Video: Leonard Cohen’s Heartfelt Performance Of Chelsea Hotel #2 – Rome 2013

chelseahotelromeI remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel
You were famous, your heart was a legend
You told me again you preferred handsome men
But for me you would make an exception

While Leonard Cohen sometimes sang Chelsea Hotel #2 in an ironic, almost sardonic manner, this rendition from his final tour (2013) is breathtakingly earnest.

Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel #2
Rome: July 7, 2013
Video by AintNoCureForLove

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Video: Leonard Cohen’s Moving Performance Of Partisan – Melbourne 2013


Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing,
through the graves the wind is blowing,
freedom soon will come;
then we’ll come from the shadows.

Leonard Cohen – The Partisan
Melbourne: Nov 20, 2013
Video by alanm5049

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Striking Video: Leonard Cohen Performs Tower Of Song – Adelaide 2013

Well, my friends are gone and my hair is grey
I ache in the places where I used to play
And I’m crazy for love but I’m not coming on
I’m just paying my rent every day in the Tower of Song

Leonard Cohen – Tower Of Song
Adelaide: Dec 11, 2013
Video by by alanm5049

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Leonard Cohen, Cairns, & Cojones


In a LeonardCohenForum post about the Nov 26, 2013 Leonard Cohen concert, Bev aka B4real reported

Near the beginning of Going Home Leonard sang this line ‘He just doesn’t have the cojones to refuse
[emphasis mine]

In the original lyrics that line reads

He just doesn’t have the freedom to refuse

Like many Cohen admirers, I’m intrigued by  the changes he frequently makes in his lyrics. I am especially taken with the substitution of “cojones” for “freedom” because – well, mostly because it’s just so damn cool.

And, it’s not a trivial change. “He just doesn’t have the freedom to refuse” could, for example, be legitimately interpreted as a Calvinistic declaration that refusal is not and never could be an option because every human’s life and behavior has long ago been predetermined and free will is an illusion. The ability to refuse – if one has the courage – is, however, implicit in “He just doesn’t have the cojones to refuse.”

Yep, it takes cojones to make a change like that.

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