Photo: Leonard Cohen Plays Grant Hall, Queen’s University In Kingston – 1970

Note: While the photo is inscribed “Leonard Cohen, Grant Hall 1974,” I find no reference to a Leonard Cohen show in Kingston that year.  He did, however, play a concert at Grant Hall (shown below), Queen’s University in Kingston on October 15, 1970.

Thanks to Gordana Stupar, who alerted me to this photo

Leonard Cohen Video Of The Day: The Partisan – Live On French TV, 1970


The Partisan

The Partisan, a song from the French Resistance written by Anna Marly and Emmanuel d’Astier in 1943,1 has been and continues to be one of Leonard Cohen’s most popular songs, especially in French-speaking countries and in Poland.2

Leonard Cohen On The Joe Dassin Show

On May 13, 1970, Leonard Cohen performed The Partisan on French TV’s Joe Dassin Show – “Arpèges sur Joe Dassin.” Mr Dassin is the host who introduces the Canadian singer-songwriter at the beginning of the video.

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan
May 13, 1970 – French TV, Paris

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  1. There is some confusion about the proper credits for this song. LeonardCohenSite notes, “… as it can be read in Anna Prucnal ‘s LP “Avec Amour”, the actual credit is

    Original: La complainte du Partisan
    paroles: Emmanuel d’Astier de la Vigerie also undernamed “Bernard”
    musique: Anna Marly

    Leonard ‘s cover: The (song of the French) Partisan
    paroles: E. d’Astier de la Vigerie, adaptation Hy Zaret
    musique: Anna Marly
    Ed. Raoul Breton.” []

  2. The Partisan has been featured on this site several times, including Best Performance Of Leonard Cohen’s The Partisan and Rare 1970 Leonard Cohen Partisan & Regina Videos. []

Hear Complete 1970 Leonard Cohen Vienna Concert

Leonard Cohen – Live at Konzerthaus, Wien
May 9th, 1970
Radio Broadcast

A reposting of the radio broadcast of the 1970 Vienna show that is certainly listenable but not exemplary. Perhaps the most interesting track is #16, the recitation of the poem, Travel, from Spice-Box Of Earth

Loving you, flesh to flesh, I often thought
Of travelling penniless to some mud throne
Where a master might instruct me how to plot
My life away from pain, to love alone
In the bruiseless embrace of stone and lake.

Lost in the fields of your hair I was never lost
Enough to lose a way I had to take;
Breathless beside your body I could not exhaust
The will that forbid me contract, vow,
Or promise, and often while you slept
I looked in aw beyond your beauty.

I know why many men have stopped and wept
Half-way between the loves they leave and seek,
And wondered if travel leads them anywhere–
Horizons keep the soft line of your cheek,
The windy sky’s a locket for your hair.


— First Set —
01 Bird on the Wire
02 So Long, Marianne
03 You Know Who I Am
04 Dead Song (poem)
05 Lady Midnight
06 One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
07 The Stranger Song
08 Joan Of Arc
09 Tonight Will Be Fine
— Second Set —
10 The Partisan
11 Sisters Of Mercy
12 Diamonds In The Mine
13 Story Of Isaac
14 Famous Blue Raincoat
15 Sing Another Song, Boys
16 Travel (poem)
17 Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
18 Suzanne
19 Please Don’t Pass Me By

Hear Earliest Recorded 1970 Leonard Cohen Concert: Frankfurt

Leonard Cohen in concert at Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt on May 6, 1970. Good quality audience recording for 1970. (Leonard played Leeds two weeks later on May 19; Leonard Cohen Live At Leeds 1970: Download Audience Recording)


01. [3:56.31] Un As Der Rebbe Singt – solo
02. [4:18.24] Bird On The Wire
03. [6:49.22] So Long Marianne
04. [3:43.05] You Know Who I Am
05. [0:19.08] Dead Song (poem)
06. [3:34.48] Lady Midnight
07. [4:36.22] One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
08. [5:29.10] The Stranger Song – solo
09. [5:40.74] Joan Of Arc
10. [6:13.68] Tonight Will Be Fine
11. [4:59.54] The Partisan
12. [5:56.08] Sisters Of Mercy
13. [4:45.46] Diamonds In The Mine
14. [4:16.59] Story Of Isaac
15. [6:11.16] Famous Blue Raincoat
16. [7:04.41] Sing Another Song, Boys
17. [0:39.15] Celebration (poem)
18. [3:00.53] Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
19. [3:56.45] Suzanne
20. [13:49.24] Please Don’t Pass Me By

Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 1970 University Of Wisconsin “Bring Them Home” Homecoming Concert Poster

Of course, who else would the University of Wisconsin hire to play for their 1970 “Bring Them Home [from Vietnam]” Homecoming Concert other than Leonard Cohen?  See The 1970 Leonard Cohen University of Wisconsin-Madison Concert, The Anti-War Movement, & Joe Way

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