Video: 1985 Leonard Cohen Soundcheck – Rehearsing, Toasting, Mopping

moll2There’s a lot to like in this two minute video segment from the German Documentary ‘Halleluja in Moll,’ including a rehearsal of Tonight Will Be Fine and If It Be Your Will, the latter featuring Anjani Thomas and a post-rehearsal meeting of the musicians . But, for me, nothing beats the few seconds of mopping going on in front of the stage by folks oblivious to the musical labors going on a few feet away.

Leonard Cohen And Band – Rehearsal
From German Documentary ‘Halleluja in Moll’
Munich: March 9, 1985
Video from messalina79

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Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Dance Me To The End Of Love At 1985 Elixir Festival, Guéhenno


Jo Meul has tracked down another (partial) Leonard Cohen performance at the 1985 Elixir Festival in Guéhenno. The minute or so of Dance Me To The End Of Love includes good views of Leonard and his band, including Anjani Thomas on keyboards and vocals. There is another 30 entertaining seconds of scenes devoted to the audience at the 1985 Elixir Festival, perhaps the most incongruous of settings for a Leonard Cohen show. For more about Leonard’s appearance at this festival, see Leonard Cohen At 1985 Elixir Festival, Guéhenno With Video Of “Passing Through” Performance.

Listen To Complete 1985 Leonard Cohen Graz Concert Online

grazJo Meul alerts us that yet another well known bootleg has appeared on YouTube: Leonard Cohen’s July 07, 1985 Graz concert is a high quality, soundboard recording featuring 23 songs.

– “Bird On The Wire” pops @ 7:25-7:27 (problem with recorder or PA?)
– “Avalanche” (cut @ 1:29 + dropout @ 1:37)
– “Tennessee Waltz” (abrupt cut @ 0:33)
– “Joan Of Arc” (dropouts @ 1:39-1:44 + the song ends abruptly)
– “Heart With No Companion” (dropout @ 0:12)

Note: The soundcheck, which is available on the recording, is not included in this video.

Leonard Cohen – Live
Graz, Austria: July 07, 1985


– Bird On The Wire
– The Law
– Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
– There Is A War
– Who By Fire
– Dance Me To The End Of Love
– Diamonds In The Mine
– The Gypsy’s Wife
– Hallelujah
– Coming Back To You
– Chelsea Hotel #2
– The Stranger Song
– Story Of Isaac
– Famous Blue Raincoat
– Lover Lover Lover
– The Partisan
– Suzanne
– Memories
– If It Be Your Will
– Passin’ Through
– I Tried To Leave You
– Sisters Of Mercy
– The Night Comes On