Hear Leonard Cohen Sing “Let My People Dance” – Dublin 2012


“Let My People Dance”

Gwen Langford, writing at Gwen’s Leonard Cohen Journey reported on the September 14, 2012 show:

We all loved when before Take This Waltz Cohen quoted something which included the line “Let my people dance” This was obviously a comment to the stewards to allow us dance in the aisles during this song as we made our way to the stage for the encores. I’ve yet to discover the origins of those words but it was a touching moment from Cohen to all of us which he repeated the following night

I tracked down a recording of Leonard Cohen singing “Let my people dance,” and Gwen’s right – it is touching.

Leonard Cohen’s Dublin verse of “Go Down Moses”


When Israel was in Egypt land
Let my people dance
Oppressed so hard they could not stand
Let my people dance

Credit Due Department: Photo by Eugene McLaughlin

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A Valentine’s Day Post: Leonard Cohen’s Most Seductive Song – Light As The Breeze

lightbreeSo I knelt there at the delta,
At the alpha and the omega,
At the cradle of the river and the seas.
And like a blessing come from heaven
For something like a second
I was healed and my heart
Was at ease.

In 2015, fans chose Light As The Breeze the #1 Most Seductive Leonard Cohen Song (see Ten Most Seductive Leonard Cohen Songs – 2015: #1-#5 and Ten Most Seductive Leonard Cohen Songs – 2015: #6-#10). So, what better video could be posted on Valentine’s Day?  This version is from the Best Of 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour Video Setlist, which comprises the best available video of each of the songs performed during the 2012 Leonard Cohen World Tour.

Light As The Breeze
Ghent: Aug 14, 2012
Video by

“Without question, it was a magnificent concert” 2012 Leonard Cohen Ottawa Show Review


For starters, imagine our surprise when the 78-year-old made his entrance with a spring in his step and apparently unlimited mobility. He sunk to his knees to sing, or rather, purr, in that sub-zero register of his, as if lowering the elevation of his body would facilitate the depth of his vocals. Neither his knees nor his voice would betray him for the next three hours. Without question, it was a magnificent concert.quotedown2


From Cohen Refuses To Get Old Legendary Artist Wows Crowd With Near-Perfect Show, Lynn Saxberg’s review of the Dec 7, 2012 Leonard Cohen Ottawa concert (Ottawa Citizen: Dec 8, 2012).

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