 30, 1974 concert):

It was standing room only. There was a line of people a city-block long, huddling against the side of the building, fooling with broken umbrellas, waiting for a chance to buy tickets to get into the second show.

The crowd inside was terrific. So was Leonard and his group of musicians. The new stuff, arranged by Leonard’s new producer and piano-player (“John Lissauer is fantastic, people are going to know about him way beyond the contribution he makes to my scene”), is the best stuff musically that Cohen has ever done. Lyrically, it doesn’t measure up to the astonishing, penetrating cleverness and word-trickiness of Cohen’s earliest songs, but it appeals to me on a different level–the maturity of the vision, the appropriateness of the imagery and irony for our newly non-apocalyptic (but still struggle-filled) lives.

Also see

The musicians at this gig were Leonard Cohen (vocals, acoustic guitar, hand whistle), Emily Bindinger (vocals), Erin Dickens (vocals), John Lissauer (keyboards, saxophone, woodwinds), Jeff Layton (banjo, guitars, mandolin, strings), and John Miller (bass, electric bass)


1.Bird On The Wire
2.So Long Marianne
3.Love Calls You By Your Name
4.There Is a War
5.Who By Fire
6.Lady Midnight
7.Chelsea Hotel
8.Hey That No Way To Say Goodbye
9.Diamonds IN The Mine
10.Seems So Long Ago Nancy
11.Border Song
12.You Know Who I Am
13.Story Of Isaac
14Tonight Will Be Fine
15.Famous Blue Raincoat
16.I Tried To Leave You
17.Sisters Of Mercy
18.Lover Lover Lover
19.Take This Longing
21.Is This What You Wanted
22.Passing Through
23.The Butcher
24.Bird On The Wire

“But it’s strange what you forget to do / A thousand kisses deep” Leonard Cohen’s Unique 1997 Video Recitation

The video is a fragment of Beautiful Losers – Arte Network, France, which was originally a 34 minute Interview for French TV, broadcast on 29 July 1997. The second verse, as far as I can determine, is found nowhere else. The transcribed lyrics follow:

Don’t matter if the road is long
Don’t matter if it’s steep
Don’t matter if the moon is gone
And the darkness is complete
Don’t matter if we lose our way
It’s written that we’ll meet
At least, that’s what I heard you say
A thousand kisses deep

Don’t matter if you lie to me
Don’t matter if you cheat
When you sell me down the river
I’ll pretend to be asleep
There’s a pair of leather gloves for you
And a blade against your cheek
But it’s strange what you forget to do
A thousand kisses deep

I loved you when you opened
Like a lily to the heat
You see, I’m just another snowman
Standing in the rain and sleet
Who loved you with his frozen love
His second hand physique
With all he is and all he was
A thousand kisses deep


Thanks to AlanM5049 of Adelaide, Australia and Roman Gavrilin aka Hermitage Prisoner of Saint Petersburg, Russia, who alerted me to this video.