High School Yearbook Captures Leonard Cohen In Menorah & Current Events Clubs

boxeIn 1950, Leonard Cohen was a junior at Westmount High School in Montreal. Maarten Massa alerts us to a small gem on eBay – a copy of the 1950 edition of the school yearbook ($4.950,00), Vox Ducum, Included are photos of Leonard in the Menorah and Current Events Clubs. The yearbook also bears the signature “Leonard Cohen.”

A 1951 Vox Ducum (Leonard’s senior year) was previously on eBay (asking price: USD $3500) excerpts and photos from that yearbook can be viewed at Leonard Cohen As Student.


Leonard Cohen: Middle row, reader’s far right


Leonard Cohen: Back row, reader’s far left


“Your sports section was hilarious” Leonard Cohen Writes DrHGuy, Sends His Hockey Team Photo With Notes

peeweehockey900Bloggers love to hear from their fans – especially if the heard-from fan is a poetnovelist-singer-songwriter recognized as an international cultural icon. The following email from Leonard Cohen to DrHGuy arrived last night in response to the above photo, which appeared in yesterday’s Cohencentric post, The Favourite Games Of Leonard Cohen – Part 1.

Roslyn School hockey team: We are shown with the trophy, but we didn’t win it. The photographer was at the school taking class pictures, and the staff thought that just in case we won the tournament, they’d have the shot for the yearbook.

Your sports section was hilarious.

second in from the right, first row


By the way, Part 2 of that Leonard Cohen-endorsed hilarious sports section can be accessed at The Favourite Games Of Leonard Cohen – Part 2

Three Photos: Leonard Cohen, His Mother, Masha, & His Sister, Esther


Photo courtesy of Maarten Massa


Leonard Cohen’s mother, Masha; his sister, Esther, and Leonard himself. Photo courtesy of Maarten Massa


Leonard Cohen, his mother, Masha; and his sister, Esther. Photo courtesy of Maarten Massa

Note: These were originally posted in 2014 at DrHGuy.com, a predecessor of Cohencentric