Hear Complete 1985 Leonard Cohen Vienna Concert


Jo Meul alerts us to the recent appearance of the audio recording of the July 6, 1985 Leonard Cohen Vienna concert on YouTube. This good quality bootleg includes many songs not performed during the 2008-2013 tours, including Memories, Tennessee Waltz, Story of Isaac, and Diamonds in the Mine. (Note: The final song on the video is Heart With No Companion; the setlist from LeonardCohenFiles, shown below, indicates the last song was a second rendition of Dance Me to the End of Love)

Setlist: July 6, 1985 – Arkadenhof, Vienna, Austria
(Source: LeonardCohenFiles)

  1. Bird on the Wire
  2. The Law
  3. Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye
  4. There Is a War
  5. Who by Fire
  6. Dance Me to the End of Love (1)
  7. The Gypsy’s Wife
  8. Diamonds in the Mine
  9. Hallelujah
  10. Coming Back to You
  11. Avalanche
  12. A Singer Must Die
  13. The Stranger Song
  14. Chelsea Hotel #2
  15. Night Comes On
  16. Story of Isaac
  17. Famous Blue Raincoat
  18. Lover Lover Lover
  19. Sisters of Mercy
  20. Tennessee Waltz
  21. The Partisan
  22. So Long, Marianne
  23. Memories
  24. If It Be Your Will
  25. Suzanne
  26. I Tried to Leave You
  27. Heart With No Companion
  28. Dance Me to the End of Love (2)

Video: 1976 Leonard Cohen Performance Of Singer Must Die + Interview

sadlcLeonard Cohen sings “A Singer Must Die” in an interview shared by Jay Tuck.

From the YouTube Description:

It was a windy day in May in 1976. I never thought it would really happen, an interview with Canadian poet Leonard Cohen. But there was his voice, unmistakable, on the phone. Not his agent nor the record company. “Hi, this is Leonard Cohen”. A few hours later we met in the lobby of the Hamburg Hotel Europäischer Hof. Management wanted us to film the interview in one of their suites. That wasn’t right, not for Leonard Cohen. So we found an empty room in the hotel cellar, the dining hall for staff. While the crew lit the surroundings appropriately, I asked Leonard where his guitar was. He didn’t know he would be needing it, he said. But he walked back to his room to fetch it. And we recorded a very magical, unimaginable personal interview that day. And aware our 16mm camera cassette only held 10 minutes of film, I waited six minutes and asked, “Why don’t you sing us a song, Leonard?” And he did. This is the result of that magical day. Unfortunately, some one at the TV station edited out some of the music. And inserted a ridiculous video wipe in the post. And discarded some beautiful music. But the result is still a historical record I wanted to share with you.

Jay Tuck

Credit Due Department: Thanks to Linda Sturgess, who was the first of several folks to alert me to this video

New Video: Leonard Cohen’s Evocative Performance Of I Tried To Leave You – Florence 2010

triedtoGoodnight, my darling, I hope you’re satisfied,
The bed is kind of narrow, but my arms are open wide.
And here’s a man still working for your smile.

Uploaded Dec 29, 2016, this Albert Noonan video offers not only Leonard Cohen’s own moving rendition of I Tried To Leave You and his end of concert blessings but also spotlights performances by band members.

Leonard Cohen – I Tried To Leave You
Florence: Sept 1, 2010
Video by albertnoonan

1988 Video: Leonard Cohen Talks About Lorca, His Favorite Color, Robertson Davies, I’m Your Man Cover Art, Poetry, Favourite Game … & Teaches Thumb Wrestling


This is a wonderful video that offers trivia, insights, entertainment (including a host flummoxed by Leonard Cohen’s unanticipated answers to her queries), and even a bit or two of wisdom. Specific items discussed include the following:

  • The origins and significance of the I’m Your Man album cover art
  • The meaning of “They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom for trying to change the system from within” in First We Take Manhattan
  • Leonard’s favorite color: Yellow
  • Leonard’s favorite writer: Robertson Davies1
  • The impact of Federico García Lorca on Leonard Cohen
  • Leonard’s favorite game: Thumb-wrestling (also see “Thumb Wrestling” section of The Favourite Games Of Leonard Cohen – Part 2)
  • The feelings embedded in The Favourite Game by Leonard Cohen
  • Leonard’s notion of the title “poet”
  • Leonard’s assertion that wisdom comes with laughter or a sense of entertainment (e.g., the Sermon on the Mount had to be expressed with drama)

Viewing The Video

The video cannot be embedded and, indeed, is difficult to locate. To find it, go to  VIDEO Leonard Cohen ”tommel-bryder” DR-vært under 1988-interview, a screenshot of which is shown below. The large video at the top comprises only the thumb-wrestling portion of the interview. To see the full interview, scroll down the page to the video marked by the red circle in the screenshot.



  1. A personal favorite of DrHGuy; see Elegant Eulogies: Robertson Davies On “The Great Theatre of Life” []

Photo: Leonard Cohen’s Color-coordinated Shirt & Car


In My Secret Life Official Video Wardrobe & Props

Until watching shots of the filming of the official In My Secret Life video, I hadn’t realized Mr Cohen’s shirt and car are color-coordinated. Now, as far as I can determine, there’s no special significance to the automobile-shirt color patterns (in fact, in the actual In My Secret Life video the scenes featuring Leonard Cohen and the car are are color-depleted to the point that the shirt colors are not identifiable): it’s just one of those How About That? items that amuse me and, one hopes, the occasional reader.

A second How About That? tidbit is that the building seen in this video is Montreal’s Habitat 67 (see Official Video For Leonard Cohen’s “In My Secret Life” Set In Montreal’s Habitat 67)

Leonard Cohen – In My Secret Life Official Video

The image atop this post is a screen capture from Leonard Cohen – Ten New Songs – Promo. This appears to be part of the filming of the video for In My Secret Life.(Update: this promo is no longer online). Note: Originally posted at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Complete 1993 “Leonard Cohen on Later … With Jools Holland” Show Now Online

jools3While sections of this program have been previously available, it is now online in its entirety. The Vimeo description follows:

In 1993 while on a European tour Leonard Cohen came into the Later…with Jools Holland studio at Television Centre during the show’s second series with his impressive band and angelic backing singers to perform two songs from The Future album – the title track and Democracy – both extraordinarily prescient post on American election, and finished the show with an extraordinary, hymn-like version of his devastating ‘Dance Me To The End of Love’ from the Various Positions album. Cohen also chatted to Jools about his vision and his career and enjoyed seeing a clip of his duet with Julie Felix on Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye from her 1967 BBC TV series, Once More with Felix, for the very first time. In this exclusive includes all those performances and the interview in 25 plus-minutes of the great Leonard Cohen on Later…with Jools Holland.

Leonard Cohen on Later … With Jools Holland
Uploaded by JORGE BOWEN

Credit Due Department:Thanks to Linda Sturgess, who alerted me to this video