Hear Oct 30,1980 Leonard Cohen Amsterdam Concert Online

This (audio only) video is from a well known bootleg, Leonard Cohen – Live 1980-10-30 Amsterdam, Concertgebouw” described as “Excellent-sounding recording of Leonard Cohen’s show at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, on 30 October 1980. The sound is clean and clear, with a good balance between the music and the audience, though lacking a little in the bass.”

Set List
00:05 Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye
04:18 Who By Fire
10:17 The Window
16:04 Passing Through
20:54 The Guests
27:03 There Is a War
32:05 Suzanne
36:42 The Stranger Song
45:27 Chelsea Hotel #2
49:07 The Partisan
52:40 Story of Isaac
56:37 The Gypsy’s Wife
01:02:14 The Music Crept By Us [poem]
01:05:41 Diamonds in the Mine
01:10:38 Famous Blue Raincoat
01:16:31 Lover Lover Lover
01:24:26 Memories
01:29:45 So Long Marianne
01:38:25 Seems So Long Ago, Nancy
01:43:33 Joan of Arc
01:50:01 Tries to Leave You
01:59:48 Do I have to Dance All Night

Available To Public For First Time – Hear Army Radio Recording Of 1980 Leonard Cohen Tel-Aviv Concert


Leonard Cohen & Sharon Robinson performing in 1980 (Amsterdam)

From the Soundcloud description: This is the latter of two concerts that took place November 24, 1980 and was broadcast live on Israeli Army Radio. Here we present you the first complete recording of the show that has been unpublished since broadcast live on Army Radio.

Audio recordings of this show have circulated privately, but this is the first time a recording has been made available to the general public. Thanks to GLZ Radio (Israeli Army Radio) for making this tape accessible.

See Ooba-Ooo: Leonard Cohen’s Memories Monologue & Do-Dum-Dum-Dum Precursor – Tel-Aviv 1980

The 1980 Leonard Cohen Tel-Aviv Show

On November 24, 1980, Leonard Cohen performed two concerts at Mann Auditorium in Tel Aviv as the concluding shows of his Smokey Life Tour. There is no setlist or known recording from the first show. Recordings and a partial setlist do, however, exist for the second.1

Setlist: Nov 24, 1980 Leonard Cohen Concert
Tel Aviv – Second Show

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  1. Source: Cohen Live []

“If Leonard Cohen is out of step with the modern music business machine then the music business must be out of sync with life, one felt forced to conclude”

Steve Lake reviewing the Frankfurt concert in Melody Maker, Nov 22, 1980. Quoted in Is This What You Wanted by Jim Devlin (Sept 1997)

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Signs of Leonard Cohen: 1980 Hamburg Concert Poster


This altogether impressive poster for the November 21, 1980 Leonard Cohen Hamburg concert held at the Congress Centrum echos the cover art of Leonard Cohen’s Recent Songs album.

The backup band, Passenger, is given its own billing, albeit in smaller typeface. The poster also promotes two Leonard Cohen albums, The Best of Leonard Cohen and  Recent Songs, at its bottom corners.

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