Hear First 12 Songs Of 1985 Leonard Cohen Warsaw Concert

Jo Muel alerts us to this audio-only video of the March 22, 1985 Leonard Cohen show at Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw. This is an audience recording by Artur Jarosinski. Avalanche & Chelsea Hotel #2 are standout performances,


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Photos: Dec 4, 2012 Leonard Cohen Toronto Show Preparation “The Young Boys Are Playing Guitar!” Javier Mas

The Triple Check: Senior guitar tech Mickey Sullivan inspects the stage and tapes down the set lists. The crowd is streaming in and wardrobe is buzzing with sounds of suiting up.

Photos and captions by J.S. Carenza III

Blues Jam in C: Dan Weingartner is on point for pick up shots during soundcheck night 1 in Toronto.

“The Young Boys Are Playing Guitar” declares Javier Mas.

Note: Originally posted Dec 7, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Leonard Cohen Explains How He Came To “Love The Sunshine”


You’ve spent years in Greece and California. Do you crave sunshine?

I grew up in Montreal, which was covered by snow seven months of the year, so I love the sunshine. You cannot otherwise but believe in some benign aspect of the cosmos if you go out and it’s bright and warm. And with a tan, you may even look better.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen


From Leonard Cohen by Neva Chonin (Rolling Stone: December 11, 1997). Thanks to Maarten Massa for the photo of a very young Leonard Cohen shoveling snow. Originally posted Dec 26, 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Bootleg: Leonard Cohen Live At The Complex, Los Angeles “Limited Edition On Pink Vinyl With White Splatter”

Dominique BOILE has spotted another bootleg based on the 1993 FM broadcast of Leonard Cohen Live At The Complex, L.A.


A1: First We Take Manhattan
A2: Ain’t No Cure For Love
A3: Dance Me To The End Of Love
A4: Democracy
B1: I’m Your Man
B2: Coming Back To You
B3: Waiting For The Miracle
B4: The Future

Sony’s promotional CD of the event is shown below .

live-from-complex-scaled500Recorded by Leanne Ungar for Columbia Radio Hour, this Sunday morning concert by Leonard Cohen at The Complex in Los Angles on April 18, 1993 was later released to 100 participating radio stations. This is, as one would expect from its origins, a high quality recording.


1. First We Take Manhattan 6:07
2. Ain’t Cure For Love 5:11
3. Coming Back To You 4:37
4. Dance Me To The End Of Love 6:07
5. Democracy 7:14
6. Waiting For The Miracle 7:27
7. The Future 6:51
8. I’m Your Man 5:31


 Credit Due Department: Information about and graphic for The Columbia Records Radio Hour Presents Leonard Cohen Live! From The Complex contributed by Dominique BOILE.

Best Of 2008-2010 Leonard Cohen Tour: Closing Time – San Jose 2009

Closing Time - San Jose with blouse in upper right being flung to stage

Closing Time – San Jose with blouse in upper right being flung to stage

Women’s Blouses In Flight At Closing Time Of Leonard Cohen San Jose Concert

Yeah the women tear their blouses off
and the men they dance on the polka-dots

From “Closing Time” by Leonard Cohen

Albert Noonan, better known in Cohen Country as albertnoonan, Vizier Of Videography, was good enough to alert us that minors should be removed from the room prior to the viewing of this recording in order to shield innocent children from exposure to this raucous rendition of the classic Cohen tune.

Yes, what you see is what happened – feminine clothing is repeatedly launched from the audience onto the stage, whoops are whooped, the unflappable Leonard Cohen loses his place in the song (1:18), and, in general, a good time is had by all.

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time
San Jose: Nov 13, 2009

Video by albertnoonan

Bonus: Democracy Is Coming To San Jose

“Democracy,” an especially popular feature of concerts earlier in the Leonard Cohen World Tour, had been absent for some time but was resurrected as the final song of the final 2009 US concert.

Leonard Cohen – Democracy
San Jose: Nov 13, 2009
Video by albertnoonan


Credit Due Department: Photo of San Jose HP Pavilion by Kim Solez of Leonard Cohen Night. Photo atop this post is a video screen capture.

Note: Originally posted Nov 14, 2009 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric