Baby, I’ve Been Here Before: Leonard Cohen Garners Four Posthumous Juno Award Nominations


2017 Juno Award Nominations:

  • Album of the Year: Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker
  • Artist of the Year: Leonard Cohen
  • Songwriter of the Year: Leonard Cohen “You Want It Darker,” “It Seemed the Better Way,” “Traveling Light”
  • Adult Alternative Album of the Year: Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker


Previous Leonard Cohen Juno Awards

1991: Juno/Canadian Music Hall of Fame
1993: Male Vocalist Of The Year1
1993: Best Video2
1994: Songwriter of the Year
2013: Artist of the Year
2013: Songwriter Of The Year3
2015: Album Of The Year4

Note; In addition to these awards, Leonard Cohen has received numerous nominations

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  1. Male & Female Vocalists Of The Year are now subsumed under the title Artist Of The Year []
  2. For Closing Time, directed by Curtis Wehrfritz []
  3. For the songs “Amen”, “Going Home” and “Show Me the Place” []
  4. For Popular Problems []

2013 Juno Awards: “Songwriter Of The Year pits Leonard Cohen against, well, people daring to be in a songwriter competition against Leonard Cohen.”

I’ve extracted and highlighted the Cohen-pertinent portions from Juno Awards 2013 by Joshua Ostroff. Huffington Post: Feb 19, 2013:

If you ever needed evidence of the diversity in Canadian music – or the fact that the Junos can be a bit of an Oprah “You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!” love-in – you couldn’t do better than the Juno Fan Choice category, which bundles together Drake, Carly Rae Jepsen, Metric, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Leonard Cohen, Marianas Trench, Michael Buble, Nickelback and Hedley. … That said, both legendary oldsters got shut out of the Album of the Year prize, despite Cohen’s number one debut for “Old Ideas.”

Cohen did, however, get a nominee for Artist of the Year alongside Jepsen and Bieber as well as EDM overlord Deadmau5 and Irish-Canadian country singer Johnny Reid.

Songwriter of the year pits Leonard Cohen against, well, people daring to be in a songwriter competition against Leonard Cohen. Kathleen Edwards, Bahamas, Hannah Georgas and Arkells are all great songwriters, but this one should already be on Cohen’s mantle.

Adam Cohen, Leonard’s son, also got a Juno nomination for the awards newest category Adult Contemporary, though he’s facing off against Celine Dion so, uh, bonne chance.

A complete list of all 2013 Juno Award nominees can be found at Brooklyn Vegan

Update: Leonard Cohen was indeed named Juno Artist Of The Year and Juno Songwriter Of The Year for 2013. See Leonard Cohen Adds Songwriter Of The Year Title To Artist Of The Year At 2013 Juno Awards

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“If Cohen loses [Juno Artist Of The Year] in any category other than Least Amount of Cigarettes & Liquor Consumed & Women Seduced then you can…confidently proclaim, ‘God is dead'”


Nominees: Carly Rae Jepsen, Deadmau5, Johnny Reid, Justin Bieber, Leonard Cohen.

If Album of the Year was embarrassing, then consider this category baffling. Two pop stars, a DJ, a Scottish country-soul star and a musical icon should be the beginnings of a “walked into a bar” joke and not something that a human being should be asked to make sense of, let alone assess. While, admittedly, there is a certain amount of artistry in what each of them do – even lip-synching, temper tantrums and Twitteridiocy – to put them on any similar level, in any equal race is like comparing apples, oranges, bacon, leisure suits and skinny white teen trainwrecks.

Who should win: If Cohen loses to any of the others on the list in any category other than Least Amount of Cigarettes and Liquor Consumed and Women Seduced then you can head back to that monastery and confidently proclaim, “God is dead.”

From The Good, The Bieb And The Mediocre (no longer online) by Mike Bell. Leader-Post: April 17, 2013.

Update: Leonard Cohen was indeed named Juno Artist Of The Year 2013

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The Making Of The Leonard Cohen Closing Time Video: Outrageous Vamping, Go-Go Dancing, Erotic Gazing


quoteup2  That was fun

Leonard Cohen

Rebecca De Mornay’s Offstage Mock Striptease

The roles played in the making of the official Closing Time video, winner of the 1993 Juno Best Video, by backup singers, Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen, and by Cohen’s paramour at that time, Rebecca De Mornay, are so delicious as to demand describing. This excerpt is from “Growing Old Disgracefully” by Ian Pearson (Saturday Night, March, 1993):

At the video shoot of “Closing Time,” the joy was starting to flow around 10 p.m., eight hours after the star’s arrival. Cohen and his band were on stage, lip-synching the song while the camera pored over their faces. The band was getting giddy. Cohen planted himself as solidly as a tree in centre stage, clenching his fists, mouthing the lyrics, and staring resolutely into the mid-distance. The back-up singers — Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen — were vamping outrageously beside Cohen, dancing provocatively and shooting delicious come-hither looks at him every time he glanced their way.

“Oh we’re drinking and we’re dancing / and there’s nothing really happening / the place is dead as Heaven on a Saturday night,” Cohen sang, and Rebecca De Mornay trapped his stare as she danced seductively behind the camera. He continued: “And my very close companion / gets me fumbling gets me laughing / she’s a hundred but she’s wearing something tight.” De Mornay, who was in her early thirties and wearing a tight green sweater and a snug linen skirt, suggestively started toying with her fingers at the edge of her lips. As his very close companion continued to swoon and gyrate, Cohen broke up on stage. “You guys were really beautiful,” Cohen said in a lounge-singer homily at the end of the take. Unlike a lounge singer, he really meant it.

The director, Curtis Wehrfritz, was pleased, but he wanted a close-up of Cohen putting a bit more emotion into the song. De Mornay had a plan. She asked for a pair of wooden crates to be placed in front of the stage beside the camera. The camera started rolling and the tape began playing. Cohen started a deadpan delivery of the song, more in his prophet than in his playboy mode. De Mornay and Perla Batalla kicked off their shoes, climbed onto the crates, and started gyrating like go-go dancers. A metre or so away from his face, De Mornay fixed her blue eyes on Cohen and pumped her hips. “The women tear their blouses off / the men they dance on the polka dots…/ it’s closing time,” sang Cohen, and De Mornay took the words as cue for a mock striptease. She pulled out the front of her sweater from under her skirt and then tantalizingly gestured with her hands in front of her chest.

The singer responded with an intensely erotic gaze. He sang every word to De Mornay, and came up with a true performance under the most artificial of circumstances. The song ended, and De Mornay turned to Wehrfritz and laughed, “We really put a sparkle in his eye.”

Cohen climbed off the stage. Ever the gentlemen with Old World manners, he bent down to put on De Mornay’s shoes for her. The gloomy-poet-turned-bard-of-the-bedsits looked up at his friends and the crew and pronounced, “That was fun.”

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time
Official Video: 1992

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