Download Video: The Song Of Leonard Cohen By Harry Rasky

The above screen capture from Harry Rasky’s documentary, The Song Of Leonard Cohen (1980), shows Irving Layton reading from Death Of A Lady’s Man, one of the many treats offered in this video. Interviews with Leonard, behind the scenes sequences, and clips shot in Leonard’s Montreal home are other highlights.

windowVideotapes are not available commercially so Maarten Massa has offered a video version for download (see end of post for details)

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Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day: The Partisan – Live On French TV, 1970


The Partisan

The Partisan, a song from the French Resistance written by Anna Marly and Emmanuel d’Astier in 1943,1 has been and continues to be one of Leonard Cohen’s most popular songs, especially in French-speaking countries and in Poland.2

Leonard Cohen On The Joe Dassin Show

On May 13, 1970, Leonard Cohen performed The Partisan on French TV’s Joe Dassin Show – “Arpèges sur Joe Dassin.” Mr Dassin is the host who introduces the Canadian singer-songwriter at the beginning of the video.

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan
May 13, 1970 – French TV, Paris

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  1. There is some confusion about the proper credits for this song. LeonardCohenSite notes, “… as it can be read in Anna Prucnal ‘s LP “Avec Amour”, the actual credit is

    Original: La complainte du Partisan
    paroles: Emmanuel d’Astier de la Vigerie also undernamed “Bernard”
    musique: Anna Marly

    Leonard ‘s cover: The (song of the French) Partisan
    paroles: E. d’Astier de la Vigerie, adaptation Hy Zaret
    musique: Anna Marly
    Ed. Raoul Breton.” []

  2. The Partisan has been featured on this site several times, including Best Performance Of Leonard Cohen’s The Partisan and Rare 1970 Leonard Cohen Partisan & Regina Videos. []

Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day: Dance Me To The End Of Love + Interview – Australian TV 1985


Leonard Cohen Sings, Explains Origins Of Dance Me To The End Of Love

This video offers not only an outstanding performance of Dance Me To The End Of Love but also a six minute interview, which, thanks to the host’s miscues, offers key explanations of the origins of  Dance Me To The End Of Love and the distinction between Suzanne who  feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China and Suzanne who is the mother of Leonard Cohen’s children.


Cohen1 sets off laughter as he deadpans his way through corrections.


In response to the host observing that the film clip (from Dominique Issermann’s Dance Me To The End Of Love video) was shot in a “mental hospital,” Cohen points out

No, it was just an ordinary hospital where people get sick and die

And when Mr Walsh notes that Cohen “attracts” emotions like moroseness and sadness, the Canadian singer-songwriter opines

That’s what they say … My friends think I’m a barrel of laughs.

fullbandThe screenshots, including views of Mitch Watkins, who also played in the 2012 Tour, and Anjani Thomas, are a  wonderful bonus.


Leonard Cohen –  Dance Me To The End Of Love
Mike Walsh Show – Australian TV: 20 May 1985
Video uploaded by a1000kissesdeep

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  1. Note that Mr Cohen sports slicked back hair, a dark suit, plaid shirt, and cowboy boots.  Do not try this at home unless you, like Leonard Cohen, are a professional dapper dresser. []

Videos: Comparing The Incomparable Sharon Robinson’s 2010 & 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour Solos


Featuring Sharon Robinson

During the 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen World Tour, Sharon Robinson won praise as the featured soloist on “Boogie Street.”  In 2012, her solo turn on “Alexandra Leaving” was a highlight of the Leonard Cohen Old Ideas Tour concerts.

Both “Boogie Street” and “Alexandra Leaving” were written by Sharon Robinson and Leonard Cohen in collaboration.  For more about Sharon Robinson’s career and, especially, her work with Leonard Cohen, see Why Leonard Cohen Calls Her “The Incomparable Sharon Robinson” and Sharon Robinson On Career Choice, Leonard Cohen, Ann-Margaret, Songwriting, Tour Surprises, … And My Dance Moves.

Today’s post offers a video of a great performance by Sharon Robinson of each of these songs,


Sharon Robinson – Boogie Street
Piazza Santa Croce, Florence
Sept 3, 2010
Video by albertnoonan

Sharon Robinson – Alexandra Leaving
Olympia Music Hall, Paris
Sept 29, 2012
Video by albertnoonan

Credit Due Department: Both of the superb photos of Sharon Robinson appearing in this post were taken by Marc Roed at the Aug 26, 2012 Leonard Cohen Aalborg concert. Originally posted at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Up Close Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Anyhow – Montreal Nov 29, 2012

I know it really is a pity
The way you treat me now
I know you can’t forgive me
But forgive me anyhow
The ending got so ugly
I even heard you say
You never ever loved me
But could you love me anyway

Leonard Cohen – Anyhow
Montreal: Nov 29, 2012
Video by MadLennyFan aka Mandy MacLeod

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Video: Leonard Cohen’s Intense Performance Of Darkness – Madison Square Garden 2012

I caught the darkness
Drinking from your cup
I said is this contagious?
You said just drink it up

Leonard Cohen – Darkness
Madison Square Garden, NYC: Dec 18, 2012
Video: rlamtk

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