Video: Leonard Cohen Sings I’m Your Man & Hallelujah, Skips Offstage To Standing Ovation – Kingston 2012

hallkingFeaturing Alex Bublitchi & Neil Larsen

While this video qualifies as an imperfect offering, it is a treat to watch because of the exuberance of both Leonard Cohen’s performance and the audience’s response. Also noteworthy are solos by Alex Bublitchi (I’m Your Man) and Neil Larsen (Hallelujah).

Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man and Hallelujah
Kingston: Dec 13, 2012
Video by JP Rayne


Credit Due Department: Thanks go to Laurence of Paris, who alerted me to this video

“Mr. Cohen played it straight & left no doubt that other artists who cover ‘Hallelujah’ are just borrowing it; the definitive version is still Mr. Cohen’s”

And how did he sound? He sounded like Leonard Cohen. The band ably supplied most of the music, the background singers did their best not to drown out Cohen, and were mostly successful, and Cohen himself showed that his limited voice still has lost nothing of its potency. The real eye-opener was on one of his most well-known, and most covered, songs, “Hallelujah”. Some artists would avoid playing a song that another artist has possibly done a definitive version of (in this case Jeff Buckley) and some artists would come up with a new arrangement to demonstrate who still owns the song. Mr. Cohen played it straight and left no doubt that the other artists who cover “Hallelujah” are just borrowing it; the definitive version is still Mr. Cohen’s.quotedown2


From A Hundred Floors Above Us by Oakley.  Posted by Dec 22, 2012 at Maybe I’m Just Tired and Bored With Myself

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Video: Canada Line Skytrain Sing-along After 2010 Leonard Cohen Vancouver Concert

1200px-Canada_Line_SkyTrain_pulling_into_stationWhile audiences at Leonard Cohen concerts in Ireland and Lisbon are known for chiming in on songs Cohen is performing, Canadian audiences are known for being polite and appreciative.

It turns out that those wacky Canucks have been surreptitiously scheduling their sing-alongs for the concerts afterglow periods – on rapid transit lines. Cohencentric is proud to post the first video documentation of this phenomenon. This episode took place on the Canada Line Skytrain after the December 2, 2010 Leonard Cohen Vancouver show.

Hallelujah on the Canada Line – Benj Israel
Video by benj1701
After the Leonard Cohen concert at Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC (for which I was a First Aid Attendant), this happened on the Canada Line Skytrain.


Credit Due Department: Photo by Jeremy Andrews – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikipedia Commons. Originally posted Dec 3, 2010 at, a predecessor of Cohencentric

Video: Leonard Cohen’s Moving Performance Of Hallelujah – Rotterdam 2013

hallelujahThis version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah appears, at least to my eye, to be more self-restrained and to lack some of the embellishments of other performances.  As a result, the focus on the song’s lyrics is is enhanced without attenuating the gravitas imparted by Cohen’s stage presence. The poignancy thus produced by this presentation is intense.

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah
Rotterdam: Sept 18, 2013
Video: gosiorka

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Video: Interview With Alan Light, Author Of The Holy Or The Broken: Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley and the Unlikely Ascent of Hallelujah

alightThis 16 minute interview is interesting, entertaining, and enlightening. Among the points made:

  • No one sings this song casually.
  • It’s not just the lyrics; the melody is essential to the song’s success
  • The history of the song’s development is intimately tied to the malleability of the covers

And stay tuned for Alan Light’s selections for the two worst performances of Hallelujah.

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“How To Sing Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah” By American Idol Star Lee DeWyze

1024px-Lee-Dewyze-AI_TourLeonard Cohen’s classic “Hallelujah” is as much a perennial on Idol as Etta James’ “At Last.” What’s the secret to a standout performance? Season nine winner Lee DeWyze, 29, who was assigned the song by Simon Cowell as part of a “judges’ pick” showdown, explains why it’s “a great choice” — when done right.

Opening of ‘Idol’ Star Lee DeWyze on How to Sing Leonard Cohen’s Classic ‘Hallelujah’ by Lee DeWyze (Billboard: March 24, 2016),

Yup, Leonard, K.D. Lang, John Cale, Allison Crowe, Rufus Wainwright, Willie Nelson, Justin Timberlake, and those other pretenders can learn how the song should be covered. Mr. DeWyze, a “fan of the original,” offers tips on performing Hallelujah. The headings follow:

  • Know The History
  • Add A Choir
  • Mind the Theatrics

The advice itself can be found at the link.

I tracked down a video of Lee DeWyze’s own performance of Hallelujah on American Idol in 2010.

Credit Due Department: Photo by User:Dr.finkelstein09 –, CC BY-SA 3.0,