Photos: Dec 4, 2012 Leonard Cohen Toronto Show Preparation “The Young Boys Are Playing Guitar!” Javier Mas

The Triple Check: Senior guitar tech Mickey Sullivan inspects the stage and tapes down the set lists. The crowd is streaming in and wardrobe is buzzing with sounds of suiting up.

Photos and captions by J.S. Carenza III

Blues Jam in C: Dan Weingartner is on point for pick up shots during soundcheck night 1 in Toronto.

“The Young Boys Are Playing Guitar” declares Javier Mas.

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Video: “Going Home” A Different Way – Leonard Cohen Sardonic In Ghent 2012

I love to speak with Leonard
He’s a sportsman he’s a shepherd
He’s a lazy bastard
Living in a suit

By altering the tone of the opening and ending verse of “Going Home” (compare to studio version) Leonard Cohen bookends an already ironic song with a comic sensibility.

Leonard Cohen – Going Home
Ghent: Aug 14, 2012
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Video: Leonard Cohen Performs I Can’t Forget With Lines From “Dover Beach” & “À La Claire Fontaine” – Ghent 2012

“I Can’t Forget” – The Ghent Version

The 2012 Ghent concerts have produced a bounty of delectations that have surprised even long-time followers of Leonard Cohen. To this set of delights that have included a new and powerful arrangement of “Dance Me to The End Of Love,” a cover of the 1960s Drifters’ hit, “Save The Last Dance For Me,” and Leonard Cohen’s first live performance of “Light As The Breeze,”  can now be added this version of “I Can’t Forget” with verses from two poems, one in English and one in French, expertly woven into the music to produce a rapturous effect.

Leonard Cohen – I Can’t Forget
Ghent: Aug 14, 2012
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Yep, just another Leonard Cohen masterpiece.

The Recitations

While Cohen has frequently incorporated poems, both his own work and those written by others into his act, they are typically spoken as stand-alone pieces (such as “A Thousand Kisses Deep”) or as introductions to songs. This excerpt from a post about the October 7, 2010 Moscow concert, provides some examples of Cohen’s use of poetry:

“The Darkness” is, by my assessment, especially striking and is significantly enhanced by Leonard Cohen’s recitation of “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley as prologue. This is at least the third time Leonard Cohen has quoted from the works of other poets on the 2010 Tour. At Lissadell House, where Yeats, who spent his childhood in Sligo, lived and wrote during his stay there in 1894 and 1895, Cohen quoted the opening verse of “In Memory Of Eva Gore-Booth And Con Markiewicz” by William Butler Yeats.1 In Stuttgart, apparently in response to civil unrest triggered by protests over the destruction of an area of trees, Cohen introduced “Born In Chains” with words from Matthew Arnold’s “Dover Beach.” … Cohen recited “Dover Beach” prior to “Born In Chains” at the Moscow concert as well.

In this case, Cohen recites a verse of “Dover Beach” in this rendition of  “I Can’t Forget” – but the words of the poem are interlaced with the song itself rather than serving as its prologue.

Cohen also weaves into “I Can’t Forget” words from “À La Claire Fontaine” [At The Clear Spring], a classic French children’s song.  The lyrics, in French and in English, can be found at Wikipedia. I’ve included the first lines (the line spoken by Leonard Cohen) below:

À la claire fontaine m’en allant promener
J’ai trouvé l’eau si belle que je m’y suis baignée.
(refrain) Il y a longtemps que je t’aime, jamais je ne t’oublierai

As I was walking by the clear fountain,
I found the water so lovely I had to bathe.
(refrain) I’ve loved you for so long, I will never forget you

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Backstage Photos: Dec 15, 2012 Leonard Cohen Boston Concert

It Is Yours – Everything we got.

Photos & captions by J.S. Carenza III

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