Outstanding In Situ Signs Of Leonard Cohen: 2012 Madrid Concert Poster

petermadridWhat makes these in situ Signs Of Leonard Cohen specimens outstanding is – well, the situ itself. Peter Torbijn of the Netherlands ventured onto an ominous looking back street of Madrid to photograph this poster promoting the Oct 5, 2012 Leonard Cohen Madrid Concert. Peter explains the transitory aspect of the setting:

In Madrid they seem to glue posters over the other, they don’t remove the older ones. I could resist taking it off the wall, so it is still hanging there, but a different poster might be glued over it soon.

Peter also notes that in the final image shown below, the Leonard Cohen poster at the far left is balanced by a Rufus Wainwright poster at the far right.

Note: Originally posted 2012/09/26 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

“Leonard Cohen In The Land Of Smurfs” – Outstanding, Memorable 2012 Ghent Concert Photos


Even if these photos from the Aug 14, 2012 Ghent concert1 taken by Pierre-René Legrand for the monvilleneuvedascqdemoi blog were not outstanding (thankfully, they are), I might have posted them solely because of the caption for the photo atop this post (in Google English translation): “… here we see Leonard Cohen in the Land of Smurfs.” That sort of devout irreverence re our favorite icon is too rare and too delightful to pass up. Similarly noteworthy is the caption (in Google English translation) for Image #18, which shows Cohen kneeling, “… we do not even hear his knees crack!

More Concert photos and captions (in French) at Leonard Cohen In Concert – Part 1 and Leonard Cohen In Concert – Part 2.


Note: Originally posted at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

  1. The exception is Image #16, which was taken before the concert but after that day’s two hour soundcheck. []

The Ladies Who Lunch With The Ladies’ Man: Meeting Leonard Cohen – Ghent 2012


I fell for Leonard Cohen’s voice, music, lyrics and, of course, for his looks. I always found support and consolation in his songs.quotedown2

Mich Boecquaert


When Mich Boecquaert, a Leonard Cohen stalwart who attended her first concert in 1974 in Brussels, met with fellow Cohen fan Ingrid Van Daele for lunch in Ghent during the week of shows in that city that opened the 2012 Leonard Cohen Tour, neither expected the outing to include spending time with Mr Cohen himself.

Waiting for their table, they first noticed Mike Scoble striding in their direction. And treading in the wake of his Tour Manager was Leonard Cohen.

After the obligatory disbelief and anxiety subsided, Mich and Ingrid steeled themselves sufficiently to ask the man Bob Dylan called Kafka Of The Blues to autograph their self-designed t-shirts. Cohen not only complied but took the time to write a few words as well.

Mich elegantly characterizes the meeting in this way:

I still remember that I felt an enormous atmosphere of respect; we had respect for him of course but there was also great respect from him for us.

He’s such a lovely person.  We spent more than half an hour with him. It was the manager who told him that it was time to leave.

He bowed his head and said that he was honoured to meet us.


That’s Ms Van Daele in the first two photos and the final photo; the other shots feature Ms Boecquaert. The guy in the hat is Mr Cohen.


Revealing Photos From The August 28, 2012 Leonard Cohen Bergen Concert


I urge viewers to take a close look at this set of photos from the August 28, 2012 Leonard Cohen Bergen Concert because they, to borrow Pete Purnell’s phrasing, capture moments and subtle gestures that are rarely caught in the photos of the all too familiar poses favored by editors of media sites.

These photos are the work of jarlehm. These shots, along with other selections from this concert and some amazing photos of other, distinctly non-Cohenesque musicians, including Slash, Ozzy Osbourne, Slayer, Rhianna, … can be found.

Worthy of special note are

  • The photos of Sharon Robinson (with Leonard Cohen in Image #2), Javier Mas (Image #3), Roscoe Beck (Image #6), Hattie Webb ((Image #8), and Alex Bublitchi.(Image #11), all of which show the intense concentration and focus of these musicians not during their flamboyant solos or when they are otherwise in the spotlight but during routine, non-dramatic moments. This is not a troupe that ever phones it in.
  • I’m always taken with black and white shots of Leonard Cohen, which seem to bring out the dignity of the man. These three (Images #5, 9, & 12) are are good examples.
  • The photo with percussionist Rafael Gayol, barely visible behind Leonard Cohen (Image #13), somehow managing to look like a mischievous youngster having great fun on his drum set where Dad can’t see him.
  • Image #1 – OK, I admit it’s almost cheating to select for display here a shot of Leonard Cohen beaming like that since that’s what every fan wants to see (which raises the question, who is working for whose smile?). Sue me.
  • The final photo (Image #14) showing the audience in stark black and white is just stunning.

Note: Originally posted at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric