Bob Dylan, Elizabeth Taylor, & Leonard Cohen

[Leonard Cohen & Bob Dylan have] known each other for a long time, and I know there’s a lot of respect for each other. Jennifer Warnes told me a story once that there was a BMI [Broadcast Music, Inc] dinner once, they were honouring Bob Dylan. And Leonard was there and Jennifer was there. And at one point, Bob Dylan took Elizabeth Taylor by the hand and said, ‘Come, let me introduce you to a real poet…’quotedown2

Roscoe Beck


Leonard Cohen: Behind The Scenes, Part 6! by Michael Bonner (Uncut: November 19, 2008)

The Cohen-Dylan Interface

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The Articulate Silence Of Leonard Cohen: Jikan & Silence

When I was ordained as a zen monk, Roshi gave me the name Jikan…I have asked him what Jikan meant many times, at the appropriate moment over a drink, and he says ‘Normal silence’ or ‘Ordinary Silence’ or ‘The silence between two thoughts’.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen1

Silence is a concept Leonard Cohen often addressed. The Articulate Silence Of Leonard Cohen is a collection of posts comprising the poems, songs, quotations, and other works by Cohen focusing on the absence of sound. Today’s offering, the first in the series, features his explanation of the name Roshi gave him when he was ordained a Zen Monk (for more detail, see Interpretations of “Jikan,” The Name Given Leonard Cohen As A Zen Monk By Roshi)


  1. The silence between two thoughts by Sylvie Simmons ( []

Special French Edition Of Leonard Cohen – Bird On A Wire Documentary To Be Released May 2, 2017

Jaquettebird-on-a-wire-temp-8Dominique BOILE writes about the impending release of a French edition of the Bird On A Wire documentary.

To date, Tony Palmer’s Bird On A Wire DVD, released in 2010, was available in France only by mail-order business.  Blaq Out, an independent publishing company, will publish a French edition of Bird On A Wire on May 2, 2017, which will then be available in stores.

In addition to the original DVD, there will be many extras:

  • “La Poésie en actes” rencontre avec Tony Palmer – 25 min
    [“Poetry in Action” meeting with Tony Palmer]
  • “I told you I was a stranger” entretiens avec Chistophe Lebold1 et Gilles Tordjman2 – 22 min
    [“I told you I was a stranger” interviews with Chistophe Lebold and Gilles Tordjman]
  • “Leonard Cohen ’72, un mec en pull” dialogue entre Bertrand Belin et Sing Sing – 24 min
    [“Leonard Cohen ’72, a guy in pull” dialogue between Bertrand Belin and Sing Sing]

Cover art by Sandra Zemor

  1. Christophe Lebold wrote “Leonard Cohen, l’Homme qui voyait tomber les anges” in 2013 []
  2. Gilles Tordjman wrote “Leonard Cohen” in 2006 []