Leonard Cohen: “Thanks so much for not going home. It would be terrible to come out & find a skating rink” 2012 Toronto Show

Leonard Cohen on returning from intermission of Dec 4, 2012 concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, home of the NHL Maple Leafs. Quoted in Leonard Cohen Captivates Toronto Crowd by Mike Crisolago (Zoomer: Dec 5, 2012).

Excerpt from the same review:

This emotion is a direct result of the sense of spirituality that permeates all of Cohen’s shows, perhaps more so now more than ever. This is a man who, in his 70s, was forced back on the road because he’d very nearly lost everything, only to find waves of love and devotion awaiting his return. This is a man who made a massive Toronto arena feel as small as an underground Montreal poetry club simply through creating an atmosphere of intimacy, reflection, and humility. This is also a man very cognizant of his own existence, noting that while he hopes to be back at age 80, “we may or may not see each other again, so I promise you tonight we’ll give you everything we’ve got.”

That’s exactly what he did, and the fans in Toronto couldn’t have left happier. If we’d all worn fedoras, we’d have certainly tipped them to Leonard.

Note: Originally posted December 6, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Photos From Both Sides Of The Curtain: 2012 Leonard Cohen Seattle Show

The first two photos of Leonard Cohen and his musicians onstage at the Nov 9, 2012 Seattle concert were taken from the balcony seats by Mary Witter while the others are backstage shots by Joey Carenza.

Photos by Mary Witter


1-scaled10004Photos by J.S. Carenza III


Note: Originally posted Nov 12, 2012 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Suzanne, Featuring Alex Bublitchi – Kingston 2012


And you want to travel with her
And you want to travel blind
And you know that you can trust her
For she’s touched your perfect body with her mind.

Leonard Cohen – Suzanne
Kingston: Dec 13, 2012
Video by JP Rayne

Credit Due Department: Thanks go to Laurence of Paris, who alerted me to this video