High School Yearbook Captures Leonard Cohen In Menorah & Current Events Clubs

boxeIn 1950, Leonard Cohen was a junior at Westmount High School in Montreal. Maarten Massa alerts us to a small gem on eBay – a copy of the 1950 edition of the school yearbook ($4.950,00), Vox Ducum, Included are photos of Leonard in the Menorah and Current Events Clubs. The yearbook also bears the signature “Leonard Cohen.”

A 1951 Vox Ducum (Leonard’s senior year) was previously on eBay (asking price: USD $3500) excerpts and photos from that yearbook can be viewed at Leonard Cohen As Student.


Leonard Cohen: Middle row, reader’s far right


Leonard Cohen: Back row, reader’s far left


Three Photos: Leonard Cohen, His Mother, Masha, & His Sister, Esther


Photo courtesy of Maarten Massa


Leonard Cohen’s mother, Masha; his sister, Esther, and Leonard himself. Photo courtesy of Maarten Massa


Leonard Cohen, his mother, Masha; and his sister, Esther. Photo courtesy of Maarten Massa

Note: These were originally posted in 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric

3 Photos: A Very Young Leonard Cohen & His Sister Esther With Bows & Arrows


The children come, the children go
Like arrows with no targets

From “True Love Leaves No Traces” by Leonard Cohen



Credit Due Department: Thanks to Maarten Massa for access to these images

Note: Originally posted July 20, 20140 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric