Video: Leonard Cohen Performs The Law – Radio Télévision Suisse 1985

The good news is that this is a video of a rare live performance of The Law by Leonard Cohen. The bad news is that the performance is interrupted by interview segments, either spoken or overdubbed in French. Why did anyone ever think that breaking up a song for a Q&A was a good idea?  (Note; I’ve been informed by Francis Mus, a French-speaking Leonard Cohen authority, that the interview portions offer little new to viewers.)

From the YouTube introduction [via Google Translate]:

Invited to the Midi Public stage in 1985, Leonard Cohen sings “The Law” and talks about his music. The Canadian singer is on a European tour for the release of his latest album “Various Positions”.

Best Of The 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour: Anthem – Oakland 2010

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in

Leonard Cohen – Anthem
Oakland: December 5, 2010

This is Leonard Cohen’s long version of Anthem with an preamble that begins with “a kid with a crazy dream” and band introductions that include the Rafael Gayol Saga that invariably triggers giggling from the drummer (for more see Leonard Cohen And The Saga Of Rafael Gayol).

Leonard Cohen – Anthem
Oakland: December 5, 2010
Video from arlenedick15

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Leonard Cohen Performs Lover, Lover, Lover, A Song Born Of Conflict – Paris 1976


‘Lover, Lover, Lover’ was born over there; the whole world has its eyes riveted on this tragic and complex conflict. Then again, I am faithful to certain ideas, inevitably. I hope that those of which I am in favour will gain.1quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

These words by Leonard Cohen reference the 1973 Yom Kippur War. I posted this video and those lines after the Nov 13, 2015 Paris terror attacks – and now I find myself turning to them again after the 2017 atrocities in Manchester and London.

And may the spirit of this song
May it rise up pure and free
May it be a shield for you
A shield against the enemy

Leonard Cohen – Lover Lover Lover
Backup Singers: Laura Branigan & Cheryl Barnes
Le Grand Echiquier on French TV: May 27, 19762

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Jo Meul who alerted me to this superior version of Leonard Cohen singing Lover Lover Lover on French TV in 1976.


  1. “I’m Just A Minor Poet” By Gilles Medioni. L’Express, France, October 4, 2001. Found at Leonard Cohen French Web Site. []
  2. Le Grand Echiquier was a live tribute program presented by Jacques Chancel and dedicated to Charles Aznavour, featuring Bird on The Wire, Lover Lover Lover, and Suzanne. Source: Diamonds in the Mine []

Best Of 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour: Avalanche – Katowice 2010

Leonard Cohen And The Rose Of Katowice

If there were a competition among concerts for Most Compellingly Romantic Photograph, the shot of Leonard Cohen, the then 76 year old Canadian singer-songwriter, atop this post holding a long stem rose while performing in Katowice Poland would surely be the prohibitive favorite. This iconic photo was taken by Gwen Langford.

Leonard Cohen with rose (Photo by Gwen Langford)

Leonard Cohen – Avalanche
Katowice – Oct 4, 2010

Leonard Cohen – Katowice (Photo by majmunka)

Well I stepped into an avalanche,
It covered up my soul;
When I am not this hunchback that you see,
I sleep beneath the golden hill.
You who wish to conquer pain,
You must learn, learn to serve me well.

Leonard Cohen – Avalanche
Katowice: Oct 4, 2010
Video from

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