Video: “I love to see you dancing down the aisle” Leonard Cohen’s Closing Blessing At 2012 London, Ontario Show


Leonard Cohen’s closing at the Dec 11, 2012 London, Ontario concert included not only his blessings, an admonition to drive carefully, a thank you to concert-goers, a huge smile accompanied by a wave, and his trademark skipping exit but also (at 0:45) his appreciation of audience members dancing in the aisle.

Video: Ela Kaca

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“Though [Leonard Cohen’s] songbook is the Iliad and Odyssey of sex, god and death, it is clearly a labor of love”

I’d think it would be safe to say that 2012 was the year of the codger. Among the many best-of-the-year lists in current circulation, you can find: (55 year old) Bob Pollard’s Guided By Voices, (63 year old) Bruce Springsteen, (64 yr old) Jimmy Cliff, (65 yr old) Patti Smith, (67 year old) Neil Young’s fierce tour and new album with Crazy Horse, (68 year old) Bobby Womack, (70 yr old) Brian Wilson’s reunited Beach Boys, and (71 yr old) Bob Dylan, whose inspired Tempest may be the result of early onset dementia. The king of the alta-cockers would be Leonard Cohen, who at 78 released Old Ideas, an album which finds the Jewish-Buddhist poet at his most dark, cool and classic. … Looking sharp as always, like the missing link between Tony Bennett and William. S. Burroughs, Cohen sauntered onstage to a gregarious amount of applause, followed by the audience sitting down and shutting the fuck up, thinking ‘let the man speak.’ … By the time he walked off the stage, the intellectuals in the audience were getting up and shouting, which was not what I was expecting from the evening. Cohen’s body of work, written and recorded, speaks for itself; and though his songbook is the Iliad and Odyssey of sex, god and death, it is clearly a labor of love; his performance was the stuff of hoots and hollers, not cold and broken Hallelujahs.quotedown2


From Hoot & Holler, or Shout Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen rapturous at Barclay Center by [Review of December 20, 2012  Barclays Center Show] Jamie Frey.  Jersey Beat.

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“Signs Of Leonard Cohen: Bucharest, Romania For DrHGuy” 2012 Concert Poster Courtesy Of Joey Carenza


Signs of Leonard Cohen Bucharest, Romania for DrHGuy” This poster promoting the Sept 22, 2012 Leonard Cohen Bucharest Concert along with the quoted caption was posted today at Notes From The Road by Joey Carenza. Is he a nice guy or what?

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“The audience was completely in love with him [Leonard Cohen]. I even saw a man in a wheelchair stand up to applaud him” 2012 Ottawa Concert Review

To be honest, I only knew two of his [Leonard Cohen’s] songs before this show, Hallelujah (I’m a fan of kd lang’s version) and I’m Your Man. As soon as the show started and he danced on stage, I was captivated. Charisma pours out of him as he kneels to the ground singing in his not-really-singing way. He was smiling and making clever quips at the audience, sometimes even teasing us, but always in a lighthearted manner. What really won me over was when he spoke French and even sang a French song. There is no denying that Leonard Cohen is the ultimate crowd pleaser. The audience was completely in love with him. I even saw a man in a wheelchair stand up to applaud him.quotedown2



From Saturday Review: Leonard Cohen at Scotiabank Place [Review of Dec 7, 2012 Ottawa concert] (Nous Collective: Dec 8, 2012).

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