Leonard Cohen Explains Why He Loves The Chelsea Hotel

It’s one of those hotels that have everything that I love so well about hotels. I love hotels to which, at four a.m., you can bring along a midget, a bear and four ladies, drag them to your room and no one cares about it at all.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

Blogging From the Hotel Chelsea by Jem Carlson (Gothamist: Apr 12, 2006)

Leonard Cohen On His Preference For Voluptuous Furnishings



I find the simple life voluptuous. I like … a good chair and a good table.quotedown2

Leonard Cohen

From 2006 NRK interview: Leonard Cohen On His Poems, Zen, Hallelujah, His 6 Good Songs, Money, America, And The Squirrel

Credit Due Department: A&M Records promotional photo by Dennis Keeley

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